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We have over 12 years experience in assisting people with Dog Training Products. Specialists in Bark Collars for Dogs, Electric Dog Fences, Radio Dog Fencing and Remote Dog Training Collars.
COLIN SEAL - Managing Director

Electric Dog Fences

The FM Radio Electric Dog Fence - Safe, effective and long lasting Dog Containment

What about the Wire? Property Designs Receiver Collars

electronic dog fence layout

Do all Dog Fences work the same? Will they still be working throughout the life of your dog and are they the safest for your dog and household (What if your neighbour has a Dog Fence next to yours?) We have 8 kits with 8 Unique points of difference to ensure success.

A choice of 8 different Kit Combinations. (Smaller areas - Large acreage - Tiny Dogs - Stubborn Dogs - Premium Kits)

 Surge Protected Power Supply (fusion/burn Lightning strike warranty)
 Coded Digital FM radio signal (No False Zaps - No fuzzy TV's - No interference)
 Wire HDPe, 7 strand, 1mm Core (20 year UV Warranty, Does not need to be buried)
 Water Proof Receiver Collar (choice of 4 Styles of receiver)
 Programmable levels for easy training and Containing Stubborn Dogs.
 Chew Warranty on the receiver Collar (Tuff Poly-carbonate Housing)
 Anti Run-Through... Super Fast reaction time.
 3 Aerials for guaranteed boundary signal detection.
 Lifetime Telephone support and dog training line.

Each component of our Dog Fence kit has been individually designed to ensure you get long lasting and immediate results. They are really easy for you to use and very easy on your dog.

If anything, the above points will save you Money - Time - and Headaches (for years to come).

        Download our FREE Buyer's Guide... 7 Key Points.

We have compiled a Buying guide... 7 Points to consider before you make a decision on a Dog Containment System. Tell us a bit about your dog and your property and we will put together a quote and send you our FREE report will ensure that you understand how these systems work and the questions you need to consider to ensure you get the results you are looking for first time.

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What's in the Kit? - Pet Barrier Electronic Dog Fence

Here's where we start... Each Electronic Dog Fence starter kit includes everything you need for one dog - the first 100m of boundary wire, training flags and detailed installation guides and step by step training sheet and it's ready to go straight out of the box. Plus it's all supported by our 7 day help line. 

It's easy, we get everything ready so when you receive it you plug it in on the bench, read the manuals play with the collar and actually see everything functioning before you install it. 

  • Complete Electronic Dog Fence Kit
    Delivered to your door - ready to plug in and try... Owners Guides and anytime helpline.
  •  Surge Protected Power Plug. 
  •  FM Dog Fence Transmitter - Lightning and fusion warranty included.
  •  1 Dog Fence CollarFM1200 / FM1200 Mini Receiver Collar (5 Levels) – Choose Standard or          Mini depending on dog’s size.
  • ---- Optional Upgrade to the Premium R9 / R7 Mini Receiver Collars (8 Levels + Lifetime Warranty).
  •  100m Boundary wire-  HDPe Electronic Dog Fence Wire (20 year UV rating)
  •  Training Flags - for visual recognition.
  •  Owner’s Manual and operational guide
  •  Step by Step Installation Guide
  •   Training Guide. Easy steps for effortless training and long lasting results.
  •  FREE - Telephone helpline.

More details are included in our FREE Information package, available below.

We make the whole process as easy as possible including a 7 day helpline for Dog Fence installation and training assistance. Each kit is pre-prepared with a small test wire so it can be plugged in for easy testing prior to installation. You can see it working before it is installed. Read the owners manual, The Installation guide and the dog training guide plus, see how the collar changes levels which assists with the training.

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3 year Warranty including Lightning and Fusion damage
- Unique FM frequency that will NOT interfere with household radio signals.
- External (earthed) lightning protection system (covered by warranty
- Swap between FM frequency 8Khz and 4 Khz if necessary
- Fast transmission pulse rate for a more accurate and Secure Radio Signal

Dog Fence Transmitter

               Pet Barrier Transmitter Diagram

RECEIVER COLLARS - Also available for Tiny Dogs and Cats

3 year or Lifetime Warranty that also covers Dog Chews
- Swap the size to a mini size at no extra cost.
- Upgrade to a premium Collar with more levels and a lifetime warranty.
- Battery Life, up to 2 years in the standard size or 8months in the mini size.

Dog Fence Collar

               Dog Fence Layout 2

The Wire - Tuff HDPe Coating

100m included on all Dog Fence Kits
- HDPe coating (Not PVC) 20yr UV rating
- 1mm - 7 Strand copper core
- Can be Hung above ground - no need to be buried.

Dog Fence Wire

               Dog Fence Layout 3

We can discuss a Radio Dog Fence package to suit your dog and property

If you would like more information a package price... Simply fill in this form.

Our  Free Dog Fence Buying Guide will also be emailed to you

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Invisible Dog Fence Review 1        Invisible Dog Fence Review 2        Invisible Dog Fence Review 3

How does the Electric Dog Fence work?

Simply run the wire from the Electronic Dog Fence Transmitter around the boundary or garden bed to be protected. The coded digital FM radio signal transmits from the wire. You don't need to bury the wire simply hang it on the fence. The receiver collar will react to the signal and you can control what the dog feels during the easy training process. Gently Gently for easy and long lasting results. 

Pet Barrier Dog Fence System

It's all ready to plug in and test as soon as you get it. Call at any time for advice.

All of out Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence systems come complete with everything you need to setup. Simply plug it in - read the owner's manual, installation manual and the electronic dog fence training guide. If you need help with setting it up, call our 7-day help line at 1 300 843 364.

The Electronic Dog Fence transmitter produces the FM Radio Signal that travels through the wire. Once the wire comes back to the transmitter and creates a closed loop and the signal will have nowhere to go but outwards from the wire, creating your boundary. 

The boundary can be customized to fit your needs around your property such as fencing your current physical fence, your driveway or a garden bed. 

When the receiver collar is near the boundary and receives the signal, it will give your dog a harmless but annoying 'correction' and is enough to let your dog know to stay inside your property or away from the garden.

  •  Keep your dog safe in your yard.
  •  Protect your gardens from getting destroyed.
  •  Prevent your dog from jumping over or digging under your traditional fence.
  •  Allow your dog access to the whole yard.
  •  Cover gates and walkways.
  •  Protect several dogs at once.

If you’d like a more detailed explanation on the benefits of Electronic Dog Fences, how it works and what to look for when choosing a kit, fill out our Free Quote Form and receive your Free Buying Guide instantly! Or give us a call at 1 300 THE DOG (1 300 843 364). 

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Your Dog’s Freedom and Your Peace of Mind - Safe Electric Dog Fences

Why choose an Electronic Dog Fence over a traditional fence? Any fence or garden can be made dog proof with the Electronic Dog Fence. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on fencing. But a reliable electronic dog fence will pay for itself over and over, If you get the right one.

Electric Dog Fence Transmitter

Pet Barrier Transmitter

The transmitter is fully surge protected (included in the warranty) and uses a coded FM signal around your property - this means you won't get any interference from the dog fence inside your house (TV - safe... Mobile phone - safe... internet connections - safe)

 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
 Surge & Lightning Damage Warranty – Replaced if damaged.
 SafeLink™ Coded Digital FM Frequency – Only communicates with your own receiver collar and will not interfere with other electronics.
 Signal Range Setting & Indicator – To set a custom signal distance to suit your requirements.
 Wire Break Alarm informs you if your boundary wire has been broken so you can secure your dog while you fix the wire..
 Surge Protected Power Plug to divert power surges away from the transmitter preventing damage.
 Add Extra Wire – 100m is included.
---- Grounds Keeper – Up to 1 Acre of coverage. (300m of Wire)
---- FM1200 – From 1 Acre, 2, 5, 10, 20 or even 100 Acres. (Larger coverage may require a power supply upgrade.)
 Cross-Compatibility – Works with any Pet Barrier Receiver Collar.

  • TUFF Long lasting Dog Collar with programmable levels to make training easy and very effective. Being coded FM recevier it will only react tothe radio signal from the transmitter. So your dog walking inside the house is safe from false activations from the TV or from external radio signals like a CB radio.

  •  Manufacturer’s Warranty Includes Dog Chews (An industry first)
  • ---- 3 Years – FM1200 and FM1200 Mini
  • Pet Barrier Receiver Collar
  • ---- Lifetime – Premium R9 and R7 Mini
  •  Fully Waterproof & Submersible for water loving dogs.
  •  Programmable Levels for all dog personalities and easy training.
  • ---- 5 Levels – FM1200 and FM1200 Mini
  • ---- 8 Levels – Premium R9 and R7 Mini
  •  Replaceable Long Life Lithium Battery to save you money.
  • ---- Up to 2 Years – FM1200 and Premium R9
  • ---- Up to 6 Months – FM1200 Mini and Premium R7 Mini
  •  Anti-Linger – Stops your dog stting in the warning zone and draining the battery.
  •  FastReact® - 1/8th of a second reaction time to stop your dog before he runs through the boundary.
  •  SafeLink™ Coded Digital FM Frequency – Reacts only to your own Electronic Dog Fence Signal.
  •  Tri-Aerial System – Exceptional reception no matter which part of the neck it is in.
  •  Safety Shutdown – For when your dog gets confused and stuck in the correction zone.
  •  Add More Collars – Add any number of collars to protect all your dogs.
  •  Cross-Compatible - Works with all Pet Barrier transmitters.

Dog Fence Boundary Wire

Very durable and strong dog fence wire it won't break down in the sun and will take the knocks when you are gardening.

  • Watch the Video to see how strong the wire should be to avoid breaks
There is no need to bury our wire, simply hang it on the fence as you go around the property. We use an FM frequency so you can also have our wire on a metal colorbond fencing and near metal sheds. 
The wire can be placed in Conduit if required (maybe on a gravel driveway) 
The deeper you bury the wire - the deeper you take the signal. so only 12cm depth is all that is needed.
  •  100m of our Dog Fence Boundary wire is included in each kit.
  •  7 strand (1mm) copper core for added strength and better signal carry.
  •  HDPe coating – with 20 year UV rating protects the wire from the sun.
  •  Hang it on the fence or lay it on the ground. No need to bury it.
                             PVC wire can break down in the sun - even if it is UV stabilised.

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Manuals and Guides for easy installation and dog training

Step by step guides for installs and training - Plug it in as soon as you get it cause it is all wired up and ready to go.

  •  Owner's Manual
  •  Training Guide
  •  Installation guide – Dog Training Flags included

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Special features of our Electronic Dog Fence Transmitters...

Invisible Dog Fence Layout 1

The boundary wire must create a closed circuit and come back to the transmitter. This allows the signal to go nowhere but outwards from the wire, creating your boundary signal. With this technology, you are able to create limitless designs for your property and even cover areas within it at the same time. Our Electric Dog Fence transmitters features a signal range adjuster and indicator so you can control the signal depth for added security or design customization.

The SafeLink™ Coded Digital FM Frequency is a safety feature that will not allow the signal to interfere with any electronic devices in your house and damage them. PLUS, your dog can safely walk past the TV without the collar giving your dog a correction.

To protect the transmitter from power surges, a Green Earthing Wire leading to the ground pin on the power plug will divert power surges away from your transmitter. If lightning hits your boundary wire and travels to the transmitter, an external power surge box protects your transmitter from that situation. On top of these protective features, our 3 year warranty covers damages from any surge or lightning damage.

Small details regarding Electronic Dog Fence Transmitter features...

3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty – With special Surge & Lightning Damage Warranty

Our transmitters are covered by a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty that includes a special warranty for fusion damage caused by power surges and lightning. The transmitter will be replaced if damage by power surges.

SafeLink™ Coded Digital FM Frequency – Will not interfere with other collars.

An innovative feature that prevents the transmitter from activating your neighbor’s receiver collars and interferes with other electronics. The Coded Digital FM Frequency is coded into the transmitter’s circuit-board and will only activate your own receiver collar.

The FM radio signal is coded into the transmitter’s internal circuit-board and will not make your TV go fuzzy. This means you do not need to worry about the invisible dog fence's signal messing with your electronics and damaging them.

Signal Range Setting & Indicator – Set a custom signal distance from your wire.

Pet Barrier Grounds Keeper TransmitterYou can set the depth of the signal coming from the boundary wire to fit your dog fence requirements or to create a custom layout that involves signal cancelling. With the proper depth, you can set a boundary around your property as well as around areas inside your property such as a garden while still being able to let your dog walk through pathways.

The included step by step installation guide contains layout suggestions that you can use to design your own custom layout for your property.

Wire Break Alarm – Tells you if your boundary wire is broken.

The built in alarm in the transmitter will tell you if you have a break in your boundary wire. The alarm is instant so you’d know when your dog is able to escape the boundary.

Surge Protected Power Plug – Protects your Transmitter from power surges.

The included power plug includes surge protection features that divert power surges away from your transformer. Watch the video for a more detailed explanation.

Pet Barrier 3 Pin Surge Protected Power Plug   

Add More Wire – Expandable coverage for any size property.

All kits come with 100m of HDPe wire (More info below). The Grounds Keeper Kit can cover areas of up to 1 acre which is equivalent to 300m of wire while the FM1200 can cover larger areas from 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 to even 100 acres of property if needed. Larger area coverage may require an upgrade to the power supply.

Cross-Compatibility – Works with all Pet Barrier Receiver Collars

All Pet Barrier receiver collars can work with any Pet Barrier Transmitters. This provides you with more flexibility to suit your dog's personality. Once you've picked an appropriate kit for your property, you can pick which collar is suited for your dog.

By default, both kits come with the standard collars with 5 programmable levels but can be upgraded to the premium collars with 8 programmable levels and a lifetime warranty. More info on the collars below.

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Why our Electronic Dog Fence Collars are top of the line...

Invisible Dog Fence Collars

The collar works by reacting to the signal from the boundary wires and activate the warning beep in the warning zone. If your dog walks past the warning zone, the Electronic Dog Fence Receiver Collar will give the dog a static correction at the level you set the collar to. The correction is delivered through the 2 small contact posts that rest against the dog's skin - with optional GentleFit™ contact posts available. This gives you total control over each dog's training and correction level.

Whatever the size, whatever personality your dog has, there’s an Electric Dog Fence Receiver Collar that’s perfect for you. Our collars come in 2 sizes to fit all dogs comfortably and snug and a battery life of up to 2 years.

Our standard collars which are included in each kit features 5 programmable levels that you can adjust by yourself including a tone only mode so you can train your dog easily. You have the option to upgrade to our premium collars which have 8 programmable levels including a tone only mode as well, plus a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty whereas the standard collar only has a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty. Both warranty terms cover Dog Chews.

Electronic Dog Fence Receiver Collar features for your dog’s safety...

Manufacturer’s Warranty Including Dog Chews (An industry first)

Standard collars come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty while the premium collars get a lifetime warranty to protect your investment. The outer shell is made out of poly-carbonate to withstand rough play, hard hits and is as tough as bullet-proof glass. If your dog can still chew through that and damage the collar, all Pet Barrier collars are covered by an industry first, Dog Chew Warranty that replaces 1 chewed collar per dog.

Fully Waterproof & Submersible for added protection.

It won’t cost you a new collar if your dog happens to love playing in water or swimming in your pool. Our Pet Barrier collars are designed to be waterproof and submersible so it will not malfunction or get damaged by water.

Replaceable Long Life Lithium Battery to save you money.

Our long life batteries save you money from buying extra batteries too often. Our regular sized collars come with batteries that can last up to 2 years while mini sized collars can go on up to 6 months.

Anti-Linger – Reminds your dog to move out of the warning area and save battery life.

Anti-linger is another battery saving feature our collars have. It gets your dog out of the warning zone by giving a correction if your dog has been sitting there, listening to the beep for more than 15 seconds. Other collars may not have this feature and may lose battery life after a couple of weeks.

User Programmable Levels to fit all dog personalities.

The standard collars and the premium collars feature 5 and 8 correction levels respectively. They both include a tone only mode that is usually best for training because it teaches your dog that the tone activates in the warning zone right before the correction zone.

Our Pet Barrier collars offer you the flexibility of choosing the right one with the right amount of correction levels to suit your dog’s personality and temperament.

FastReact® - 1/8th of a second reaction time.

Our Pet Barrier receiver collars reacts within 1/8th of a second, faster than your dog trying to sprint through the boundary wires. The difference between your dog’s safety and a visit to the vet is the reaction time of the receiver collars when they receive the signal from the boundary wire and giving the correction to stop them from escaping.

SafeLink™ Coded Digital FM Frequency – The collar will respond to your own Electronic Dog Fence.

The patented SafeLink technology programs an FM frequency in the circuit board's code to ensure that no other radio signal coming from any electronic device will activate the collar. Your dog is completely safe when he walks past your 2 way radio or the TV. No other radio signal except for your own transmitter's signal will activate your dog's receiver collar including your neighbor's dog fence.

Tri-Aerial System – The signal will not get blocked if the collar is on the side of the neck.

If the collar is wrongly positioned or fitted the collar may move to the side of the neck, preventing the signal to get clear reception. The tri-aerial system packs 3 antennas in the collar to avoid the signal from getting blocked. This ensures that your dog is consistently being contained, safe inside your property.

Safety Shutdown – To get your dog out of the correction zone if he gets confused.

The safety shutdown feature will stop delivering corrections after 15 seconds of getting stuck. It will then remind your dog to move back by correcting him once every 15 seconds. Sometimes dogs get confused if they’re in an early stage of training and get stuck in the correction zone.

Add More Collars – Protect all your dogs!

You do not need another dog fence kit if you have multiple dogs. All you need is to get extra collars for each of them. Several collars can be set to different levels depending on your dog’s training progress and temperament.

Cross-Compatibility – Pet Barrier collars are compatible with all Pet Barrier transmitters.

Our Electronic Dog Fence Dog Fence Kits comes with standard collars with a choice of two sizes and features 5 levels of corrections. They can be upgraded to our premium collars with 8 levels as well as two sizes to fit all dogs. This gives you enough choices to customize your kit to fit your property and choose the best collars for each of your dogs.

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High Quality Dog Fence Boundary Wire for Consistent Containment

  • Dog Fence boundary wire

     100m is included in all Electronic Dog Fence kits.
  •  7-strand copper wire for optimum reliability.
  •  High Density Polyethylene coating – 20 year UV rating to endure the sun for a long time.
  •  Does not need to be buried.
      • – 
        • Hang it on the fence or leave it on the ground.

We only include high quality 7-strand copper wires coated with HDPe with a  20 year UV rating for long life, strength and consistency. Our boundary wires will not break down under the sun for a long time which saves you money compared to other PVC wires that may need to be replaced after a short amount of time.

All of our Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence Kits come with an initial 100m of wire usually enough for small properties. Additional wires may be added for larger coverage if needed.

Learn more about our dog fence wire and and find out how much wire you need with our dog fence calculation chart!

Get your FREE Dog Fence Quote and Buying Guide Now!

Fill in the form below to get a Free Electronic Dog Fence Quote and your Free Dog Fence Buying Guide sent to you instantly!
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