Pet Barrier Radio Dog Fences.

A complete Kit ready to go that features wire Made in Australia - Easily Stop Dogs Jumping, Digging, and Running through open gates. You'll see results in less than 10 minutes, which will last for Years...

'Watch this short video now to get a quick summary on why the Pet Barrier is so successful'

Meet Oscar, he used to chase the neighbour's chickens, and nothing would stop him.

Since we started in 2003 we've come across a lot of people who have been trying to stop their dogs from escaping or destroying gardens.

Some have even tried other Radio Dog Fences and are almost ready to give up on their dog. Dogs running through, poor battery life, false corrections, and equipment failure mean they often end up back where they started... It's worth doing some research.

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Electric Dog Fence Training Guide

We Guarantee that within Minutes of starting our 'Gentle Steps Training Guide' that your dog will refuse to go through an open gateway.

The Gentle Steps Training guide (combined with the low levels in our Receiver Collar) means there is very little stress to your dog... Or you. Some of our clients have mentioned that they've ended up 'FaceBook Famous' for all the wrong reasons, getting into trouble with the Shire, the neighbour's and their sheep.


Our 7 Point Buyer's Guide, Plus...

5 Questions our Competitors DONT Want You to Ask

We give your dog the freedom it deserves and take away all the stress

There's a lot of options out there we know, and getting it wrong can end up costing more in the long run.

Feel free to call and chat to one of our Dog Fence Specialists to 1300 843 364.

You can also fill in the form below and tell us about your dog and property.

We will get back to you and send through our Dog Fence Buying Guide and Pricing


Discover More about the Importance of

  • * Lightning Damage Warranty
  • * Regulated Power Supply
  • * HDPe Coated Wire (Australian Made)
  • * Coded Digital FM Radio Frequencies.
  • * The Anti Linger Feature and Battery Life ($)
  • * The Chew Warranty
  • * Reaction times and 'Anti Run Through'
  • * Tri Aerial System
  • * Gentle Steps Training for Success

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Some have spent $1000's of dollars and wasted entire weekends barricading, building up fences, or trying to get the wrong dog fence to work.

This doesn't have to be the case. You just need the right advice. And the right questions to ask when you start your Dog Fence journey.

What Goes into Making Our Dog Fence Kit So Successful?

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1. Standard and Premium Receiver Collars(Mini Available)

  • - Multi Training Levels
  • - Waterproof
  • - Dog Chew Warranty
  • - Up to 2 years Battery Life (Replaceable) on standard size receivers
  • - Anti Run Through
  • - Super Fast Reaction
  • - Anti Linger
  • - Triple-Aerial Reception

2. Regulated Power Supply

  • - No False Corrections
  • - Stable Signal Depth

3. Lightning Fusion Warranty

  • - External Earth Protection

4. Transmitter

  • - Coded Digital FM Frequency
  • - Range/Distance Control

5. TUFF Wire

  • - 7 Strand Copper Core
  • - HDPe coating (20 Year UV Rating)
  • - Above Ground Dog Fence

6. Training Flags

7. External Lightning Protection Box

  • - Included in the Large Property Kit

8. Optional Earth Rod

Installation Guide and Training Guide included in all kits

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Choosing the wrong Dog Fence Kit for your dog and property can turn out to be a very expensive exercise.

We have a number of features that give you the confidence to give your dog freedom inside a secure boundary...

Australian Made, Dog Fence Wire built to last in the Australian Sun...

20Year UV guarantee. Our wire does NOT need to be buried, simply hang it on your fence. The 7-strand 1mm Copper Core gives it added strength.

My next favourite feature is the battery life, a replaceable (not rechargeable) battery that will last up to 2 years on standard sized receivers. This alone will save you money and time. No need to remember to change batteries.

The External Lightning Protection System protects your transmitter from costly damage. And having your wire above ground makes maintenance easy.

Here's what we have done to prevent dogs from running through. We have an easy 'Gentle Steps' training guide using the low levels in the collar. A faster pulse rate and a superfast reaction time in the receiver collar helps to really convince your dog of the new boundaries (even if you have not fenced at all). This makes it easy for both your dog and you...

Best Dog Fence in Australia

Common Dog Fence Problems to Look Out For

Find out how to avoid the following problems in our DOG FENCE BUYING GUIDE... Dogs running through - failure due to fusion and lightning damage - batteries going flat or costing a fortune to replace - Wire breaking down and causing issues with false corrections and phantom radio signals.

There are 7 Key Factors that ensure your dog's safety and give you less to worry about.

If you have looked around you would have seen a wide variation in kits and pricing. And you may have even heard a few horror stories.

We find that some people have already spent a lot of money on fencing and barricades with poor results.

Feel free to fill in our form to get an info pack and find out what to look for before making a decision. It's Free and we're happy to help.

Radio Pet Barrier Kits To Match any Sized Property, Dog or Cat

We stop the worry about dogs escaping and destroying gardens. No more fence extensions or plugging up holes and no more trips to the pound. A kit that is easy to install and easy for the dog to learn his new boundaries. It can be a bit overwhelming looking at all the different Dog Fence Kits available. The difference in features and the difference in price can be confusing. You may have even heard of dogs running through, do you know the reason why?

Some of our clients had almost given up hope before chatting to us (some had previously purchased a Dog Fence that had failed) having already wasted a lot of time and money. Our Buying guide and free consultation help to end the confusion.

Our kits come complete and ready to test on the kitchen bench to make it extremely easy to see how it all works. We include owners' manuals, installation, training guides, and boundary flags... Plus a Helpline.

19 Years of Dog Containment Success

Each part of a Radio Dog Fence is an important link in the Chain. If one link fails the whole system fails. Some of our clients have had their Dog Fences for over 15 years. You will be surprised at the price compared to the value of the features we have been able to include in our Pet Barrier. So, we prepared a Buying Guide to help make it easy for people to understand what to look for before going ahead. Learn about Collar Reaction Time, Radio Signal Bounce, False Corrections, and why our replaceable battery will last up to 2 years on standard-size receivers. (saving you $10 per month).

Our Favourite...Lightning and Fusion Warranty - Replaced if Damaged When Lightning/Electricity gets into the wire it travels to the circuit board and burns it out - New transmitters can cost over $250 Plus... Our wire can simply hang on your fence.

Electric Dog Fence Training Guide

You will see results within minutes of starting our 'Gentle Steps Training Guide' which is included in each kit.

What we do, is pre-prepare each kit so it is ready to install. You can simply unpack it, and plug it in on the kitchen bench to experience how it all works. By the time you have finished your coffee, you will be in the top 5% of the people in Australia who understand Dog Fences. We can match any dog and any property to the perfect fit to ensure long-term trouble-free Pet Containment.

(Something as simple as battery life - can mean the difference between success and continuous trips to the pound.)

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How the Electric Dog Fence Works Venn Diagram

Common Problems We Hear About All the Time.

You may have heard about some of these issues... These issues may even have put people off getting a Radio Dog Fence. Or even see them get the wrong one and give up after a while. These issues can see you taking trips to the pound and end up being 'FaceBook Famous'.

  • Dogs Running Through

  • Phantom Loops

  • Lightning Damage

  • Signal Coupling

  • Signal Bounce

  • False Corrections

  • Signal Interference

Have a look at these features that help to ensure you don't get those issues.

  • HDPe (above ground wire)

  • Anti-Linger - Anti Run Through - Tri Aerial Receiver - Superfast Reaction Time - Dog Chew Warranty

  • FM Frequency - Regulated Power Supply - Lightning/Fusion Warranty

  • Gentle Steps Training

  • Flag Training

Dog Fence DIY Kit Builder

Above Ground Dog Fence Wire - '20yr UV Rating' for Australian Conditions

We have developed a wire that does not have to be buried. Our unique Dog Fence wire is Number 2 in my list of the bestfeatures of ourPet Barrier Dog Fence.

You can simply hang the wire on your fence, it's an aboveground dog fence. It will last in the Aussie sun. The HDPE coating has a 20year UV rating. PVC wire breaks down in the sun.

There is no need to bury our wire... Simply hang it on the fence and take it all with you if you move house - 7 Strand Copper core with a HDPE Coating and a 20 year UV rating. Click here to check How much wire do I Need?

Dog Fence Wire

Our clients are amazed that lasts so long in the sunny conditions in Australia (HDPE - 20yr UV rating), which means you have less to worry about wire breaking down. The boundary wire for our Electric Dog Fence is super strong and effective that you do not have to bury it since it is coated with 2mm High-Density Polyethylene coating (HDPE), you can just hang the wire on your fence and even place it on metal color bond fencing and near metal sheds - now, most dog fence wires do not function well near metals but ours certainly does!

Unlike most PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) wires our Electric Dog Fence boundary wire is made with 7 strands of 1mm copper core so if you decide to bury it and if you'll do some gardening, it won't even budge with your sharp shovels and the signal strength will still be excellent. Now, if you’re still worried about your wire breaking, check out our Wire Break Alarm feature!

Multi-Level Receiver Collars

Now, the Multi-Level Collar will allow you to adjust the distance of the radio signal and then set the level of the collar to low training levels and then much higher levels once your dog is familiar with the new boundaries.

Also, these receiver collars have the fastest 'Reaction Time' (1/8th of a second) and an advanced Multi Detection Aerials System in case your dog charges to the fence (now this should never occur because of our easy to follow training guide).

Battery Life - Dog Fence Collars That last - Up to 2yr Battery life.

Ok, so here it is... My NUMBER 1 - The Pet Barrier Battery life is the most impressive feature I have found (and it is NOT a Rechargeable Battery Either).

Quite simply if you are required to Recharge the Dog Fence Collar or Change batteries all the time it is time-consuming and costly. If your Battery Dies... your dog can escape.

Anti Linger, stops dogs running down the battery and costing you money - more in our free report. So, having a long-lasting battery life for the receiver collar is vital for an effective Electric Dog Fence and cost-saving for you. Good thing our standard receiver collars' battery life is rated to last upto 2 years! Isn't that awesome?

When it Comes to Dog Containment Fencing...We Take Away The Worry and The Stress.

Hidden Dog Fence Premium Kit

30-Day Money-Back Premium Guarantee

We guarantee success even if you have NO fences at all. Indeed, the Pet Barrier Hidden Dog Fence is reliable and effective - it gives us the confidence to offer you this 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our Unique Warranties will add years of consistent success to your Dog's Safety (and your peace of mind).

Fusion and Lightning Damage Warranty on the circuit board -if our transmitter is damaged in a storm. IT'S COVERED.
Chew Warranty on the Dog Containment Collar - it's so tuff that if a dog can chew it.. IT'S COVERED.
Battery Life Guarantee - Up to 2 Year Battery Life- if our 'Super Battery' runs out within 8 months YOU GET A FREE BATTERY. Easily replaced - No Recharging needed.

Wait! Here is more from the Electric Dog Fence.

A dog containment system such as an Electric Dog Fence has never been this convenient due to the following reasons:

Coded Digital FM Frequency Dog Fence Signal - No False Corrections

Have you heard of 'False Corrections' or 'Signal Interference' and the 'color bond issue' ... The radio signal on the Dog Fence Australia is what is activating the Dog Collar. We made sure the signal would not give false corrections or cause interference inside your house. Couple this with a Regulated Power supply that will not allow power surges to push the radio signal around - you have one of the safest Dog Containment systems in Australia.

Lightning Warranty for the Transmitter

We have an external Earth wire on the transmitter that will protect it from surge and lightning damage. Regardless of this AMAZING feature... we still offer a warranty that covers you for both surge and lightning damages for 3 long years!

Chew Warranty for the Receiver Collars

The Chew Warranty is more beneficial to your pocket.Dogs LOVE to chew, rightYes, we also knew that some dogs will even sneak out for the collar to chew it. Do not worry! The collar is actually made of polycarbonate so it is super strong and durable BUT if your dog succeeds in chewing it, Pet Barrier agrees to replace one chewed collar per dog.

I'd like to LEARN more about Dog Fences - Download my FREE Buying Guide

All You Need to Know About the Pet Barrier Dog Fence

Imagine never having to Close your gates again - Worry about your dog jumping over the fence - Stressing about your dog destroying your garden beds. To find out how to do this, simply fill in the form to have our FREE Buying Guide delivered to your inbox.

Every Pet Barrier Radio Dog Fence comes complete with everything you need for 1 dog including:

  • the first100 meters of the boundarywire
  • ourFREETraining Guide
  • and our Boundary Training Flags

All you have to do is select your Starting Kit - Add Extra Wire and Add Extra Dog Fence Receiver Collars (if needed). We send the kit to you ready to go... just plug it on the kitchen bench and read the manual, installation guide, and training guide.

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Just real quickHow Does an Electric Dog Fence Work?

Yes, they all pretty much work the same but... Check out the differences below. It is pretty simple, run the wire around your property - follow your desired dog fence layout but the wire should come back to the transmitter to create a closed loop. Through this, the radio signal will have nowhere to go but outwards from the wire - creating your invisible fence boundary which is more effective than the traditional fence you've got

  1. The Electric Dog Fence Transmitter is protected by a transformer that regulates the power supply.
  2. The Transmitter sends a coded radio signal through the wire.
  3. The Wire receives the radio signal from the Transmitter and emits it out.
  4. The dog containment collar reacts to the coded radio signal from the wire around your property.
  5. Since the system operates with a uniquely coded FM radio signal, your dog will not get incorrectly zapped by stray radio signals from other electronics.
  6. Once your dog enters the warning zone (usually a 3ft distance from the wire), he will get a beeping tone as a warning.
  7. And once he goes beyond the warning zone, he will get a safe static correction.
  8. Thus, preventing your dog from escaping your property.

It sounds simple and it works... but there is a lot that makes the best dog fence system. Continue reading to know why the Pet barrier Dog Fence is the Best Dog Fence System you'll ever need.

The Electric Dog Fence saves you money, time, and stress (for rescuing your dog from the dog pound or worse, bringing him to the vet).

  • Keep your dog safe in your yard.

  • Protect your gardens from getting destroyed.

  • Prevent your dog from jumping over or digging under your traditional fence.

  • Allow your dog access to the whole yard or specific places you want them to contain

  • Prevent running out of the Driveway, Gates, and Walkways

  • Protect several dogs at once.

10 Years ago we swapped over to this kit.

If your dog fence system breaks down... you might as well put it all in the bin. But with the special safety features of our Dog Fence System in the Power Supply - Transmitter - Wire - and the Receiver Collar. We don't get the problems we used to get - and neither do our clients. We have different combinations of kits with 7 Unique features to ensure LONG TERM SUCCESS. Think you need this for your dog?

Will an Electric Dog Fence Hurt My Dog?

Absolutely not. We would not be recommending it if it does. We have our own dogs too and they are perfectly alright with the Invisible Dog Fence. You see, this kind of dog fence will only teach your dog a specific boundary that he should not cross by distracting him through the mild static stimulation (and beeping tones).

Take a look at the Graph below:

Therefore, the static stimulation from the dog fence collar alone, cannot possibly hurt your dog in any way. Take note that humans are more likely to get hurt by static pulses from electronic devices since we have thin and oily skin whilst dogs have fur, thick and dry skin.

Kit Builder

So what do I get in Electric Dog Fence package?

Pet Barrier Electronic Dog Fence Kit

  • Surge Protected Power Plug.

  • FM Dog Fence Transmitter (with Lightning & Fusion Warranty)

  • 1 Dog Fence Collar - FM1200 / FM1200 Mini Receiver Collar (5 Levels) - choose standard or mini depending on your dog's size.

  • Optional Upgrade to the Premium R9 / R7 Mini Receiver Collars (8 Levels + 5 Year Warranty).

  • 100m Boundary wire - HDPE Electric Dog Fence Wire (20-year UV rating)

  • Training Flags - for visual recognition.

  • Owner's Manual and Operational Guide

  • Step-by-Step Installation Guide

  • Training Guide - easy steps for effortless training and long-lasting results.

  • FREE Lifetime - Telephone Helpline.

FREE Dog Fence Training VIDEOS - Click Here


Regulated Dog Fence Power suply - Grounded for power surges
3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty (including surge and lightning)
  • Regulated - ensures that the radio signal will not jump up

  • Guards the transmitter against electrical power surges or fluctuations

  • Has the green earth wire that leads to the ground pin on the power plug - diverts power surges away

  • Surge Protected Power Plug - the power supply is regulated so if you get a power spike, it will not affect the distance of your radio signal and "correct" your dog in the wrong area.


Lightning Protected Dog Fence Transmitter
3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty including Lightning and Fusion damage
  • SafeLink Coded Digital FM Frequency - in the transmitter's circuit board, will not interfere with any other radio signals in the household

  • Swap between 8Khz and 4 Khz FM frequencies if necessary

  • Signal Range Setting Indicator - control the signal depth for added security

  • Wire Break Alarm - built-in the transmitter, will sound off if there's a break in your boundary wire

  • Fast transmission pulse rate for a more accurate and secure radio signal

THE RECEIVER COLLAR - Available also for Tiny Dogs and Cats

Electric Dog Fence Collars
3-Year or 5-Year Warranty that also covers Dog Chews
  • 3-year warranty for Standard Collars and a 5 Year warranty for Premium Collars

  • 5 programmable levels for Standard Collars + Tone Only Mode

  • 8 programmable levels for Premium Collars + Tone Only Mode

  • First in the industry Dog Chew Warranty for both Standard and Premium Collars

  • The Tone Only Mode teaches your dog that the tone activates in the warning zone & will be followed by a correction

  • Long Battery Life: 2-year battery life for standard-sized collars & 8 months for the mini size

  • Anti-linger Feature to save more battery - beeps for 15 seconds once your dog stays at the warning zone before stimulation is given.

  • Safety Shutdown Feature - will stop giving the corrections after 15 seconds of getting stuck - reminds your dog to move back by correcting him once every 15 seconds.

  • FastReact - 1/8th of second reaction time to stop your dog before he runs through the boundary wire.

  • SafeLink Coded Digital FM Frequency - reacts only to your own Electric Dog Fence Signal.

  • Tri-Aerial System - exceptional reception no matter which part of the neck it is in.

  • Add more collars - add any number of collars to protect all your dogs in one boundary loop.

  • Available for tiny dogs and cats, swap the size to a standard mini size at no extra cost.

  • Waterproof and Fully Submersible

THE TUFF WIRE - Super Strong and Durable

Best Dog fence Wire -  Super Strong, 20Year UV Rating
100m of our Dog Fence Boundary Wire is included in each kit.
  • The most important link in the chain of success on your Electric Dog Fence

  • Add more wire - expandable coverage for any size property

  • High-quality boundary wire for consistent and reliable containment

  • Has a 7 (1mm) Strands of Copper Core for added strength and better signal carry

  • Coated with 2mmHigh Density Polyethylene ( HDPE) which is by far the strongest compared to others that only use Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) - a synthetic thermoplastic material.

  • Has a 20-year UV rating for the HDPE coating. Note: wires that only have PVC coating can still break down in the sun even if it is UV stabilized.

  • You can also have our wire on a metal colour bond fencing and near metal sheds.

  • Can also be placed in Conduit if required (maybe on a gravel driveway).

So why choose an Electric Dog Fence over a Traditional Fence?

Simply because… any fence or garden can be made dog-proof with the Electric Dog Fence. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on traditional fencing when your dog will just dig into it or jump over it to escape (unless you spend another hundred dollars to extend your fence higher).

Our safe and effective Electric Dog Fence is your dog's freedom from danger and YOUR peace of mind.