Disciplining Your Dog with a SportDog Bark Control Collar


Written by Colin Seal

01/03/2014 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

SportDog Bark Collar - Fast Solution for Barking Dog Problem
We all know that the dogs are very cheerful and playful but your neighbors complain about the incessant barking especially when you leave the dog alone at home. This particular situation tends to stress us as a dog owner and you have to look for a fast solution that is both effective and safe for your dog. The SportDog Bark Control Collar can be the answer to your problem, especially if you have a medium to extra large dog.

SportDog Bark Collar Controls Dog Barking via Electric Signal

The SportDog Bark Control Collar SDBC6 follows the principles of the Pavlov dogs. Pavlov was a psychologist who introduced the classical conditioning concept. He showed hat dogs, and even humans, react to stimulus and that behavior can be conditioned using the applied stimuli. These collars will be able to control your dog’s barking via an electrical signal each time the dog barks. This stimulus conditions the dog that if the bark is emitting a signal will be released.

The SportDog Bark Control Collar SDBC6 has the following features:

  • You can select from six (6) automatic levels of correction.
  • The collar has to be worn by the dog to activate the vibration mechanism.
  • This bark control collar is shock and waterproof.
  • The collar material has a special cover to prevent accidental activation.
  • There are neither special codes nor programming needed.
  • Warning tones can also be set to add to training tools for your pet.
  • The unit is compact in size and can be worn by medium to extra large dogs.

SportDog Bark Control Collar SDBC6 is one of the leading brands of animal-friendly training merchandise and has been recommended by veterinarians and animal welfare personalities. This bark control collar has been commended for its simplicity to use and its flexibility for medium to extra large dogs. In addition, the SportDog collars are safe to use in environments where there are other pets and will only be activated if the dog wearing the collar is barking.

Many dog owners might think that the SportDog Bark Control Collar SDBC6 is expensive equipment but in reality, it is very affordable and when you think of the solution it provides, the cost is negligible.

The SportDog Bark Control Kit contains the following:

  • A bark control collar with a Duropro strap
  • One PetSafe RFA67D Battery
  • Barking Dog Training Guide
  • An Operations Manual

All vary of SportDog Collars carries a three (3) year Manufacturer’s Warranty. For more further information, please here.

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