Dangerous Dog Regulations and Legislation in WA

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The Dog Amendment Bill 2013 (WA) requires all restricted dog breeds, declared dangerous dogs and commercial security dogs to comply with legislation requirements or face a court-imposed fine for each offense.

Below are a few important facts to act as a guide for a dog owner in WA if they have a restricted dog breed or a declared dangerous dog.

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Table of Contents

Dangerous Dogs in WA - Which dogs are Dangerous?
Restricted Dog Breeds - Which breeds are restricted?
Breeding - Can I Breed Restricted Breeds?
All Dogs can be Declared Dangerous - What do I need to know?
Dangerous Dog Collars - What do I have to know?
Dangerous Dog Signs & Muzzles - Why do I need them?

Dangerous Dogs in Western Australia - Which dogs can be dangerous?

Any breed dog can be dangerous. The Act defines 3 types of dangerous dogs:

Dangerous Dog (Restricted Breed)

Dangerous Dog (Declared)

Commercial Security Dog

Restricted Dog Breeds - What breeds are restricted in WA?

Dogo Argentino

Fila Brasileiro

Japanese tosa

American pit bull terrier

Pitbull terrier

Perro de Presa Canario

This includes a mix of two or more breeds that includes a restricted breed. Your local shire office in Western Australia can assist.

Breeding Pit Bull Terriers - Are they allowed in WA?

All restricted dog breeds are required to be sterilised. If you have a restricted breed dog, it is compulsory that you notify your local government of it.

Selling, buying or advertising to sell a restricted dog breed is also an offense.

Any Dog Can Be Declared Dangerous - How do WA officials declare them dangerous?

Any breed of dog can be declared dangerous if they:

Cause injury or damage by an attack on a person, animal or vehicle.

The dog has repeatedly or shown a tendency to attack.

The dog attacks or chases a person, animal or vehicle even without causing injury or damage.

Dangerous Dog Collars - Does my dog need to wear one?

The main identifier of a dangerous dog is the special collar that they are required to wear. These collars have red and yellow diagonal stripes where one of these colours must be fluorescent.

The width of the collar varies depending on the weight of the dog. Other than that, some of the requirements of an owner will also help identify a dangerous dog.

Dangerous Dog Warning Signs and Muzzles - Do I really need them?

If you own a restricted breed dog or a declared dangerous dog, you must follow these requirements or face fines.

A dangerous dog must wear a special collar to identify that it is a dangerous dog. Available in 4 sizes as required in.

  • 15mm for dogs weighing less than 10kg
  • 25mm for dogs between 10kg and 20kg
  • 40mm for dogs between 20kg to 40kg
  • 50mm for dogs weighing 40kg or more

A special warning sign must be placed at all entrances to the premises.

The dog must always wear a muzzle and on a leash when in public and handled by a capable adult.

A dangerous dog must be confined in an enclosure that will prevent its escape, release without permission and a child from being able to enter or insert part of its body.

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Download Dangerous Dogs Regulation in WA Fact Sheet Here

The information contained on this page is meant as a general guide and general advice only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. We recommend people follow the instructions of their local government department. These materials are intended, but not promised or guaranteed to be current, complete, or up-to-date and should in no way be taken as an indication of future results. The Dog Line offers this information freely and takes no responsibility for its accuracy. For more details, please contact your local council.

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