Dangerous Dog Collars

When your dog is considered as a Dangerous Dog or Restricted Dog by your state, one of the requirements you would need to have is a Dangerous Dog Collar.

A dog that is declared restricted or dangerous is required to wear a collar with red and yellow stripes - to be carefully identified. 

Our Dangerous Dog Collar is designed to comply with each state legislation requirements (Check your state dangerous dog collar requirements here).

The collar is made out of a super strong PU Polyurethane coated with a Reflective-Fluoro material, that is especially designed to handle all dangerous dogs and restricted dog breeds and sizes. 

As you choose a collar for your dog, consider the weight of your dog first, as required by your state legislation - (NSW)(WA),(VIC), and (TAS) - so you can get the right width... and then decide for the collar size that passes the requirement of your state legislation.  

  • Small - for dogs weighing less than 10kgs (Collar MINIMUM Width: 15mm) - We OFFER the collar at 15mm width & 47.5 cm length

  • Medium - for dogs weighing 10kgs up to 20kgs (Collar MINIMUM Width: 25mm) - We OFFER the collar at 25mm width & 56.8cm length

  • Large - for dogs weighing 20kgs up to 40kgs (Collar MINIMUM Width: 40mm) - We OFFER the collar at 50mm width & 68.5cm length

  • Extra Large - for dogs weighing more than 40kgs (Collar MINIMUM Width: 50mm) - We OFFER the collar at 50mm width & 86cm length 

Click your state and learn specific information about the Dangerous Dog Act.

Western Australia Dog Act Victoria Dog Act Queensland Dog Act