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Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence for Stubborn Dogs

Do you have a REALLY stubborn dog? Do you think you already did everything just to contain your sneaky, cheeky, dog inside your property but fail at every attempt? Think again. You better check our Pet Barrier Premium Electric Dog Fence - designed for stubborn dogs in all ages and sizes!

Essential Features of Electric Dog Fence for Stubborn Dogs


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Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

You read that right. Your Electric Dog Fence Premium Receiver Collars don’t just come with 1 year nor 3 years of warranty… but for a lifetime! This must be the most secured investment for your dog, ever. We are very much committed in delivering the best product and service so we want to make sure that we always have your back. This lifetime warranty does not usually come with other dog fence containment system.

Premium Electric Dog Fence Collar for Stubborn Big Dogs

Pet Barrier Premium R9 Dog Boundary Collar is suitable for dogs weighing 12 kgs and up. This is best for stubborn big dogs because of it’s 8 programmable levels (unlike regular collars that only have 5 levels). It’s also fully waterproof and submersible with a battery that is rated to last up to 2 years - no need for the rechargeable ones since collars with replaceable batteries can save you more money... because you don't have to buy an entire new collar if the rechargeable battery runs out.

Premium Electric Dog Fence Collar for Stubborn Small Dogs

The Pet Barrier Premium Mini R7 FM Dog Fence Collar suits dogs weighing from 3 kgs up to 12 kgs. It is no bigger than the TINY match box you have. PLUS, its 8 programmable levels will definitely match your stubborn little friend - time for some effective boundary training. It is also waterproof and completely submersible and the battery can last up to 6 months in regular use - you wont need a rechargeable batteryu anyways, the replaceable ones can save you money by not having to buy a new receiver collar if the rechargeable battery runs out. Do you have more than one dog? No worries, add as many extra receiver collars as you want!

3 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty for the Transmitter

If in any case your Electric Dog Fence Transmitter gets damaged by lightning strike or any other power surge, we got you covered. This long-term warranty ensures that your transmitter performs very well as time goes by.

This guarantee clearly saves you a whole lot of money in the long run - did you know that it cost more than $250 to replace a new transmitter broken by a fusion damage.

One Time Chew Warranty on Each Receiver Collar

We get it, stubborn dogs LOVE to chew & rip things off. So, we thought of getting you ensured with the one time Chew Warranty. Although, this rarely happens since our Premium Dog Fence Collars are made with polycarbonate material - stronger than Superman. However, if your dog got some Kryptonite teeth, we got your back (as always).

Take note, this guarantee is FIRST in the industry... not all dog containment system offers a Chew warranty on their dog fence collars. 

Surge Protected Power Plug for Fusion & Lightning Protection

Get an Electric Dog Fence for stubborn dogs that has surge protection

This regulates your power supply and protects your Electric Dog fence Transmitter from lightning strikes and other power fusions. Do you see that green earthing wire in the picture above? That wire diverts energy from lightning storms or power surges in the boundary wire AWAY from the circuit board. Your Electric Dog Fence system is safe from Thor’s wrath, mate.

This technology protects your invesment really well and it can save you a lots of money - a new transmitter can cost more than $250.

Built-in Unique Coded Digital FM Frequency on the Transmitter

Now, here’s how it works; the transmitter runs the FM radio signal to the boundary wire and your dog’s receiver collar picks it up as soon as your dog gets near the boundary - activating the static stimulation. Now, as you know, almost all of our electronics around emits a radio signal… that’s why some Electric Dog Fences mess up with stray radio signals and zap the dog for the wrong reasons - not good.

That’s why Pet Barrier encoded the Unique Digital FM Frequency which ensures that the Transmitter and the Collar Receiver of your dog only interact with each other - the TV, your cellphone and other radio devices won’t have a chance to interfere. So, you can freely let your dog come inside your house and your electronic devices won't get affected by the radio signals as well. 

Super TUFF HDPe Coated Wire with 7 Strand 1mm Copper Core

Your Electric Dog Fence Boundary Wire should be REAL TUFF. One thing to look out for is that it should be made of high-density polyethylene thermoplastic (HDPe) and not just PVC - this will give you the freedom to either hang your wire on the fence or bury it under your ground.

Good thing, Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence wire got all these qualities - it has a 20-year UV rating and almost impossible to break. Did you see the video when we tried to break it? We didn’t get that lucky…

How Does the Electric Dog Fence Statick "Shock" Feel to my Dog?

Usually, it feels like that annoying surprise when you suddenly touch a cold door knob or when you rub your feet on the carpet. It is not painful for your dog but it is enough to distract your dog from going near the boundery wire - preventing your dog from running through.

The highest level of stimulation that you may set can feel like the TENS machine or the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation - this is commonly used by physiotherapists. Thus, the static “shock” stimulation from the Electric Dog Fence does not in any way harm nor hurt your dog.

Just so you know… Here’s a List of Known Stubborn Dog Breeds:

12kgs and above

  • • Siberian Husky

  • • Rottweiler

  • • Pit bull (Staffordshire bull terrier type)

  • • Akita

  • • English Bulldog

  • • Dalmatian

3 kgs up to 12kgs

    • Shiba Inu

  • • Fox Terrier

  • • Bull Terrier

  • • Basset hound

  • • Weimaraner

  • • Shar Pei

  • • Maltese

  • • Daschund

  • • Scottish Terrier

  • • Chihuahua

  • •& Boston Terrier

  • • Mini Pinscher

  • • Pug

  • • Jack Russel

  • • Beagle

Ready to Get Your Stubborn Dog a Premium Electric Dog Fence?

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If you still have questions in mind, please do call us at 1300 THE DOG (1300 843 364) so we can answer any of your questions and further help you with anything dog related.       

Here for you and your dog,

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