TUFF Electric Dog Fence Wire - Just sit it on the Fence (HDPE Coated Invisible Dog Containment wire)

If the Dog Fence Wire you're using for your Electric Dog Fence is of low quality and breaks, your Dog Fence will stop working and your dog might escape putting him in danger. You will have to spend time to find the break so you can fix it.

Watch the Video to see Just how TOUGH our Invisible Dog Fence Wire Really is.

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30 Day Escape Proof Guarantee

Above Ground Dog Fence Wire That Does Not Need To Be Buried.

Our Top Rated Dog Fence Wire is so durable you can even leave it hanging on the fence, lay it on the ground, cover it with mulch, bury it around your lawn or tunnel it under a concrete driveway. The FM Radio Signal from the transmitter expands out of the copper core of the dog fence wire. The wire is actually the aerial or the antenna to the transmitter so using dog fence wire with a good strong and solid core, helps to maintain the integrity of the signal.

  1. 1. 7 Strand Copper Core – Extremely Tuff, But Durable

  2. 2. HDPE Coating - Strong and  with a 20 year UV Rating

  3. 3. No need to be Buried - Above ground Dog Fence wire

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Best Wire for Electric Dog Fence

Our boundary wires will not break down under the sun for a long time because of our UV Rated HDPE Coating, which saves you money compared to other PVC wires that may need to be replaced after a short amount of time.

Low quality and thin wire does not offer you a good base for the signal and can lead to Radio Signal Bounce. Wire damage and broken wire are the biggest cause of concern for Invisible Dog Fence owners. We use an FM frequency so you can also have our wire on a metal color bond fencing and near metal sheds.

How to repair electric dog fence wire?

The Wire Break Scenario

What happens when you get a wire break?

A wire break almost always causes headaches on the dog owners like you. Once the wire breaks for whatever reason, you would have to go through a whole roll of inconvenience.

  1. 1. Your time is consumed - it takes hours of testing and detecting where the break is. 

  2. 2. You Incur Additional Expenses - repairs or replacements always entail a cost even how small it is, it will affect your budget.

  3. 3. The Training Process is Jeopardized - a few days of interruption can cause your dog to do back to its old ways...back to square 1

If you are still having a hard time about your dog fence wire or you have questions or inquiries about electric dog fences give us a call on our 7 Day Hotline 1-300-(THE-DOG) 1-300-843-364 do not hesitate to CONTACT US

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