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Case Study 4 - How Does Training Flags Help your Electric Dog Fence Training?

Not all of us have a physical barrier on our property that our dogs would see as a reference on where his/her territory should only be. The training flags basically are visual references or indicator for the dogs to see that that is not a place for him to go. You will see in a bit that training flags are a big help in training the dog in the Electronic Dog Fence.

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Places to Put Training Flags

You do not need to be excited and put the flags everywhere, Flags are effective when placed in an area where there are no physical barrier like:

  • • On the Driveway

  • • Open land or field

  • •Garden Beds or Fish ponds

  • Even on potted plants, some people even say that:

"If you take the flags away from the fence and put it in the pot plants the dogs won’t dig up the pot plants."


The Flag is a Warning

If you have an FM transmitter you won’t have to worry about signals jumping from one place to another and it keeps the dog from getting zapped even he is in a safe zone and if that happens he’ll be scared.

Flags could be kept after Training

You don’t need to leave the flags out long, You can leave them out 6 to 8 weeks and then the dog would definitely get the idea that that blade of grass is safe to play on and that blade of grass is not safe to go on and that they know that there is a Electronic Dog Fence there.

Dog Fence Training – Roxy

Amanda has a lot of guilt letting Roxy live in a cage but needless to say she is also concerned that if they leave Roxy out while they are not at home Roxy might jump over the fence and get lost. She now opt to get a Radio dog fence for Roxy’s safety and now Roxy is going to be trained. Click the button down bellow to watch her training. 

Electric Dog Fence | Training Flags - How Does it Help you? - Case Study 4


We have wide options of electric dog fences that surely fit to your dog types and different areas that you want to be safe such garden beds, small property, large property and even indoor property. Each type has their own distinct features that offer a great deal for both of you and dog.

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