Electric Dog Fence Collar - 2 Years Battery Life

The Success Factor of an Invisible Dog Fence System in Australia

*If the battery in your dog fence collar runs out within the first 8 months... we will swap it for a new one.*

Having a long-lasting battery life in your dog fence collar could really determine if your dog containment system is either a success or a failure.

Also, if your invisible dog fence collar suddenly runs out of battery, it doesn’t only cost you more money but it may also cost you your dog’s life - if he/she escapes the boundary.

Keeping your dog safe is the main purpose of an Electric Dog Fence. So, look out for a system that has been proven to have a reliable receiver collar with an awesome battery life.

Just like the battery of Pet Barrier Invisible Dog Fence - it is NOT rechargeable but the battery life is simply exceptional.

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Charlie is Wearing the Pet Barrier Dog Fence Collar with Long-Lasting Battery

She used to jump over the fences when her previous dog fence collar runs out of battery, now she can only play inside the property.

More About the Pet Barrier Dog Fence Collar and its Battery:

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