Case Study 1 - Yellow And The Pet Fence Next Door

Will my neighbours Invisible Dog Fence Interfere with mine?

Even if the Pet Fences are from the same brand and model they can still cause conflict. The signal distance sometimes disappears from the adjoining fenced area. This can leave a blank fence line where your dog could discover that they can get to the fence.

But using Coded FM Frequency like our Pet Barrier Dog Fences we can prevent the signals from clash and interfere with each other.

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As more and more people are finding out just how effective an Electric Dog Fence can be... it can prove to be an issue if there is a radio signal on the property next door. This could be an issue to consider now... as well as in the future (what would happen 2 years down the track if your neighbour buys a Dog Fence - would yours fail if you go the wrong frequencies?)

We have 2 features in our Pet Fence system that can prevent or fix any issues with conflicts of the signal.

Coded Digital FM Frequency - Less Conflict with FM

We have opted to run with a Coded Digital FM Frequency on our Pet Fences. When we have had occasions where we find a dog fence on a property next door there has not been an issue. (But be a good neighbour - you should check your neighbours fence signal as well - it may not be so forgiving. And if it does fail you do not want your neighbour's dog to get out because their Radio signal failed because it is not FM)

  • Radio signals for Pet Fences are either AM or FM... (no exceptions)

  • AM Radio signals tend not to like other Radio Signals (Not only from other Pet Fences)

  • There are usually 2 frequencies to choose from 4Khz OR 8 Khz.

  • Not Many Pet Fences can change frequencies to cure signal interference problems.

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