Dangerous Dog Collars and Signs plus Muzzles for Dogs in New South Whales

The Companion Animals Regulation 2018 brings strict requirements and provisions for dog owners that own Declared Dangerous Dogs, Menacing Dogs and Restricted Dog Breeds in New South Wales. All have the same requirements needed to comply according to the legislation. 

Owners must comply with each requirement or face hefty fines for each offence. Download and Read the fact sheet to know more about the legislation.

">One of the requirements if you...

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  • Dog Muzzle for Biting - Plastic Cage

    Dog Muzzle for Bitin...

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    Guard your dog’s mouth a...

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  • Silicone Dog Muzzle Cage Dangerous Dog Mask

    Silicone Dog Muzzle...

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    This durable dog muzzle gives...

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  • Dog Muzzle for Dangerous Dog - Adjustable Nylon

    Dog Muzzle for Dange...

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    The Nylon Adjustable Dog Muzzl...

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  • Breathable Soft Nylon Dog  Muzzle

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    Most states required Dangerous...

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