Electronic Dog Fence and FM1200 Dog Fence Collar


Written by Colin Seal

02/03/2014 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

It is a fact that good fences make good neighbours; so it is equally true that good dog fences make good neighbours. With an electronic dog fence, your dog is prevented from escaping and causing a nuisance in the neighbourhood, avoiding future complaints. Plus... They are great at stopping the dog from running through an open gate or digging in the garden. 


electric dog fence layout


For an effective and reliable fence that guarantees long-lasting results, the FM1200 series dog fence collar can give you reliability and consistency in stopping a dog escaping.

Installing an Electronic Dog Fence

In the past, dog owners contained their pets through a traditional dog fence constructed of varied materials. But this type is no longer the trend. It is just a matter of running a wire around the property to create the invisible radio signal

An electronic fence for dogs is also known as radio dog fencing, is virtually invisible so there is no obstruction or unsightly barriers to gates or gardens. People and vehicles can pass freely across the property and its lovely view would not be blocked from sight. An invisible fence can contain your dog and at the same time protect your outdoor pool, air conditioning unit, or well-maintained landscape and even keep the dog away from the bins.

Cost-wise, you can compare the amount of building a traditional fence or installing an invisible fence around your premises. An electronic type around your property cost only $300 to $500 while the cost of the traditional fence can go as high as $5,000 to $10,000. In case of relocation, you can easily pick up the transmitter box and collar and take the fence with you.

What about the Dog Watch FM1200 Dog Fence Collar

The electronic dog fence in general and the FM1200 series dog fence collar, in particular, are like links in a chain. Each component is an integral part of its operation. 

An invisible dog fence has two components: (1) an invisible boundary or the dog fence that is created by a radio wire; and (2) a collar worn by the dog. Each time the dog wanders beyond the invisible fence radio signal, the battery powered-collar will emit an electronic correction or stimulation to the dog. 

It is often a beep-sound that is followed by a mild but short form of static stimulation. Some sort of radio signals are created in the wire and it makes a fence barrier that is invisible that causes the dog’s collar to react. Each time the dog gets near the radio signal, the receiver collar will give the dog a warning signal in the warning zone and then a static pulse from the dog fence collar if the dog proceeds into the correction zone.

The design of the FM1200 series dog fence collar has more flexibility with its 5 programmable levels that included the top level at the high end which is more durable than other dog collars on the market. 

It uses only level zero beeping and the low levels are very easy for training gently. It further allows the dog to recognize the safe zones and the location of the proper zones to avoid the porch sting syndrome. It comes in two sizes for big and small dogs containing the same strength and flexibility.

Dog owners with the electronic fence and FM1200 series dog fence collar can create a hidden fence system anywhere that is not possible with most regular fences. Just imagine the freedom of a wired system installed passing inside your home, front yard, along with mountainous and wooded areas. You will be pleased to see that your furry friend is so much happier and healthier for his freedom to explore wider spaces.


Happy Training Day!