Dog Fence Wire Layout - Duck Across the Front

If you have this question in your mind "How do I keep my dog in the backyard only?". Well here is the perfect Electric Dog Fence Wire Layout for you and your dog. There is 6 Dog Fence Wire Layout that we can show you and in this article, we will be talking about how to keep your dog in the backyard only.

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Duck Across the Front Dog Fence Layout
Dog Fence Backyard Escaping Layout
Dog Fence Whole Property Layout Dog Fence Hour Glass Layout Dog Fence Front Yard Layout Dog Fence Double Loop Layout Dog Fence Garden Gate Layout

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Discover More about the Importance of

  • * Lightning Damage Warranty
  • * Regulated Power Supply
  • * HDPe Coated Wire (Australian Made)
  • * Coded Digital FM Radio Frequencies.
  • * The Anti Linger Feature and Battery Life ($)
  • * The Chew Warranty
  • * Reaction times and 'Anti Run Through'
  • * Tri Aerial System
  • * Gentle Steps Training for Success

Giving the dog the backyard - stops the dog from running out of the front door

  1. Keeping your dog free to run around the backyard

  2. A great way to stop your dog from getting near the front fence

  3. Prevent your dog from running out of an open front door

It may be a bit tricky to get the wire across the driveway and the front of the house if there are garden beds, but if you spend some time securing it and making it invisible you will get great results.


  • Right angles tend to distort transmitter signals so round up the corners when doing the wiring layout

  • The wire should only have one single and continuous loop going back to the FM Transmitter

  • When placing it over the garden and you don't want it to get caught up when gardening, you can bury the wire 1 to 3 inches below the ground

  • Expansion joint allowance is a must

What is the Best Electric Dog Fence Wire? How much Dog Fence Wire Do I Need?

We have wide options of electric dog fences that surely fit your dog types and different areas that you want to be safe such as garden beds, small properties, large properties, and even indoor properties. Each type has its own distinct features that offer a great deal for both you and your dog.

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Dog Fence Training Flags
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