The Importance of Lightning Strike Protection & WARRANTY on Electric Dog Fences

Lightning strike is the number 1 cause of electric dog fence damage. Sadly, most of invisible dog fences out there do not have lightning strike and power surge protection - this causes consumers to spend a lot of money after a transmitter damage.

This is why we offer lightning strike & power surge WARRANTY on our Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence.

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Paul experienced fusion damage and had to replace 2 of his dog fence systems that he got before which are not covered with lightning strike warranty.

Now, he wants to make sure that his transmitter is guarded.

So, he switched to our system because we have the green earthing wire and 3 pins on our power supply which are designed to protect the transmitter from power surges - his dogs are now secured than ever.

Benefits of Pet Barrier Invisible Dog Fence Lightning Strike Warranty:

Saves You Money in the Long Run & Brings You Peace of Mind

The Dog Fence is Equipped with Components that Covers the System from Power Surges

A Total Package of Durable & Reliable Electric Dog Fence

Dog containment systems are prone to damages during lightning strikes and power surges due to the wires that we layout across the property. These systems can easily get damaged when you don't have the right equipment to use and no damage coverage at all.

So, lookout for a dog fence system that covers you from often unavoidable lightning strikes and power surges.

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There's a lot of options out there we know, and getting it wrong can end up costing more in the long run.

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  • * Lightning Damage Warranty
  • * Regulated Power Supply
  • * HDPe Coated Wire (Australian Made)
  • * Coded Digital FM Radio Frequencies.
  • * The Anti Linger Feature and Battery Life ($)
  • * The Chew Warranty
  • * Reaction times and 'Anti Run Through'
  • * Tri Aerial System
  • * Gentle Steps Training for Success

Electric Dog Fence Coverage from Lightning Strikes

This is very important. Not just for your dog's safety but also for your wallet.

A damaged electric dog fence transmitter would cost you $300 - $500 and another $100 - $300 should your dogs escape and end up in the dog pound to just basically get them out.

Our client, Ian, had fusion damage on his dog fence transmitter after it was hit by a lightning strike.

He was able to have his transmitter replaced by us and he saved about $250 for being covered by the Pet Barrier Lightning Strike and Power Surge Warranty.

Had he purchased the dog fence system from somewhere else that does not offer this kind of guarantee, it could have caused him even more money.

Therefore, investing in a durable and reliable invisible dog fence such as the Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence will not only save you money in the long run but also give you peace of mind.

A Dog Containment System that is Prepared for Power Surges

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Pet Barrier is an invisible dog fence that is manufactured with power surge protection - it has 3 pins on the power transformer and a green earthing wire.

These components work together to divert all excess energy, in cases of a lightning strike or power surges, away from your dog fence transmitter circuit board.

These advanced features of the Pet Barrier system help us offer the Power Surge Protection or the Lightning Strike Warranty to all of our clients.

Getting the right Electric Dog Fence (that can prevent lightning strike damages) is crucial - you have to ensure excellent quality to save your money.

Apparently, there are always false advertisements that will rip you off in the end. That is why we explain each component of our invisible dog fence, you can even Build Your Own Package to make sure that your dog containment system is built for your needs.

Other Guarantees of the Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence System

The Pet Barrier Dog Fence system has more than the lightning protection guarantee.

It also covers other essential things to look out for such as the Receiver Collar (in case it gets chewed by your dog), the Battery (that lasts up to 2 years) and the Power Supply (prevents false zaps for your dogs).

Dog Fence Transmitter Lightning Protection

Fusion and Lightning Damage Warranty on the circuit board - if our transmitter is damaged in a storm...

Dog Fence Collar Dog Chew Warranty

Chew Warranty on the Receiver Collar - it's so tuff that if a dog can chew it...

Dog Fence Battery Life Guarantee

Battery Life Guarantee - Up to 2 Year Battery Life - if our 'Super Battery' runs out within 8 months YOU GET A FREE BATTERY.
(No need to take the collar off to charge)

Dog Fence Regulated Power Supply

Regulated Power supply - To give consistent Radio Signal Depth (and NO FALSE ZAPS due to power spikes)

There is no need to bury our wire... Simply hang it on the fence and take it all with you if you move house - 7 Strand Copper core with HDPe Coating and a 20 year UV rating. How much wire do I Need?

Free Dog Training Video Guide

We have wide options of electric dog fences that surely fit your dog types and different areas that you want to be safe such as garden beds, small property, large property, and even indoor property. Each type has its own distinct features that offer a great deal for both of you and dog.

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