Case Study 2 - Porch Sitting Syndrome

Maggie has just arrived at her new forever home... (Maggie is going to be our little star and you can see Maggie experiencing the Electronic dog fence collar for the first time)

Today... the subject is Porch sitting syndrome - What Is It? - How To Avoid it - And How To Cure It.

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A big concern is that the fencing is not great and at the end of the driveway is a very busy road... So obviously there is a huge risk. A Double Risk… Not only for Maggie but also for the passing cars, and guess who would be responsible for the cost of any accidents or damage if Maggie did venture on to the road.

Contributing Causes of Porch Sitting

  1. A Non-regulated power adaptor that may fluctuate the Radio Signal

  2. Pet Fence Collars that do not have low enough levels (or no levels at all)

  3. Signal Bounce – Signal Jump – Signal Coupling (often caused by point 1)

  4. Poor quality Radio Frequencies and Transmitters

  5. Taking the training too fast

  6. Owners letting their dog get away with sitting on the porch

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