Top 5 Benefits of EMMETT 4 Dogs: Canine Massage Therapy


Written by Colin Seal

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EMMETT is a massage therapy technique for humans and animals. It is best for dogs who need relief from certain kinds of restrictions such as subtle pain and discomfort.

On this new episode of TDLTV on Facebook Live, you will learn about the EMMETT technique for dogs, especially its benefits, from a certified canine massage therapist - Helen Walker.

EMMETT Technique - Massage Therapy for Dogs

An Interview with Helen Walker

EMETT for dogs massage therapist - Helen Walker

Top 5 Benefits of EMMETT Therapy for Dogs (Click on each item to learn more):

  1. Relief from injuries due to sports or accidents

  2. Correction of unbalanced gait or stance

  3. Relief from lead or harness strain

  4. Relief from lower back distress

  5. Improvement of poor performance and behaviour changes

The EMMETT technique is founded by Ross Emmett, an Australian dog trainer and Senior Dog Obedience Judge from 1978 - 2002.

He has had extensive experience in many-body therapies and has been a Remedial Practitioner since 1980.

Ross started using his technique on animals long before he even considered trying them out on humans.

Now, it is internationally recognised and is being taught in more than 35 countries worldwide.

It’s been thoroughly observed that this canine massage therapy improves the movement and behaviour of dogs after they receive the treatment - due to an increase in comfort.

1. EMMETT 4 Dogs Brings Relief from Injuries Due to Sports or Accidents

 Dog massaging another dog - fun image of EMMETT 4 dogsEMMETT therapy uses light pressure on specific points of the body with effective, simple and quick results - it is ultimately based on light touch muscle therapy.

If your dog has been into an accident... or injured due to sports, this therapy reduces pain and relieves restrictions with its gentle and safe muscle release technique.

Thus, it helps increase movement, enhances performance, balance... and ultimately improves your dog’s behaviour.

2. The EMMETT Therapy for Dogs Helps Correct Unbalanced Gait or Stance

Indeed, this canine massage therapy is great for show dogs - as they need to move gracefully.

If you learn the EMMETT therapy technique and apply it to your show dog, you will be able to easily find any cause of restriction.

Most importantly, release the restriction - and get your dog comfortably walk on the show again.

3. The EMMETT Technique for Dogs Offers Relief from Lead or Harness Strain

EMMETT 4 dogs on relief for harness strainDogs often pull on their leads. This may be a normal thing but it does cause strains on their bodies that we mostly do not notice.

This is commonly the cause of their subtle discomfort and pain.

The EMMETT light touch therapy can release strains and soothe aches in your dog’s body. The best thing is, you can enroll to learn the technique.

4. The EMMETT Massage Therapy for Dogs Releases Lower Back Distress

 Treating dog with back distress using the EMMETT techniqueYou may not notice it but most often than not, dogs are distressed due to the pain.

Especially on Senior dogs they usually have pain in their lower back.

This massage therapy for dogs is a very simple and gentle way to relieve such distress, with the use of finger light-touch technique.

5. The EMMETT Dog Massage Improves Behaviour and Performance

Agility dog treated with EMMETT therapyThis canine massage technique ultimately helps agility dogs so they can have more freedom in movement and achieve their highest potential in performance.

Not only that, EMMETT therapy ensures to improve your dog’s behaviour - dogs who are stress-free behave better.

Now, if you want your dog to experience this soothing canine massage… or if you want to learn about the technique so you can do it yourself, contact a certified canine massage therapist.

Do you have more questions about your dog and the EMMETT massage therapy? Give us a call at 1 300 THE DOG. That’s 1 300 843 364. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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