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TDL TV Facebook Live: Recorded Videos and Topics

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Dog owners have lots of concerns about their dogs. Some fur-parents don’t even know the needs of their dogs.

So, we came up with a brilliant idea of creating the TDL TV (The Dog Line TV) through Facebook Live to discuss how to improve your relationship with your dogs... and reach more and more people who may need our help.

The topics that we cover on our recorded live videos vary from nuisance barking (even that dog next door - your neighbour's) to remote dog training, dogs escaping and even protecting your dogs from snakes!

Also, we are happy to include the competitions that we did all throughout our fans journey with us - enjoy learning and watching!

TDL TV on Facebook Live (Ep 13): Are “Shock” Collars Good for Aggressive Dogs?

TDL TV - Are “Shock” Collars Good for Aggressive Dogs?TDL TV host, Colin, answers the question if you can use a “shock” collar, best known as Dog Training Collars, to an aggressive dog.
It has been observed that with constant training of obedience commands to dogs with the help of these remote training collars, aggressive dogs tend to develop attentiveness to their owners or handlers and this prevents them from giving in to triggers that may result to aggressive behaviours.

TDL TV on Facebook Live (Ep 12): Can My Dog Still Bark Even With a Bark Collar On, if It Needs To?

TDL TV - Can my dog still bark when it needs toIn this episode of TDL TV, Colin explains how a good bark collar does not stop a dog from barking when it needs to.
Best quality bark collars should have safety and advanced features that will allow the dog to bark when necessary, especially in moments of danger… without over-correcting the dog.
Check out the episode to see these bark collars.

TDL TV on Facebook Live (Ep 11.2): Are Bark Collars Cruel?

TDL TV host, Colin, discussing how a bark collar is not cruelIn this episode, TDL TV host, Colin, discussed how a bark collar is NOT cruel. The key is getting the best quality of bark collars for your dogs and train them consistently and persistently.
It is also highlighted how a good bark collar can safely help train the dog to bark at acceptable levels and quit the nuisance barking.

TDL TV on Facebook Live (Ep 11.1): Will a Bark Collar Hurt My Dog?

Colin of TDL TV answering the question if bark collars can hurt dogsIn this episode, Colin of TDL TV answered the question if bark collars can hurt dogs.
Basically, if you get the right bark collar for your dog that has really good quality, it will not hurt your dog.
Look out for the advanced features especially the safety features of bark collars before you get one. Don’t fall for the cheap bark collars in the market that do not even pass the Australian standard for electronic devices.

TDL TV on Facebook Live (Ep 9): How To Teach Your Dog To Stay Away From Snakes

Colin, TDL TV host, holding a snake with Emma and Seth PywellLearning how to keep your dogs away from snakes is such a vital knowledge... and having the tool to do so (as discussed in Episode 10) is even more important.
However, TRAINING your dog to stay away from snakes is a different story nevertheless essential.
In this episode, Colin with Emma from Slithers & Slides and our special guest, Seth Pywell from Perth Dog Trainers, discuss how to properly teach your dogs to avoid snakes at all times and in all circumstances - with the help of dog training collars for snake avoidance or snake aversion training.
Also, you should know the 10 by 10 rule.

TDL TV on Facebook Live (Ep 8): The Dog Line Halloween Pet Costume Contest - Winners Drawn

TDL TV host, Colin, on a Halloween set-up with Dog Gift Hampers ready for the live drawThis fun episode features the 3 lucky winners of The Dog Line Halloween Pet Costume Contest 2018 drawn live on Facebook.
PLUS one more winner of the SURPRISE photo contest - TDL likes to have a secret contest every once in a while for our fans who keep on participating on our Facebook posts. Thanks heaps for the support!
Each winner receives a Gift Hamper full of treats and toys - a lovely idea for Christmas gift or dog birthday/adoption/rescue day gift!

TDL TV on Facebook Live (Ep 7): Snakes Vs. Dogs with Emma from Slithers and Slides

Colin of TDL TV and Emma of Slithers & Slides holding snakesThis episode may be long but it’s extremely informative - helps you learn more about snakes and how to protect your dogs from them.
Emma from Slithers & Slides explain how snakes hunt for food, how to keep your property snake-free, what you should do if you find a snake inside your home especially if you have a dog or any pet.

“For the dogs it’s just a game, for the snakes it’s life or death” - Emma

TDL TV on Facebook Live (Ep 6): What is Dog Aggression?

Colin of TDL TV explains what dog aggression isThis episode was held during the AIAM (Australian Institute Of Animal Management) Conference 2018.
Here, Colin the BossMan - host of TDL TV, talks about Dog Aggression based on the expert advises of Dr. Gabrielle Carter, one of the keynote speakers at the AIAM Conference 2018.
Also, discover an awesome dog bark collar that will help you train your dog to stop the nuisance barking - using the Canicalm Vibration and Ultrasonic anti bark collar.

Related: Can You Use a “Shock” Collar on an Aggressive Dog?Click to Read more about this TDL TV Live episode   

TDL TV on Facebook Live (Ep 5): How Do You Stop A Dog Barking Next Door?

Colin of TDL TV unboxing the PetSafe Outdoor Bark ControlIn this episode, Colin discussed what you can do to stop a barking dog next door by using an amazing ultrasonic anti bark device - PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control and how to approach your neighbours about their dogs barking.
Dogs bark and there’s a lot of reasons why they do.
However, excessive barking is something that needs to be addressed properly.
Whether you are a dog-owner or not, nuisance barking in the neighbourhood is a headache and dog owners who have noisy dogs could be penalized.

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TDL TV on Facebook Live (Ep 3): ANZAC Day Contest - Winners Drawn

BossMan and Harley the dog, reading the qualified entries for TDL Million Paws ContestThis episode features the 3 winners of Dog Gift Hampers and a winner of the DOY - puzzle feeder.
We also showed the handy dandy Ultrasonic Dog Repeller that’ really useful if you’re walking your dog and there could be other dogs wanting to attack.
Also, check out the remote dog training collars mentioned in the video here.

TDL TV on Facebook Live (Ep 2): The Dog Line Million Paws Page

BossMan and Harley the dog, reading the qualified entries for TDL Million Paws ContestThis is the Grand Final Live Draw of Year of The Dog Line - featuring the TDL Million Paws Page.
Congratulations to the WINNERS!
If you are a TDL Member and if you purchase one of our products, you have the chance of getting 10% discount (we normally offer 5%). Become a member here.

TDL TV on Facebook Live (Ep 1): Spot Your Dog Christmas Competition - Winners Drawn

Colin cutting the entries for the TDL Spot Your Dog contestThis episode features the lucky winners of the Spot Your Dog Christmas Competition 2017.
Each winner receives a Gift Hamper loaded with dog treats and awesome toys!
Dog Gift Hampers are lovely to give away especially to the dogs in your life - dogs of family and friends. Get them here.

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