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  • Doy – Strategic Dog Puzzle ToyDoy – Strategic Dog Puzzle Toy
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    $34.00 //
    Product description:The Doy is a dog puzzle toy that will keep your dog busy for hours and prevent nuisance barking or separation anxiety.

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    Doy – Strategic Dog Puzzle ToyDoy – Strategic Dog Puzzle Toy
    Doy – Strategic Dog Puzzle Toy

    Doy – Strategic Dog Puzzle Toy

    AU $34.00
    RRP AU $39.00 Save $5.00
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    The Doy Dog Puzzle Toy

    The Doy is a recently invented Dog Puzzle Toy that keeps your dog busy for hours. It requires a little bit of figuring out and testing before the dog figures out how to get the treats out. It takes advantage of two types of treats to keep your dog interested and busy.

    The Doy is designed in a cone shape with a wide base to reduce chances of your dog topping it over. If by any chance your dog does flip the Doy upside down, the hard plastic material will prevent your dog from damaging it. This dog puzzle toy will keep your dog busy for hours on end and helps reduce nuisance barking problems and separation anxiety. Its available in two colours and is very quick and easy to setup.

    What’s so special about the Doy?

    • • Helps Reduce Nuisance Barking and Damages in your home due to boredom
    • • Virtually Indestructible Puzzle Strategy Toy
    • • Made of High Quality Hard Plastic
    • • Quick & Easy Setup
    • • Keeps your dog Busy for Long Periods of Time
    • • Rewards Dog with Two types of Treats
    • • Enables your dog to self-feed
    • • Available in Two Colours

    What do I get in the box?

    • • 1x Doy Strategic Dog Puzzle Toy

    The Doy Dog Puzzle Toy in detail...


    Reduce Nuisance Barking with the Doy and make your dog think how the Doy gives out rewards. Keep your dog interested with at least two types of treats so your furniture is free from bite marks when you come home.


    The Doy Dog Puzzle Toy is made of a hard plastic and is designed to prevent it from topping over. If by any chance it gets flipped over, the hard plastic should protect it from dog chewing.


    The Doy is designed to be a Strategic Puzzle Toy for dogs but that doesn’t mean it has to be a puzzle for you too. It only requires you to pinch the lock of the top layer found on the bottom of the Doy and pull the top layer out. Hold the top layer upside down while you fill it with dry kibble and lock it in place on top of the base. Then, push in some wet food on the outer holes to entice your dog to lick and get the top layer spinning.


    The Doy is a dog puzzle toy and requires your dog to figure out how to get the dry kibble out. While your dog is busy licking the food outside of the Doy, it spits out dry kibble usually 1 at a time and rewards your dog. If the foods on the outer holes are pushed in tightly, it should last for hours before your dog stops spinning it.


    The first treat is located on the outer plugs or holes where you stuff wet treats like meat, fruit or even moist kibble. This basically needs to be hard to take out so the dog will lick and claw the top layer and get it spinning. The second treat is located inside the Doy. While the top layer is spinning, small canals on the side of the Doy will line up and spit out pieces of kibble. Eventually, your dog will learn that he needs to spin the top layer to get to the kibble.


    Since the Doy is able to store a good amount of kibble inside, it can continue feeding your dog in small amounts for long periods of time as long as the food on the outer holes are hard enough to pick out.

    Colin's Review

    "It keeps the dog interested with two treats! That’s something you don’t see in most puzzle toys. You can help reduce nuisance barking with this dog puzzle toy."

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