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COLIN SEAL - Managing Director

Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence for Large Dogs

Pet Barrier Electronic Large Dog Fence Kit is a safe dog fence solutions designed for large breed of dogs. These Electric Dog Fences are designed to stop big dogs from escaping, jumping the fence and from digging holes in your garden. 

Don't know where to begin? Let us help you know more about Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fences- its advantages and how it can save the lives of your dogs. 

Click the button above and fill up the form in the page so we will know the exact details and specifications of your property and dog problems. You will then receive a personalised dog fence advice and quotation along with a FREE Pet Barrier Dog Fence buying guide that I compiled- ALL for FREE! 

Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence Kit for Small Dogs

Important Features of the Pet Barrier Dog Fences that can help you solve your escaping dog problems:

Pet barrier dog fence kit is an effective and safe dog fencing system that many of our customers have proven, read customer testimonials here... It is also a cost- effective dog fencing kit when compared to other fencing solutions available in the market since you don't need to repair and maintain any physical fencing.

Electric dog fences are also known as invisible or underground dog fences because the dog fence kit contains a radio wire where you can either attach on your existing fence or simply bury underground. The radio dog wire has a very tough coating that will survive tough weather in Australia. Along with the kit are the transmitter and the dog fence collar which is fitted well to your dog's neck size.

Surge Protection on the Power Transformer

Surge protection for your power transformer

The radio signal transmitter includes a surge protector already so you don't have to worry about replacing busted transmitters during power surges and lightning storms. Did you know that without this surge protector, you could pay $250.00 for a broken transmitter alone? 

Absolutely NO Interference from OUTSIDE Radio Signals

electric dog fence for big dogs

Even if your  neighbour (or your entire neighbourhood) uses the same brand of electronic dog fence, you will not have difficulty in terms of signal interference because of the unique coded FM frequency for your dog fence kit.

Pet Barrier Dog Fence Receiver Collar

Dog Fence Collar for Big Dogs

The dog fence collars are an important part of the kit because this collar trains the dog to stay away from the boundaries that you created. There's a safe level of stimulation that you can adjust until the dog fully understand the consequences of his actions. 

Dog Fence Receiver Collar for Big Dogs

The dog collars are also equipped with anti-linger functionality where when the dogs stay on the "warning zone", it will beep for 20 seconds and then give the dog stimulation to get him out of the warning zone.

Are You Ready To Get Your Own Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence for Large Dogs? Click the button below to start...

If you still have questions in mind, please do call us at 1300 THE DOG (1300 843 364) so we can answer any of your questions and further help you with anything dog related.       

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