Pet Barrier R9 FM Dog Fence Collar Pet Barrier R9 FM Dog Fence Collar
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Product description:The Pet Barrier R9 Premium Dog Fence Collar is an upgrade option for the Pet Barrier FM1200 Kit and the Pet Barrier Grounds Keeper Kit.
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    Pet Barrier R9 FM Dog Fence CollarPet Barrier R9 FM Dog Fence CollarPet Barrier R9 FM Dog Fence CollarPet Barrier R9 FM Dog Fence Collar
    Pet Barrier R9 FM Dog Fence Collar

    Pet Barrier R9 FM Dog Fence Collar

    AU $295.00
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    • Pet Barrier R9 Premium Extra Dog Fence Collar

      This premium pet barrier collar is completely waterproof and submersible so if your dog goes swimming, it won't cost you another replacement collar. You can save even more money with the included battery that lasts up to 2 years by not purchasing extra batteries often. The 8 programmable levels are great for more sensitive dogs that requires gentle training so they don't get scared, and for stubborn dogs that needs stricter training even without a physical fence. The casing is made out of high quality poly-carbonate material to withstand hard bumps and dog chewing. In case your dog still chews through the outer shell and damages the collar, we will replace the collar under an industry first, Dog Chew Warranty.

      The Pet Barrier R9 Dog Fence Collar comes as an extra collar or a collar upgrade for the Pet Barrier FM1200 Dog Containment Kit for large properties and the Pet Barrier Grounds Keeper Dog Containment Kit for small properties.

      Why upgrade to a Pet Barrier R9 Electronic Dog Fence Collar?

      • • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty including Dog Chews
      • • Fully Waterproof & Submersible
      • • Replaceable Lithium Battery of up to 2 Years – Saves you from buying extra batteries every 2-3 weeks.
      • • Anti-Linger – Prevents your dog running down the battery in the warning zone.
      • • 8 Programmable Levels for easy training end effective dog containment.
      • • SafeLink® Coded Digital FM Signal – Ignores other radio signals.
      • • FastReact® - 1/8th of a second reaction time consistently contains your dog.
      • • TattleTale® - Notifies you if your dog received a correction or a warning tone.
      • • AutoMemory® - Increases the level on each correction and resets to original setting after 24 hours. Best for hard to train dogs.
      • • Tri-Aerial System for great signal reception.
      • • Automatic Safety Shutdown allows your dog to exit the correction zone if they get confused or stuck.
      • • Add More Dogs – Add as many receiver collars as you want!
      • • Works with all DogWatch and Pet Barrier Dog Containment Kits
      • • Adjustable Collar Strap for a snug fit.
      • • Made of High Quality Poly Carbonate
      • • Size: 5.5cm x 4cm x 2.5cm

      The R9 Premium Dog Fence Collar Kit Contents

      • • Pet Barrier R9 FM Electronic Dog Fence Receiver Collar
      • • Lithium Battery – Up to 2 Years
      • • Probe and Washer Set to Suit Your Dog
      • • Adjustable Collar Strap
      • • Test Light & Magnet Tool to change the correction level.
      • • Owner’s Manual

      More about the R9 Electronic Dog Fence Collar in Detail

      Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty & Dog Chew Warranty – An Industry First!

      A lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty that includes Dog Chews covers your investment and guarantees full replacement of 1 chewed collar per dog. The outer shell is made from high quality Poly-Carbonate and is as tough as bullet-proof glass to withstand hard bumps and rigorous play.

      Waterproof – Completely Submersible

      The receiver collar will not get damaged if your dog decides to play in the rain, jump in the pool or accidentally dunks it into the water bowl. The Pet Barrier R9 FM Electronic Receiver Collar is designed to be fully waterproof and submersible so you won't have to get a new receiver collar if you have a dog that loves water.

      Replaceable Lithium Battery – Up to 2 Years

      By not constantly buying extra batteries for your dog's receiver collar, you save money unlike other collars that may need new batteries every 2-3 weeks. The included Lithium battery lasts up to 2 years and is easy to replace by yourself.

      Anti-Linger – Moves your dog out of the warning zone and saves battery life.

      If your dog sits in the warning/beeping zone for more than 15 seconds the Anti-Linger will give a correction to get him out of the warning zone and prevent the battery running down.

      Other collars do not have this feature and may force you to purchase extra batteries every 2-3 weeks which costs a lot of money. Paired with the long life battery that lasts up to 2 years, this collar is not only concerned about your dog but also your budget.

      8 Programmable Levels – For Superior Dog Containment Flexibility

      The lower levels are mostly reserved for dogs with sensitive personalities or for gradually training your dog. Our goal is to contain your dog and not to totally render them inactive due to the corrections. Training your dog will teach them how to respect the electronic dog fence without affecting their temperament. (Dog training guide included in each kit)

      The R9 Premium electronic dog fence receiver collar comes with 8 programmable levels, including an audible tone only mode when training. As a warning, the audible tone also activates in the warning zone right before your dog steps into the correction zone. With proper training, the warning tone will teach your pet to stop and step back before they reach your boundary wires and receive a static correction.

      SafeLink® - Coded Digital FM Signal

      This patented product feature will make sure that your dog's receiver collar does not activate with radio signals coming from your two-way radio or any other radio emitting gadgets. The coded digital FM signal links the collar to the transmitter and will not recognize any other radio signals leaving your dog safe from accidental activation when it walks past your TV or your CB Radio.

      FastReact® - Stops Dogs Running Through the Boundary

      FastReact® has a reaction time of 1/8th of a second and ensures activation before your dog runs through your boundary wires. Other collars have a reaction time of 1 second and delivers the correction after the dog is through the containment fence.

      This feature is extremely important if you want an effective and reliable dog containment system.

      TattleTale® - Tells you if your dog has been corrected.

      TattleTale® is a safety feature that lets you know if your dog has been given a correction or activates the warning tone. The LED status indicator will double flash instead of a single flash. This feature lets you know if you need to adjust the transmitter or receiver settings. After 24 hours, the status light will reset to the usual single flash.

      AutoMemory™ - Remembers the original setting after progressive corrections.

      AutoMemory™ progressively increases the correction level by 1 each time your dog enters the correction zone. If your dog does not receive a correction after 24 hours, the correction level is automatically set back to the initial setting.

      This feature operates at level 4, 5 and 6 and is recommended for harder to train breeds.

      Tri-Aerial System for Better Signal Reception

      The receiver collar comes with 3 built-in antennas that help to ensure that the receiver collar activates no matter which part of the neck it’s in. This makes sure that the signal isn't blocked which may lead to your dog escaping your electronic dog fence.

      Other hidden dog fence collars lack this feature and may not activate if the collar moves to the side of your dog’s neck when they run.

      Automatic Safety Shutdown – For your dog’s safety.

      If your dog gets confused in the correction zone and becomes stuck – the collar will automatically shut down after 15 seconds to prevent over corrections. It will then give a correction every 15 seconds to allow your dog to re-orient itself and move back from the electronic dog fence correction area.

      Add More Dogs – Add as many receiver collars as you want!

      Some people have a lot of dogs and want to protect them all from the dangers outside their walls. You can get extra collars for each of your dogs and train them just like how you trained your previous dog that may have already learned how the electronic dog fence works.

      The electronic dog fence collar correction levels can be set to different levels for each of your dog to fit their personality type and their training progress. The number of correction levels varies for each collar.

      Multi-compatible with all DogWatch and Pet Barrier Transmitters

      The R9 Premium Extra Receiver Collar works with all DogWatch and Pet Barrier hidden fence kits. This is a premium receiver collar with 8 programmable levels and a lifetime manufacturer's warranty. This gives you the freedom to pick the perfect kit that suits your property layout and size.

      Adjustable Collar Strap - For a perfect fit!

      The included collar strap is completely adjustable and will fit medium to large sized dogs. This ensures a snug and comfortable fit and prevents the collar from moving around the neck.
                                                         Electronic Dog Fence Collar Adjustable Collar Strap

      More Goodies from The Dog Line!

      Get a free quote for your property and receive our free buying guide. Check out our video library and learn more about hidden dog fences and how they work. You can also read up on the 5 Great Questions to ask about a Pet Barrier.

      Check out our Customer Reviews and Testimonials!

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    • Warranty - Pet Barrier R9 Electronic Dog Fence Collar

      Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty - Including Dog Chews

      Your investment in this product is fully covered with a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty including an industry first, Dog Chew Warranty. Full replacement of 1 chewed collar per dog.

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    Colin's Review

    "Fantastic, well worth the extra to get the longer warranty and more training levels. The higher levels have helped us with the more timid dogs and also with dogs who have beaten other containment systems."

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