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Electric Dog Fence Kit

Each part of the Electric Dog Fence Kit is like 'A Link In A Chain' if one of those links is not up to the job or is easily damaged - Your dog could escape and you are back where you started (or paying for costly replacement parts.)

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Regulated and Surge Protected Power Supply Electronic Dog Containment

The Power Supply or Transformer of our Dog Fence system is regulated that make radio signals more stabilized and not jump out of the fence to avoid false activation of the receiver collar. It has an Earth Lightning Protection system that would guard the Transmitter against electrical surges and damage. It is covered by a 3 Year warranty. FM Frequency Transmitter Electric Dog Fence
A Coded Digital FM radio Frequency is used on our Pet Barrier to lessen Interference on AM Frequency appliances such as TV signals, Internet Connections and Mobile signals.</p> • If my neighbour gets a Containment fence will it affect my system in any way?

Answer: No, it will not be affected because our Dog Fence is using Unique FM Frequency Code that will not be interfered with by other people's frequency.

• Is there a chance my dog will get false corrections from other radio signals?

• Will other frequencies affect my system

Answer: No, because our Dog Fence Receiver Collar only activates by the FM Radio Frequency Digital Coded from its Transmitter.

External Dog Fence Surge Protector?

It is important to safeguard the Transmitter from lightning damage or electric power surges.

• During a thunderstorm can, energy from lightning strikes travel around the boundary wire and damage the transmitter?

Answer: For other systems, it will damage the transmitter from lightning strikes. But our Pet Barrier Dog Fence has a Green Earth Wire pin that regulates the power surges.

• If there is surge damage of any kind will it be covered by the warranty?

Answer: Because we have confidence that the dog fence system is fully protected, we have included 3-year warranty for lightning and Fusion damage

How strong is the dog fence wire?

Our Top Rated Dog Fence Wire is so durable you can even leave it hanging on the fence, lay it on the ground, cover it with mulch, bury it around your lawn or tunnel it under a concrete driveway.

How thick is the wire - 1/2mm, 1mm or 2mm?

Answer: 2mm is the thickness of our electric containment wire

• What type of insulation is on the wire - High-density Polyethylene (HDPe) or PVC?

Answer: Our Dog Fence system is coated with High-density Polyethylene (HDPe) Insulation that can withstand the heat of Australian sun.

• How many strands of copper core in the wire - 3, 5 or 7?

Answer: Our electric dog fence has 7 strands of Copper Core wire

The Dog Collar Receiver

Durable Long lasting Dog Collar with programmable levels to make training easy and very effective. Being coded FM receiver it will only react to the radio signal from the transmitter.

• Are the correction/stimulation levels on the collar adjustable? How many levels does the collar have to help with dog training?

Answer: Yes, our dog fence receiver collars have an adjustable correction or stimulation levels and a number of levels would depend on what type of collar you will get for your pooch.

• How long will the batteries last? Can I replace them myself?

Answer: The Dog Collar receiver has an anti-lingered mechanism that prevents your dog from running down the battery in the warning zone. And yes, you can easily replace the battery by your self.

• Will the receiver be replaced under warranty if my dog chews it? 

Answer: A lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty that includes Dog Chews guarantees a full replacement of 1 chewed collar per dog. The outer shell of the Receiver Dog Collar is made from high-quality Poly-Carbonate and is as tough as bullet-proof glass to withstand hard bumps and rigorous play.

• Why are replaceable batteries better than rechargeable batteries? Will I have to take the collar off the dog to recharge the battery?

Answer: Having a replaceable lithium battery is much better than the rechargeable batteries so it will interrupt your dog training about learning its new boundaries. If it will be a rechargeable battery, you will need to take the collar off from the dog and might get an increased chance of your dog be escaping.

• Will any other radio signals activate my dog collar and give false corrections to my dog? Does it have a coded digital FM frequency to prevent this or an AM radio frequency?

Answer: Since our Pet Barrier Dog Fence system has SAFELINK feature makes sure that your dog's receiver collar does not activate with radio signals coming from your two-way radio or any other radio emitting gadgets like TV or Internet Connection. The coded digital FM signal links the collar to the transmitter and will not recognize any other radio signals leaving your dog safe from accidental activation when it walks past your TV or your CB Radio.

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