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Our Customers often comment on how much easier it was to speak to one of our team... Feel Free to Call NOW! With over 15 Years of Experience, we can help you getting the right product a lot easier for you and your dog. 
COLIN SEAL - Managing Director

Dog Bark Collars for Rent - Australia

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Wondering if a bark collar will work on your dog? Don’t want to commit to a purchase yet? Just wanna give it a try and see if it works? RENT a dog bark collar from us. 

We offer a NO risk and NO interest on the bark collars that we have for HIRE. 

Also, we have the cheapest rental fees among the bark collars in Australia.   

Barking collars for dogs are great tools to help you train your dog to only bark at acceptable levels - stopping the nuisance barking.

These dog anti-bark collars that we have for RENT are proven to be safe and reliable - emitting harmless static pulses to deter your dog from excessive barking.

Anti Barking Collar &  Bark Collars Australia

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Dog Anti Bark Collars: RENT - TRY - BUY

This rent to buy programme is made easy for people who realise that the anti bark collar helps them really well with their dog’s bark control training, then decided to keep the bark collar.

The rental and security deposit fees will be deducted from the actual and total price of the unit. Just pay the remaining balance and the bark collar is yours, to train your dog.

Easy peasy, risk and interest-free.

Take a look at the Bark Collar RENT - TRY - BUY cost breakdown:


Deposit = $48.00
2 weeks rent = $38.00
17 days (3 Extra to train)
Total = $86.00
(postage $9.90 = $95.90)

Balance to pay if purchasing = $62.00
We Deduct the deposit and the Rent.
Deposit is refunded if returned...
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Here for you and your dog,

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6 Month Trade In Guarantee

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