Rent a Bark Control Collar - Risk and Interest FREE Rent a Bark Control Collar - Risk and Interest FREE
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$ 38.00
Product description:2 weeks Bark Collar Rental then convert, Does not Cost more to buy. Call 1300843364 Enjoy 2 weeks of bark collar hire. Hire a bark Collar here Hire then Buy
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We have over 12 years experience in assisting people with Dog Training Products. Specialists in Bark Collars for Dogs, Electric Dog Fences, Radio Dog Fencing and Remote Dog Training Collars.
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    Rent a Bark Control Collar - Risk and Interest FREERent a Bark Control Collar - Risk and Interest FREERent a Bark Control Collar - Risk and Interest FREERent a Bark Control Collar - Risk and Interest FREE
    Rent a Bark Control Collar - Risk and Interest FREERent a Bark Control Collar - Risk and Interest FREERent a Bark Control Collar - Risk and Interest FREE
    Rent a Bark Control Collar - Risk and Interest FREE

    Rent a Bark Control Collar - Risk and Interest FREE

    AU $38.00
    RRP AU $50.00 Save $12.00
    Select the Strap Size
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    Refundable Deposit...
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    Rental Bark Collar – Try Before You Buy

    Unfortunately, we can't accept an EziDebit Payment Plan on this product - Please use a Credit Card as the deposit needs to be paid in full. Thank you

    If you’re sceptical about how effective a Bark Control Collar is or simply want to make sure that you’re maximising your investment, then our special Rental Bark Control Collar is just for you! Rent your very own Bark Control Collar without the risk of losing your money, any interest, hidden fees and charges. Rent a Bark Collar today and pay only for the rental fee if you decide to return it.

    If you like the Bark Collar and how it works, you can keep it and only have to pay for the balance once the rental fee and the security deposit are deducted from the collar’s outright price. You can also return the collar and ask for an upgrade to a more advanced model if necessary. See more details below.

    Rent a Bark Collar Information

    We offer Bark Control Collars and make it easy and risk for you so you and your dog can live peacefully without noise complaints or the risk of losing your dog to the rangers. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding this offer that will hopefully help you decide whether to get one or not.

    How to Rent a Bark Collar?

    Before adding this item to your cart/bowl, select the appropriate strap size, the rental period you want and the refundable security deposit on the dropdown boxes. We'll give you an initial 2 weeks rent plus 3 more days for free for shipping time and training purposes. That's a total of 17 days rent!

    This seems to be working. Can I keep it?

    Yes on all. If you decide to keep the Bark Collar, your rental fee and security deposit will be deducted from the bark collar's outright price. You will then only need to pay for the remaining balance and the collar is yours. Totally risk free and convenient for you!

    How long will it take to work?

    Lots of people get almost instant results. We include a Step by Step Training Guide to help you with the process and we also have our 7 Day Helpline (1300 843 364) for support. We want to reduce the barking or get rid of the unnecessary barking, not stop it completely. You may need more than 2 weeks for long term results.

    I don't like it. I want to return it.

    No problem. Simply send everything back to us in complete packaging and you'll receive your refund for the security deposit.

    Can I exchange or upgrade this for something better and more advanced?

    Yes absolutely. Send everything back to us in complete packaging and we'll deduct the rental fee and security deposit from the price of the Bark Collar you need.

    Bark Collar Rent - Try - Buy Price Breakdown

    RENT - TRY - BUY

    Deposit = $48.00
    2 weeks rent = $38.00
    17 days (3 Extra to train)
    Total = $86.00
    (postage $9.90 = $95.90)

    Balance to pay if purchasing = $62.00
    We Deduct the deposit and the Rent.
    Deposit is refunded if returned...
    OR - convert to another product

    Rental Bark Collar Features...

    • • 100% Waterproof & Submersible
    • • 6 Automatically Progressing Stim Levels
    • • Auto Reset Feature for Easy Training
    • • Activated by Vibrations from Your Dog’s Bark
    • • Rubber Coating Protection – Reduced Accidental Stim
    • • Audible Beep Sound
    • • Fully Replaceable Battery – Up to 6 Months of Use
    • • Suitable for All Breeds and Dog Sizes
    • • Lightweight and Small in Size
    • • Adjustable Collar Strap
    • • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

    What you get in the box...

    • • Rental Bark Control Collar
    • • x1 Replaceable Lithium Battery
    • • Contact Posts Suitable for Your Dog
    • • Adjustable Collar Strap
    • • Owner’s Manual
    • • Step by Step Training Guide

    Detailed Information on the Rental Bark Collar Features...

    Waterproof & Submersible Enclosure

    The hard plastic case of our Rental Bark Collar is built to protect itself from water. It is watertight and can even be submerged under water. No more worries when your dog loves water.

    6 Progressive Stim Levels and Auto Reset Feature

    The Rent a Bark Collar features 6 total levels of stimulation that automatically increases as your dog keeps barking. Once your dog stops barking, the Automatic Reset feature resets the level back to the lowest for the next attempt. This gradually trains your dog to stop barking as soon as the low level stims are given and results in reduced unnecessary barking. Perfect for dogs with different personalities.

    Accurate Bark Detection – Vibrations from Dog’s Bark

    Rent a Bark Collar from The Dog Line and never worry about accidental activations due to noise from the surrounding area or barks from other dogs. Our rental Bark Control Collar is activated by vibrations from the vocal cords whenever your dog barks.

    Rubber Coated Body for Reduced Accidental Activation

    The entire body of the Rental Bark Collar is coated with a rubber material that makes it less likely to activate if your dog hits it on an object. This cushions the impact of the collar against objects and provides more accurate stimulation.

    Audible Training Beep

    An audible tone makes a beep sound whenever the collar is activated and delivers a stimulation. This allows the dog to associate this beep sound with the static stimulation and over time, result in improved training.

    Uses Replaceable Lithium Battery – Up to Half a Year of Use

    Keep an extra battery handy and never run out in the middle of the day. With only a few twists of the waterproof battery cap, you can replace the battery anywhere. The lithium battery included in the package may last shorter because of initial training. Usual regular use may extend the battery for up to 6 months.

    Designed for Use on all Dog Breeds and Sizes

    The Rental Bark Control is built to be small, similar to the size of a matchbox so even your tiny puppy can wear it with comfort. It includes a collar strap long enough for proper fitting for even your largest dog and a quick clasp for easy removal and adjustment.

    Manufacturer’s Warranty for 3 Years

    Manufacturer’s Warranty for 3 Years



    Rental BC

    Correction Modes


    Activation Mode


    Correction Levels




    Dog Size

    3.6kgs and Up

    Strap Size

    15cm - 71cm



    Bark Collar Weight

    1.9 oz


    56.6mm (L) x 56.9mm (W) x 32.26 (D)"

    Colin's Review

    "Try Before you buy...Why not use the 2 week rental fee and the deposit to help pay for the bark Collar if you decide to keep it.The Deposit is refundable or you can use the deposit and the 2 week Rental Fee to Buy - How safe is that? (or you could swap to a different one)"

    Product Review's

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