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  • Barking Dog Training CollarBarking Dog Training Collar
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    Product description:Stop a dog from barking with 6 level automatic barking dog collars. Buy best dog training products online to train your dogs. Enjoy great offers! Call 1300 843 364

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    Barking Dog Training CollarBarking Dog Training CollarBarking Dog Training CollarBarking Dog Training Collar
    Barking Dog Training CollarBarking Dog Training Collar
    Barking Dog Training Collar

    Barking Dog Training Collar

    AU $148.00
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    Bark Control Training Collar

    The Barking Dog Training Collar is one of our best-selling bark control collars. It is made to be small and compact and lightweight for your dog’s comfort. It’s easy to use and best for any size of dog and can reduce or eliminate nuisance barking with 6 automatic progressive levels. The collar activates with the vibrations of your dog’s bark and even has a protective rubber outer coating to minimize accidental activation.

    Barking Dog Training Collar BC6 Review Unboxing 

    The collar, with proper training, patience and consistency, can eliminate nuisance barking. To help with that, the collar includes a training beep with each static stimulation and an automatic reset feature that sets the level back to the lowest level after 30 seconds. The battery is fully user replaceable and can last up to 6 months of continuous use.

    What’s special about the Bark Control Training Collar?

    • • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • • Completely Waterproof
    • • 6 Automatic Progressive Levels
    • • Vibration Activated – Your Dog’s Bark Only
    • • Protective Rubber Coating – Minimizes Unwanted Activation
    • • Automatic Reset – Helps with Training
    • • Training Beep – For Easier Training
    • • Suitable for All Sizes of Dogs
    • • Small Form Factor and Lightweight
    • • Replaceable Battery – Lasts up to 6 Months
    • • Adjustable Collar Strap

    What’s in the box?

    • • Bark Control Training Collar
    • • 1x Battery
    • • Contact Posts to suit your dog
    • • Adjustable Collar Strap
    • • Owner’s Manual
    • • Training Guide

    Detailing the Bark Control Training Collar Features...

    3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

    The Bark Control Training Collar is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years. Any factory malfunction or defect will be taken care of under warranty terms.

    Completely Waterproof & Submersible

    To ensure the safety of all dogs, the collar is designed to be fully waterproof and submersible. You won’t need to worry about your dog’s safety or a replacement collar if your dog jumps into the pool, plays in the rain or accidentally dunks the collar in his water bowl.

    Suitable for All Sizes of Dogs

    This collar is perfect whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane. The collar comes with an adjustable collar strap which will fit all neck sizes. The static stimulation is friendly for small dogs and can get firm and strict with more determined dogs. With proper training, this collar can decrease or even eliminate nuisance barking.

    Lightweight & Compact Unit

    With comfort in mind, the collar is designed to be small, compact and lightweight. This should be no problem with larger dogs and will take only a short amount of time for your small dog to get used to its weight.

    6 Automatic Progressive Levels – Can Still Bark on Emergencies

    The collar is equipped with 6 automatically increasing levels of static stimulation. The collar starts at the lowest level and gradually increases if your dog continues to bark. For smaller, easier to train dogs, it is unlikely that they will reach a high level but for more stubborn dogs, the highest level will be more than enough to train them.

    The collar will automatically reset back to the lowest level after 30 seconds of no barking. This ensures your dog’s safety, helps with training, and allows them to bark only when needed.

    Vibration Activated – Your Dog’s Bark Only

    Your dog’s bark will be the only one to trigger and activate the static stimulation. It detects your dog’s bark by using a vibration sensor, carefully positioned near your dog’s vocal cords to ensure that the bark is coming from him.

    Protective Rubber Coating – Minimizes Unwanted Activation

    Unwanted activations are rare with the Barking Dog Training Collar due to its protective rubber coating. Low quality bark control collars often give your dog unwanted activations which is not good for consistent and effective training.

    Training Beep – For Easier Training

    To help with training, the collar will sound of an audible tone with each static correction. With proper training and time, your dog will easily associate this beep to a static stimulation which in turn, results in reduced nuisance barking. With proper training and consistency, you can even eliminate nuisance barking totally.

    Replaceable Battery – Lasts up to 2-4 Months

    The included battery is user replaceable and can last up to 2-4 months of use. This allows you to consistently train your dog without having to end the training because you need to charge. Simply give your dog a short break while you swap out the batteries with fresh ones and strap the collar back on. The battery has new "O" rubber ring that will keep the bark collar water proof.

    Unboxing the Barking Dog Training Collar BC6 Review

    Here we unbox the Barking Dog Training Collar, We discussed about the specifications and key features this bark collar have like its 3-year manufacturer's Warranty, automatic progressive stimulation levels and Training beeps.




    Correction Modes


    Activation Mode


    Correction Levels




    Dog Size

    3.6kgs and Up

    Strap Size

    20cm - 71cm



    Bark Collar Weight

    80 g


    5cm (L) x 3cm (W) x 3cm (H)

    Bark Control Training Collar Fact Sheet

    Bark Control Training Collar Fact Sheet

    6 Increasing Stimulation Levels

    Fully Submersible

    Activated with Vibration only

    Protective Rubber Coating

    6 Stimulation Levels – Automatic Progress

    The Barking Dog Training Collar is geared up with 6 levels of progressive static stimulations that are perfect for training your dog. From the lowest level will gradually increase the levels of stimulation as your dog did not stop to bark.

    Automatic Reset as Safety Feature

    After 30 seconds of no bark detected from your dog, this Barking Dog Training Collar will automatically reset back to the lowest level of stimulation.

    Vibration Activated - Your Dog’s Vocal Cord

    With the use of the vibration sensor built in this Barking Dog Training Collar, it will only be activated by the vibration from your dog’s vocal cord. It guarantees no false correction for your dog.

    Complete Waterproof and Fully Submersible

    No risk of being damaged from any weather or accidental submersed in water or liquid because it is a fully waterproof Barking Dog Training Collar.

    Avoid Unwanted Activation – Rubberized Coating for Protection

    The protective rubber coating used in Bark Dog Training Collar will give guarantees for consistent and effective training with no unnecessary activations.

    Sound Indicator – Beeping Tone

    A beeping sounds for each stimulation level that is audible both human and dog ears. It will help you give better and easier training with your pet.

    Disposable 2-4 Months of Battery Life

    User friendly installation of the replaceable battery that lasts up to 2-4 months in normal usage in the Barking Dog Training Collar. You will have consistent training with your dog. Also, the bark collar is kept water proof because the battery includes a new "O" rubber ring that making it tight and leak free.

    Manufacturers Warranty for 3 Years

    This Barking Dog Training Collar has 3 years warranty from the manufacturer. It covers all factory defects of the collar.

    Lightweight and Comfortable Bark Collar

    From the smallest to largest dogs, this Bark Dog Training Collar surely fits on your pet. It has adjustable strap and lightweight that they can barely feel it around their neck.

    Colin's Review

    "It's a Bark Control Collar NOT a Bark Stop Collar. Follow the training guide to make barking training easy. We have used this very successfully on all sized dogs and I like that it has a low level to begin, automatically re-sets and has a warning beep to help train your dog. We even explain how to keep it in the best position."

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