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Our Customers often comment on how much easier it was to speak to one of our team... Feel Free to Call NOW! With over 15 Years of Experience, we can help you getting the right product a lot easier for you and your dog. 
COLIN SEAL - Managing Director

PetSafe Dog Bark Collars - Authorised Australian Distributor

Best PetSafe Bark Collar - Australia

Let PetSafe Retrain your dogs barking habit to stop the excessive barking but still give your dog it's BARK.

PetSafe Bark Collar Australia - 3 Year Warranty - Safe From Accidental Activation - Safety Cut-Out Feature - This all Ensures Easy Training For your Dog.

PetSafe’s Barking Dog Collars offer different styles to help retrain your dog's barking habits. Depending on your dog's temperament and size, we have several options under Electric Bark Collars, Citronella Spray Collars, Vibration Bark collars and Ultrasonic Bark Collars as well as Bark Control Units to stop your neighbours dog barking.

Why Choose PetSafe Bark Collars?

Anti Barking Collar &  Bark Collars Australia

Why Choose PetSafe Bark Control Collars?

Barking is not a bad thing. PetSafe Bark Control Collars are not designed to stop your dog barking completely but limit it to a level that will not get you a complaint from the neighbours and a visit from the rangers. The end result should still be enough for your dog to bark at intruders or during emergencies. Their instinct will take over and will ignore the stimulations delivered by the Anti-Bark Collar.

Nuisance Barking is what we want to stop and with PetSafe’s diverse selection of Bark Control Solutions and our help, rest assured there’s always a Bark Control Collar that’s suited for your dog and his unique personality.

Imagine your pup re-learning a new barking 'format' from a safe and easy to use Bark Collar. PetSafe is a reputable brand offering an extensive range of Bark Control Collars to suit any type of dog's temperament and size. Here are some of the advanced features PetSafe offers on the Bark Collars they offer...

Perfect Bark Technology - Dual Activation Bark Collar

Most of the advanced PetSafe Bark Collars have a Safety feature called 'Dual Activation' this 'double sensor' makes sure that the training for your dog's barking would be fair and consistent. Perfect Bark Technology - Needs Sound and Vibration so it makes it real safe.

Bark collars that have Dual Detection features, detect both vibration and sound from your dog to trigger more accurate correction. This eliminates the risk of incorrect stimulation because of other environmental sounds or other dogs barking. No false activation when other dogs are barking and when the collar bumps or in knocked onto a surface.

PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar for Small Dogs
PetSafe Elite Big Dog Spray Bark Collar
PetSafe Elite Little Dog Spray Bark Collar for small dogs with extra FREE Battery
PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Control Collar - PBC17-16000

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Temperament Learning - Auto Bark Level Correction

Temperament Learning in a couple of these collars means that the collar will 'Learn' which level is the most effective for your dog's barking training. This will track the level of stimulation that is needed to reduce or stop the number of nuisance barking of your dog.

Starting at the lowest level it will automatically increases the level after each successive bark until your dog will stop barking and will record it that thats the level that your dog stopped barking.

PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Control Collar - PBC17-16000
PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar for Small Dogs
PetSafe Elite Big Dog Bark Collar

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3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

All PetSafe Bark Control Collars have 3 years Manufacturer's Warranty. A good bark Collar should have above average warranty on their products - which means you are covered for any breakdowns or manufacturing errors. This warranty includes water damage on PetSafe Bark Collars that is advertised to be waterproof and fully submersible.

And BTW... we have not experienced many warranty returns for this brand over the years we have been recommending them.

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Waterproof Bark Collars

You would not need to worry that the collar would break when you have a dog who loves to play on the pool or pond. The training would still be consistent even when they are playing in the rain or even swimming in the pool. Remember consistency is the key to effective training.

PetSafe Bark Collars are built for safety and easy training. Most of PetSafe Bark Collars are fully submersible with the exception of the PetSafe Anti Bark Spray Bark Collar and the PetSafe Ultralight Sonic bark Collar

PetSafe Bark Collar PBC102 with extra FREE Batteries
PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar for Small Dogs
PetSafe Elite Big Dog bark Collar
PetSafe Vibration Bark Collar VBC10

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PetSafe Bark Collar for Small Dogs

PetSafe is the only brand in the world that provide an Anti Bark Collar for small dogs weighing 4kgs.

PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar for Small Dogs
PetSafe Elite little Dog Spray Bark Collar for small dogs with extra FREE Battery
PetSafe Vibration Bark Collar VBC10

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PetSafe Bark Collar on PROMO

We Have a couple of Bark Collars that are now on SALE or with extra FREE Battery.

PetSafe Bark Collar PBC102 with extra FREE Batteries
PetSafe Elite Little Dog Bark Collar for Extra Small Dogs
PetSafe Elite little Dog Spray Bark Collar for small dogs with extra FREE Battery

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Which type of Dog Bark Collar do I need?

PetSafe has 4 main types of Bark Control Collars with a range of selections under each type to suit different dog sizes and temperament. Eliminating nuisance barking or at least toning it down to a tolerable level depends on the effectiveness of the Dog Bark Collar you choose. We have written extensive product descriptions for each and explained all the features for you and made it simple.

PetSafe Static Bark Control Collars

Static Dog Bark Collars uses static electricity to distract your dog from barking. It can be compared to small pinch that will never hurt your dog but is uncomfortable and distracting enough to train your dog to cut down nuisance barking. It delivers a static correction whenever it detects your dog barking.

Perfect Bark Technology™ is one of the patented features in some of these collars which combines sound and vibration detection coming from your dog for more accurate detections which makes it safer. Static Bark Control Collars is one of the most effective types in the market.

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PetSafe Citronella Spray Bark Collars

Citronella Spray Bark Collars from PetSafe uses Citronella to distract your dog whenever they bark. The smell, the sound and the mist it creates is enough to stop your dogs from continuously barking for no reason. This solution is a bit softer than Static but depending on your dog’s temperament and personality, Citronella Spray Bark Collars may be just as effective.

The Citronella mist is completely harmless and non-toxic. Your dog will be able to figure out quickly that barking excessively, triggers the spray.

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PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control

Ultrasonic Bark Control is an even softer solution compared to Citronella and Static. This relies on a high pitch ultrasonic sound that is annoying to your dog as a distraction whenever they bark. The sound is inaudible to humans so keeping it in the house is completely fine.

PetSafe offers 2 main types of Ultrasonic Bark Control units; Stationary Ultrasonic Bark Control and an Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar that you strap on to your dog. This type of Dog Bark Control is also effective when you want to stop your neighbour’s dog from barking excessively.

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PetSafe Vibration Anti Dog Bark Collars

The PetSafe Vibration Bark Control stimulation utilises low frequency vibration that the dog feels on the underside of the neck. Some of the advanced Bark Collar Kits we offer feature a combination of Static and Vibration and can be used once your dog starts to learn to stop barking with Static Stimulation. Vibration can also be used as a first choice depending on your dog’s temperament.

If you’re still unsure of your decision, call our 7 Day Helpline at 1300 THE DOG (1300 843 364).

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