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  • PetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Control CollarPetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Control Collar
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    Product description:The 50gm PetSafe Ultralight Sonic Bark Collar that emits high-pitched ultrasonic noise to deter a barking dog. It is designed for small barking dogs.

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    PetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Control CollarPetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Control CollarPetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Control CollarPetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Control Collar
    PetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Control Collar

    PetSafe UltraLight Sonic Bark Control Collar

    AU $85.49
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    Extra Batteries
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    PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Collar

    The PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar Uses an annoying ultrasonic sounds that only dogs can hear. Its sound activated and water resistant. It is not recommended for more determined and larger dogs that tend to require a stronger solution for nuisance barking. This ultrasonic bark collar uses a safe ultrasonic sound to distract or deter a dog from barking. The sound is inaudible to humans but is annoying to a dog which teaches them that barking isn’t a fun to do for no reason.

    It’s built to be very lightweight at only 28g so it’s comfortable for most small dogs and even has an adjustable collar strap to fit their necks. If you prefer to use your own collar, it can be attached as long as the collar strap is 2.5cm or less in width.

    What’s so special about the Ultrasonic Bark Collar?

    • • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • • Best Suited for Small to Medium Sized Pet Dogs
    • • Uses a Safe but Annoying Ultrasonic Sound to Deter Barking
    • • Water Resistant – Not Submersible
    • • Sound Activated
    • • Very Lightweight at only 28g
    • • Can be attached to Existing Collar (2.5cm width or less)

    What’s in the box?

    • • PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar – PBC17-14036
    • • 2 x 3v CR2032 Lithium Batteries
    • • Adjustable Collar Strap
    • • Owner’s Manual
    • • Step by Step Training Guide

    PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Collar’s Feature Details...


    The PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years. Any factory defect or malfunction will be taken care of under warranty terms.


    Despite the effectiveness of the ultrasonic sound on smaller, easier to train dogs, it is not recommended for larger, more determined dogs. Stubborn dogs need a more potent solution to eliminate nuisance barking.


    This collar uses an ultrasonic sound that is inaudible to humans. The sound is safe for dogs but will gradually become annoying once they learn that it activates when they bark. In time and with proper training, they will stop barking except when it’s actually needed.


    The ultrasonic bark control collar from PetSafe can take mild splashing of water but is not submersible.


    The bark control collar activates and emits an ultrasonic sound whenever it detects the sound of your dog’s bark. The microphone is situated on the neck and near the vocal cords to ensure consistent corrections.


    Since this was designed for small dogs, it only makes sense if it’s lightweight and won’t drag their head down low when they walk or run. At only 28g, this should be comfortable enough for any dog.


    The bark control collar can be used with your own collar strap as long as it is 2.5cm or less in width for a perfect fit.





    Correction Method


    Activation Method


    Levels of Correction

    1 - Ultrasonic Tone

    External Controls



    Two 3 Volt Lithium Batteries - CR2032


    Water Resistant

    Low Battery Indicator


    Suitable Dog Size

    3.6 kg and Up

    Maximum Collar Size

    71 cm

    Bark Collar Weight

    28 g

    Collar Material


    Progressive Correction


    PetSafe UltraSonic Bark Control Collar Fact Sheet

    Very Lightweight at 28g Only!

    Safe Ultrasonic Sound Deterrent

    Inaudible to Humans

    Built-In Microphone – Sound Activated


    The PetSafe UltraLight Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar uses an high pitch ultrasonic sound to deter your dog from barking excessively. The sound is completely inaudible to humans and safe for their ears but annoying.


    With the built-in microphone, this bark control collar only activates at the sound of your dog’s bark coming from its vocal cords.


    Minor splashes are okay with the PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Collar but take it off when you want to go to the beach or to the lake because its non-submersible.


    At only 28g, this is a very lightweight bark control collar that should be comfortable for any small sized dog.


    The PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar is designed for small dogs that are easier to control. A more potent solution might be required of you have a stubborn dog.


    If you don’t want to use the included collar strap, you can use your own strap that’s 2.5cm or less for a perfect fit.


    The PetSafe Ultralight Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for 3 years.

    PetSafe UltraSonic Bark Control Collar Manual

    PetSafe UltraSonic Bark Control Collar Manual


    :: Uses ultrasonic sound to deter nuisance barking
    :: Low battery indicator
    :: Light weight and comfortable

    How the PetSafe® Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar Works

    The PetSafe® Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar effectively deters barking when it is worn. When the microphone picks up the sound of your dog's bark, the unit emits an ultrasonic tone that can be heard by your dog, but is silent to most humans. Startled by the high-pitched tone, the dog should stop barking, as it will associate its bark with this unpleasant noise.

    Key Definitions

    Microphone: Detects barking.
    Two Color LED: Lights whenever Ultrasonic Bark Control is activated. Also blinks to show low battery status.
    Speaker: Produces the ultrasonic tone.
    Battery Tray: Used to hold the two 3-volt batteries (CR2032).
    ON/OFF Switch: Turns the Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar on ( | ) and off ( O ).

    Fit the Bark Control Collar

    Important: For the training to be effective; the collar must be properly fit and placed on dog’s neck.
    Steps for proper fitting of the collar:
    1. Turn bark collar off.
    2. Let dog stand comfortably (A).
    3. Place the Bark Control Collar on dog’s neck close to the ears. Position the bark control collar at the center. with the On/Off Switch facing upward (B).
    4. The Bark Control Collar should be tight. Ideal fit is one that can accommodate one finger between the collar and the back of the dog’s neck C (C). The fit should be snug—not choking.
    5. Allow your dog to wear the collar first for several minutes, then Re-check the fit; the fit should be that when the dog can comfortable move about.
    6. Steps in trimming the collar: (D)
    a. Place the collar around dog’s neck. Mark the desired length of the collar. Give an allowance for growth if your dog is young or if it grows a thick winter coat.
    b. Remove the Bark Control Collar from your dog and cut D off excess from your mark off point.
    c. Before putting the Bark Control Collar back on your dog’s neck, seal the frayed edge of the cut collar by running it over a candle/flame.

    The Bark Control Collar can not be worn for more than 12 hours out of every 24-hour period. A collar worn too long could lead to skin irritation. Please refer to page 2 for additional information.

    To Re-Thread the Collar

    :: The slide buckle prevents the collar from laying loose around your pet’s neck.
    :: The ridges must be face up; the collar will slip not threaded properly.

    To Insert and Remove the Batteries

    Note: NEVER install the batteries with the bark Control Collar on your dog.

    1. Detach the collar from the Ultrasonic Bark unit.
    2. Remove the screw from the back of the unit using a small Phillips screwdriver.
    3. Slide the battery tray out.
    4. Install two (2), 3-volt (CR2032) batteries positive (+) side up.
    5. Slide the battery tray back in place and secure by putting back the screw you have removed.

    To Verify the Batteries are Inserted Correctly

    1. Switch to ON ( | ).
    2. The LED should flash green once.
    3. If the LED doesn’t flash, you may have Not have placed the batteries correctly. Take them out and check that the (+) side is up.
    4. If the LED still does not flash, contact Customer Care Center. Replacement batteries (3-volt, CR2032) can be found at many retailers. Contact the Customer Care Center or visit our website at for a list of common retailers.

    Battery may explode if you do not use the recommended one. Do not short circuit, mix old and new batteries, dispose of in fire, or expose to water. When batteries are stored or disposed, they must be protected from shortage. Dispose used batteries properly.

    Battery Life

    Average battery life is 1-3 months, depending on how often your dog barks. As your dog uses the collar for the first time; naturally; your first batteries may not last as long as replacement batteries as your dog is still trying to learn. Once he has grown used to it; barking may lessen and you can extend battery life more. To conserve battery life, turn unit off when not in use.

    Function and Response Table

    LED Light Response

    Unit is on

    Green LED Light flashes once

    Emitting ultrasonic tone

    Red LED Light is on

    Low battery condition

    Red LED Light flashes 3 times every 5 seconds

    What to Expect During Use of the Bark Control Collar

    Important: Do not leave your dog alone during the first few days of training.

    During the early stages of training; stay close to your dog; that you may see him react to the correction. Most dogs quickly understand that the Bark Control Collar is disrupting their urge to bark in response, they will relax and stop barking. The ultrasonic correction from the Bark Control Collar may be surprising or startling at first, so some dogs may bark as a reaction to the correction at the initial correction.

    There are also rare occasions where a dog may get into a bark-correction-bark-correction cycle. If this happens, make sure that you are there to reassure your dog with calmness. You should be able to make your dog feel relax and as he does, he will understand that if he becomes quiet, he will not receive any more ultrasonic corrections. This scenario rarely happens though and will only have it the first time they wear the Bark Control Collar.

    A reduction in barking should be noticed within the first couple of days of wearing the Bark Control Collar. It is important to remember that the learning process is still not complete even if you have already noticed a good reduction in his barking. Dogs tend to “test” this new learning experience and will increase their attempts to bark; this usually occurs during the second week. If this does occur, remain consistent and do not change your training procedures/schedule with Bark Control Collar. You must let your dog wear the Bark Control Collar every time you expect him to be quiet. If your dog is not on the Bark Control Collar, he may resume barking and his learning may backslide.

    Note: Pet within the range of the device will be affected by the ultrasonic tone.


    :: If you intend to play with your dog; turn the unit off and remove the Bark Control Collar first. You have to do this everytime you want to engage in bark-prone activities with your dog such as chasing or petting. We do not want the dog to make the wrong association of the correction and your petting activity.
    :: Turn OFF the device if not in use.
    :: The PetSafe® Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar is for dogs that are over 6 months of age.
    :: If your pet is injured or if its movement is impaired, contact your veterinarian or professional trainer before using the product.
    :: Do not leave your device unattended; do not leave it anywhere; especially in a place where the dog can get it and chew it
    :: Do not attempt to self-repair the device; this will invalidate the warranty and may cause more damage.
    :: Clean dog’s hair weekly with a washcloth and mild hand soap. Rinse and dry dog’s neck thoroughly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can any dog use the Bark Control Collar?

    :: The product may not work on deaf or dog with impaired hearing. The device can only be used on dogs that are 6 mos and above.

    Will other dog’s bark activate the Bark Control Collar?

    :: Yes. The device is activated by the sound of barking from any dog.

    I have more than one dog, but only one dog with a barking problem. I keep both dogs together. Will the ultrasonic correction affect the other dog?

    :: Yes, when the dog barks an ultrasonic tone is emitted. The device can cover a range of 8 feet; so any dog who barks within that range will activate the device and cause it to emit .ultrasonic tones.

    Can a dog become desensitized to the ultrasonic tone?

    :: Yes; dogs can be desensitized or grow insensitive to the tone. . To avoid this, do not allow dog to wear the collar unconditionally until such time it outgrows the correction. Use the bark Control Collar only during periods of unwanted barking.

    Can humans hear the ultrasonic tone?

    :: The ultrasonic tone is not audible to humans but there are instances where. The speaker vibrates which also makes a different sound.

    Can I add the bark control unit to an existing collar?

    :: Yes; although the device comes with its own collar; you may use it with another collar that is up to ¾" wide.


    My dog is barking but the Red Led is not on

    :: Ensure that the batteries are properly installed. :: Replace the batteries.
    :: If the Red LED light still does not turn on, contact the Customer Care Center.

    Colin's Review

    "Recently upgraded to an Ultrasonic model it has proven to be more effective that the simple sonic distraction... Not great for the more determined or larger barking dogs. But, the addition of the 'discomfort factor' of the ultrasonics has increased effectiveness on medium level barking and complaints."

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