Invisible Dog Fence: A Safe Way to Fence Your Dog


Written by Colin Seal

02/13/2011 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Invisible Dog Fence: A Safe Way to Fence Your Dog
Keeping a dog in an invisible dog fence area can be the solution to your escaping dog problems. Dog fences have holes and other escape routes that a crafty dog can sniff out before the owners can find them.

Zimmy Cutting WoodDogs escape and wandering dogs can be a common issue with dogs kept in a city environment. The problem can get worse if you do not act quickly, and owners are responsible for their dogs at all times. The good news is, a solution may be easier than you think: invisible fencing for dogs. (Here is our favourite Facebook Fan Zimmy cutting wood as punishment for escaping down the road to Jessie cat's house!  Follow Zimmy's story on our Facebook Page here...)

Pet Barrier Dog Fence SizeAn invisible dog fence is made up of two components, an invisible boundary or “dog fence” created by a radio wire, and a collar worn by the dog. When a dog wanders into the invisible dog fence radio signal, the collar (which is battery powered) will administer some form of correction, usually a beep followed by a brief and mild static stimulation. Visit the main blog here.

The advantages of an invisible dog fence are many. If you have an existing physical fence, an invisible dog fence can make it dog proof for escaping dogs. You may have internal areas within your yard that you would like to make ‘dog proof’. An invisible dog fence can protect an internal area by creating the radio signal around it. Whether it be pool areas, garden beds, or flowerbeds, it is easy to install additional invisible boundaries around these areas using the radio wire. 

Invisible fencing for dogs is also a boon to those who live outside the city, such as farms or rural properties. Not only can the invisible fence be used for keeping your dog from running away, but it can also keep your pet away from livestock, gardens, or other areas.

Whether you live inside or outside the city, invisible fencing for dogs is a humane way of keeping your dog in its designated area without resorting to tethering it. Tethering a dog is not recognized as an effective method of containing an escaping dog. If you own a dog for the purpose of increasing the security of your property, then having it run freely around the property perimeter is certainly an advantage to having it tethered or caged.  (Here is Zimmy ordering products from The Dog Line)

Used correctly, an invisible fence for dogs is an excellent training tool and safety measure for any dog owner, and well worth considering. Though the price is a bit more than a length of rope or chain, it is a far more humane alternative that will make sure your pet learns to stay safely inside your yard while still granting them a lot more freedom. We recommend that you discuss your needs with a professional supplier and look at the advantages of a Pet Barrier

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