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How much Wire do I need for a Dog Fence?

How to repair electric dog fence wire?

Our Electric Dog Fence Kits usually come with an initial 100m of dog fence wire unless stated otherwise. For most of the kits, the transmitters are capable of covering more than what the initial 100m can offer you.

This means you will need to get extra wire to be able to cover more area. Below is a table that shows how much wire you need for your property’s size.

Quick Wire Length Reference Guide

Property Area Size

Total Amount of Wire

How many extra rolls of dog fence wire to add

1/4 Acre = 1012 m2

140 meters = 459 feet

50m Extra Wire

1/2 Acre = 2023 m2

180 meters = 590 feet

100m Extra Wire

3/4 Acre = 3035 m2

260 meters = 853 feet

200m Extra Wire

1 Acre = 4047 m2

280 meters = 919 feet

200m Extra Wire

1 1/2 Acres = 6070 m2

320 meters = 1050 feet

250m Extra Wire

2 Acres = 8094 m2

360 meters = 1181 feet

300m Extra Wire

2 1/2 Acres = 10117 m2

400 meters = 1312 feet

300m Extra Wire

3 Acres = 12141 m2

500 meters = 1640 feet

400m Extra Wire

4 Acres = 16187 m2

500 meters = 1640 feet

400m Extra Wire

5 Acres = 20234 m2

600 meters = 1969 feet

500m Extra Wire

6 Acres = 24281 m2

700 meters = 2296 feet

600m Extra Wire

7 Acres = 28328 m2

700 meters = 2296 feet

600m Extra Wire

8 Acres = 32375 m2

800 meters = 2625 feet

700m Extra Wire

9 Acres = 36422 m2

805 meters = 2641 feet

750m Extra Wire

10 Acres = 40469 m2

900 meters = 2952 feet

800m Extra Wire

12 Acres = 48562 m2

900 meters = 2952 feet

800m Extra Wire

15 Acres = 60703 m2

1000 meters = 3281 feet

900m Extra Wire

17 Acres = 68797 m2

1100 meters = 3609 feet

1000m Extra Wire

20 Acres = 80937 m2

1200 meters = 3937 feet

1100m Extra Wire

To check how much dog fence wire needed, click on the link down below to download our chart:

How much electric dog fence wire do I need?

If the Dog Fence Wire you're using for your Electric Dog Fence is of low quality and breaks, your Dog Fence will stop working and your dog might escape putting him in danger. You will have to spend time to find the break so you can fix it.

Our Top Rated Dog Fence Wire is so durable you can even leave it hanging on the fence, lay it on the ground, cover it with mulch, bury it around your lawn or tunnel it under a concrete driveway. The Radio Signal from the transmitter expands out of the copper core of the dog fence wire. The wire is actually the aerial or the antenna to the transmitter so using dog fence wire with a good strong and solid core, helps to maintain the integrity of the signal.

5 Easy Steps on how to know How Much Dog Fence Wire do I need

  1. 1. Decide which Areas of the Property you want the Dog to be contained in.

  2. 2. Measure the Area you want the Dogs to be contained in to get the approximate amount of Dog Fence Wire you will need

  3. 3. You can always use Google Maps to check out and Measure your Property

  4. 4. Have an Allowance for Extensions and Expansion Joints

  5. 5. Check out the Dog Fence Wire Chart to see How Much Wire you will need


How to Layout Dog Fence Wire?

 Dog Fence Wire Layout - Full Dog Fence Full Dog Fence

 Dog Fence Wire Layout - Backyard only access Duck Across The Front

 Dog Fence Wire Layout - Front and backyard throuigh the house Hourglass

 Dog Fence Wire Layout - Double loop for digging and jumping Double Loop

Dog Fence Wire Layout - Just the front gateways Just the Front - Gateways

Dog Fence Wire Layout - isolating garden beds, ponds and gates Garden Beds and Gateways

If you are still having a hard time about your dog fence wire or you have Questions or inquiries about electric dog fences give us a call on our 7 Day Hotline 1-300-(THE-DOG) 1-300-843-364 do not hesitate to CONTACT US


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