Electric Dog Fence - How Do Invisible Dog Boundary Collars Work?

An Invisible Pet Fence or Electric Dog Fence helps you secure your pet in a safe zone in your property - a containment system that prevents your pet from escaping. So, no more jumping over fences and digging up garden beds.

Today, I will show you how a good dog fence collar works to keep your dog safe and well-trained within the boundary. Plus, the different invisible pet fence collars that you can choose.

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Dog Fence Lightning Protection Warranty

The Works of Pet Barrier Dog Fence Collars (Click on each item to discover more)

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Discover More about the Importance of

  • * Lightning Damage Warranty
  • * Regulated Power Supply
  • * HDPe Coated Wire (Australian Made)
  • * Coded Digital FM Radio Frequencies.
  • * The Anti Linger Feature and Battery Life ($)
  • * The Chew Warranty
  • * Reaction times and 'Anti Run Through'
  • * Tri Aerial System
  • * Gentle Steps Training for Success

Standard Dog Fence Collars Have 5 Programmable Levels of Stimulation To Avert Your Dog from Jumping Over Fences

FM1200 Dog Fence Receiver CollarThe Pet Barrier standard collar receiver comes in a regular size and a mini size - both have 5 programmable levels of static stimulation - this includes a beep only mode which is really useful in the first phase of training as you introduce the dog to the boundary.

The beeping tone from the collar warns the dog that he is nearing the boundary - this helps your dog understand that a static pulse follows the beeping tone.

So, your dog will resort to running away from the boundary, back to the safe zone of your property before the static correction can activate.

Such a system has really been efficient in preventing dogs to jump over fences just to escape and roam around.

If they escape, they can get captured by the shire rangers. Then, you have to pay just to bail your dogs out or they could get hit by a car, adding up to your vet fees and worse, they could get killed by a truck.

Premium Invisible Dog Fence Collars Have 8 Programmable Levels of Stimulation to Prevent Your Dog from Digging Up Garden Beds

Premium R7 Dog Fence Receiver CollarThe Pet Barrier premium collar receiver also comes with the regular size and mini size - both of these e-collars have 8 programmable levels of static stimulation (includes a tone-only mode) that you can choose from... depending on your dog's digging or escaping behaviour.

The difference between the standard dog fence collars and the premium receiver collars are the available levels of static stimulation and the warranty - the premium collars get a 5 years warranty while the standard ones get up to 3 years from the date of purchase.

Excellent Features of Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence Collars Will Stop Your Dog From Escaping

The Pet Barrier Dog Fence Collars offer advanced features to keep your dog safe and secure inside your property.

These amazing features are all present in both standard and premium invisible dog fence collars.

I have listed these undeniably excellent features of a good dog fence collar that you should look for:

The Chew Warranty

Dog Fence Collar ChewThis is a first-in-the-industry warranty for invisible fence collars - if your dog is able to chew the house of the electric dog fence collar, we will replace it once which applies both for standard and premium receiver collars.

If the collar is chewed, it will most likely cost you another $200 to $300 to get a new one.

Now, a chewed Pet Barrier collar must rarely happen because the collar is made of a polycarbonate material which is supper TUFF - just like bulletproof glass.

This is the main reason why we are confident to establish the chew warranty for these receiver collars.

Uniquely Coded FM Radio Signal - Prevents Wrong Zaps

Pet Barrier Dog Fence for Big DogsThis is, indeed, an advanced feature of the Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence collars.

This feature ensures that the receiver collar will not react to any other radio signal around (mostly stray signals from radio devices, TV, mobile phones, microwave, etc.) - this goes the same with the transmitter.

If you get a cheap dog fence collar online without any unique coding to its transmitter, your dog will be at a great risk - that kind of collar will most likely zap your dog in the wrong areas (even if he is in his safe play zone), as the collar gets stray signal from other electronics.

Waterproof - Fully Submersible - Ensures Safety for Water-Loving Dogs

This feature comes in handy for owners who have water-loving dogs or dogs who are often left alone in the pool area.

You can't deny that having an electric dog fence collar that is waterproof and fully submersible brings peace of mind.

Long Life Replaceable Lithium Battery - Saves You More Money

Dogwatch 3.6v BatteryThis is the main reason why we promote our kind of dog fence collar that is powered by a long-lasting battery than a rechargeable receiver collar.

You see, most likely, the performance life of a rechargeable dog fence collar lasts up to 2 years. Then, you get a new one and spend another $200 to $300. Not to mention the regular task of charging the collar - if you forget just once, your dog escapes.

On the other hand, the life of our replaceable batteries can also last up to 2 years (for regular-sized receiver collars). However, you do not have to spend $200 - $300 just to get a new collar - you won't need one anyway. Just replace the battery for $18 in a year or two!

Anti-Linger Technology - Stops Dogs From Draining the Battery

Dog Fence CollarThis is another well-thought and advanced feature of the Pet Barrier Dog Fence Collar - this smart technology will detect if your dog is staying in the warning zone to purposely drain the battery.

The warning zone is a distance that you set using the transmitter - this is where the collar will beep to signal the dog that he is nearing the boundary.

Now, most dogs get wise and learn that as the collar beeps for too long and too often, it will drain the battery. Then, it will lose its power to activate the static stimulation when they go into the correction zone - the area where the dog gets zapped.

The anti-linger feature will deliver small but deliberate static pulses after the warning beeps - this effectively deters your dog from draining the battery and from eventually running through the boundary.

Tri-Aerial System - For Accurate Correction

Unlike other dog fence collars who only have one aerial for stimulation, the tri-aerial feature allows accurate delivery of the static correction regardless if the collar is upside down or back to front on a dog' neck.

This is particularly useful for hyperactive dogs.

Automatic Safety Shutdown - Prevents Overcorrection In Case Your Dog Gets Stuck in the Boundary

At times, especially during the first stages of dog fence training, your dog may get confused and get stuck in the boundary - the automatic safety shutdown will then allow your dog a couple of minutes to reorient itself and go back to the safe zone of your property without getting zapped.

Then, the collar will automatically turn back on after a few minutes.

Cross-compatibility - Multiple Pets - Add More Pets, Our Dog Fence Receiver Collars Can Work with All Pet Barrier Transmitters

Premium Pet Barrier Dog Fence For Small DogsIf you need to add more than one pet in your dog containment system, you don't have to spend more money and buy a whole new different kit - just get one more electric dog fence collar that suits the particular pet.

This is really convenient because all Pet Barrier receiver collars can work with all of our transmitters.

How does an Invisible Dog Fence Work?

Apparently, it is not just about the receiver collars. Your invisible dog fence is built with other important components that will uphold your dog's safety and security.

Take a look at the diagram below:

A diagram of how an Electric Dog Fence works with all of its components

Generally, an Electric Dog Fence creates a boundary for your pet - you set this boundary by running the dog fence wire around your property.

The radio signal runs through the wire and the collar receiver reacts to the signal as your dog goes near the boundary - the collar will then activate a warning beep, for your dog to know that he is getting near the boundary

as your dog goes nearer, the e-collar activates a static stimulation to deter him away from running through the invisible fence.

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The Power Supply

Dog Fence Power SupplyApparently, your Invisible Dog Fence needs to be powered by a regulated power supply - it has to be plugged in, in order to work.

It is also necessary that your power supply is well-regulated. So, the FM radio signal emitted by the transmitter will not fluctuate - this prevents any harm to your dog.

The Transmitter

Pet Barrier Dog Fence TransmitterThe transmitter is the source of the dog fence radio signal - your boundary wire is connected to this vital component, creating a closed loop. This is how your invisible boundary is created, as the radio signal comes out from the wire.

Also, you can manipulate the radio signal deterrence using the "Range Controller" on the transmitter.

The Wire

Dog Fence Boundary WireThis sets the dog fence boundary, as mentioned above.

It will run from the transmitter, circling the boundary that you set for your dog around your property

and then back to the transmitter.

The wire is the channel for the radio signal to surrounding the boundary that you set.

The Collar Receiver

Pet Barrier Dog Fence Receiver CollarThe dog fence collar receives the radio signal emitted from the wire - depending on the level you set it to, it will activate a correction or stimulation - usually, a warning beep followed by a static pulse as your dog goes near the boundary wire.

The stimulation or correction deters your dog from digging holes in your garden beds and jumping over fences just to escape - this is how it is coined as the invisible pet fence because you most likely don't need an actual fence to secure your dog.

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