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Dangerous Dog Collars and Signs plus Muzzles for Dogs in Queensland

The Queensland government and the Animals Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008 demand that all owners of Dangerous Dogs, Menacing Dogs and Restricted Breed Dogs comply with the Act’s requirements or face penalties for each offense with updated policies as of January 1, 2022.
a Red & Yellow Striped Dog Collar with shaped dog tag with the words “Regulated Dog” engraved on it. The tag is required by the Act to be at least 25 mm in diameter, have a yellow background and must be made of metal or plastic. A Dog Muzzle and Leash is required to be worn by the regulated dog at all times when in public and is being handled by a capable adult of at least 18 years of age.
Please note that our Dangerous Dog Collars are only to be worn by Dogs that have been declared Dangerous by a Local Authority. The Dangerous Dog Collars are for display purposes only as a warning sign. They are not recommended to be used to secure/Tether a dog or used as a collar for leading a dog. 

The purpose of this act is to regulate these types of dogs and to ensure that the public is safe from any attacks or possibilities of attacks.