Free  Dog Training Guide

It's your dog's nature to seek training and guidance from you but not all dog parents are equally lucky. There are some dogs that are stubborn and need an extra push to be trained. This is where The Dog Line products come in handy.

- Our barking dog collars can help you teach your dogs the right bark and the wrong bark, the proper timing of barking and the wrong timing of barking.

- Our electronic dog fence kits will help you keep your dogs contained and safe within your property. It will teach them boundary and obedience. 

- Our remote dog training collars will make your life easier as the owner of a stubborn dog. 

You Get a Free Training Guide

But not all dog owners have experience in using our products, this is why we make sure to include a FREE Training Guide in all of the products purchased from us. You can also download operating manuals and training guide manuals from our product pages.

If you're still having trouble using any of our The Dog Line Product, you are very much welcome to call us 7-days a week in our HELPLINE 1800 256 594

You can also ask any of our team members or the BossMan himself, for an expert advice.