Dog Fence Wire - Made in Australia

Proudly made in Australia to withstand Australian conditions. But we're not just recomending that you buy the Dog Fence Kit with our Wire because your money will stay in Australia. We know its one component that will not let you down when it comes to keeping your dog safe. 

Back in 2007, after a few years of using thick black PVC wire, I wanted to ensure we had a wire that could simply be looped or hung directly on a fence, laid on the ground or buried and would withstand the Hot Aussie Sun.

So we sourced a Dog Fence Wire with a High Density Polyethylene (HDPe) Coating. Giving it  a 20 year UV rating. We increased the thickness of the copper and made it 7 strands for better safety of the radio signal.


Dog Fence Wire Australia - Here's why we like it.

A few tips on running Dog Fence Wire.

  1. The 2 wires touching together will neutralize the radio signal so the dog can walk between the house and the fence.
  2. Hang the wire on the fence and keep it above ground, Just below the top of the fence.
  3. If you do not have a fence, follow a line of trees or bushes (Used as a visual reference for your dog) and leave the wire on the ground (bury it at any pathways)
  4. Bury it across any gates or pathways... 15cm - 20cm deep is fine.
  5. You can put inside conduit underground but usually, it's not necessary.
  6. Click on this link to learn our 3 secret tips about installing dog fence wire for added security of your dog and the wire.

When it comes to Dog Fence Wire, does size really matter? Our wire is super strong yet thin enough to hide in the cracks of your pavement.

So, It's not the size that matters.
Am I right? Or am I Right?

Size... Sure, we've got 500m Rolls - 200m rolls even 150m or 100m rolls.
So, we can really go the distance.

You can choose any length you want OR even a combination if that's what you need.

See How Super Tuff our Dog Fence Wire is, Watch this Video...

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How Deep Can I Bury Dog Fence Wire.

How Deep The Wire To Buried

Well. What's it all about then?
For us,
It's about Strength, Durability and... for want of a better... Staying Power!

When you're dealing with the Australian conditions we made sure our Dog Fence is super Rough and Ready.

So how did we achieve that?

Well to start... We had it made in Australia by Australians. Who better to fully understand and get the job done?

Yes, Yes. OK., Our Dog Fence Wire IS Black. 
But. It's not JUST Black.
Its High Density, Polyethylene Black.
Dog Fence Wire with an HDPe Coating - Not PVC (With a 20yr UV Rating)

I have been back to properties and found our wire still sitting on people's fences for over 12 years.

PVC Coated wire will not do that. We actually have people with different radio fences changing their wire over to our Made in Australia Dog Fence Wire because their wire either keeps breaking or has disintegrated in the sun. (They usually end up replacing their whole system for our kit, but that's another story)

If you want to know the significance of HDPe Vs PVC, then just pop out to your washing line and check out those Brittle, Flaky little PVC pegs just hanging there on the Hills Hoist just waiting to let you down. (Just when you need them the most)

HDPe is tuff. Really tuff, 20-year UV rating tuff and, and still going strong.
We started The Dog Line in May 2003 (Yup 20years)

We went HDPe in 2007. (And now, there's no going Back)
We've got a wire that's been sitting on people's fences all day every day for over 15 years.

Seven Strand Copper Core - for added strength and signal security.Dog Fence Wire

Why do you think Snow White was always so chirpy and happy?
She had 7 little guys running around looking after her. She Knew... And now so do you.

Seven-strand copper core wire… If one strand gives up, there are 6 more ready to pick up the slack. This also adds to how Tuff the wire is.

The single-core wire did occasionally break in the centre of the PVC housing - making it very difficult to find a break for repair.

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There's a lot of options out there we know, and getting it wrong can end up costing more in the long run.

Feel free to call and chat to one of our Dog Fence Specialists to 1300 843 364.

You can also tell us about your dog and property and we will send through our Dog Fence Buying Guide and Pricing.


Discover More about the Importance of

  • * Lightning Damage Warranty
  • * Regulated Power Supply
  • * HDPe Coated Wire (Australian Made)
  • * Coded Digital FM Radio Frequencies.
  • * The Anti Linger Feature and Battery Life ($)
  • * The Chew Warranty
  • * Reaction times and 'Anti Run Through'
  • * Tri Aerial System
  • * Gentle Steps Training for Success

How Deep Do I Bury the Dog Fence Wire?

For a start... Don't Bury it if you don't have to. If you are following a garden, lawn edge or bush line that will create the boundary for your dog... Then just put the wire 1m or so into the bush and leave it sitting on top of the ground. Bury it across any paths or where kangaroos may wander through. 

You only need to go down deep enough to protect it.

  1. Gravel Driveway - 15cm or so deep and leave the wire sitting in the compacted gravel. 
  2. Loose gravel Gateway (Check out 3 secret tips for added security) go a bit deeper here and maybe consider Poly Pipe if you think the gravel will rub the wire.
  3. Paved Driveway - The Dog Fence Wire can go under the pavers or between the joins of the pavers.
  4. Concrete Driveway - Clean out the dirt or gravel between the expansion joints of the concert - Simply lay the wire in and put the dirt over it (careful at the edges in case someone is going to use a lawn edger and cut the wire. (our 3 secret tips will help here)
  5. Across the lawn - just lay the wire out where you want it and test the positioning first - then put a split in the lawn with a flat shovel and pop the wire about 3cm underground. Careful at the edges where a lawn edger may go.

3 Great Features of Australian Made Dog Fence Wire.

Our 5 Australian Stars Dog Fence Wire is very durable that it can be hanging on the fence or lay above ground or cover it with mulch or bury it around your lawn or tunnel it under a concrete driveway. The FM Radio Signal from the transmitter expands out of the copper core of the dog fence wire. The wire is actually the aerial or the antenna to the transmitter so using dog fence wire with a good strong and solid core, helps to maintain the integrity of the signal.