Creating the radio dog fence signals

To create a radio dog fence signal the dog fence wire acts as an aerial. When the FM radio signal returns to the transmitter the signal is 'blocked' causing the depth of the signal to expand from the dog fence wire. This creates an invisible dog fence around the property or stops dog digging in the garden beds.{module_contentholder,80887}

Which Dog Fence feature is important to your dog's safety?

How to buy a dog fence - reviews and video on dog containment. Important factors; dog fencing - Australian dog fence for dog containment - stop dog escaping.

Learn how to create the radio dog fence signal by running the dog fence wire around the property.
Learn how to create the radio dog fence signal by running the dog fence wire around the property.
Learn how to create the radio dog fence signal by running the dog fence wire around the property.

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Pet Barrier Dog Fences - Video Index

1. The BIG DIFFERENCE - FM Radio Dog Fence.

Lets look at Radio Dog Fencing and the coded digital FM fence signal. The programmable levels in the dog fence training dog collar help create an invisible fence for the dog.

2. WHAT TO LOOK FOR in a Dog Fence.

Our dog fence reviews look at the Pet Barrier for dog containment. Our intro video explains some of the important features of a dog containment system to stop dog escaping

3. STRONG Dog Fence Wire

This video tests the strength and resilience of our dog fence wire. Here, we use a 7 strand 1mm copper core wire with HDPe coating for a 20year UV rating. Get strong dog fence wire for your Electric Dog Fence and ensure your dog's safety.

4. Create the RADIO SIGNAL - Dog Fence.

Here we explain how the Radio Dog Fence creates the radio signal to create an invisible dog fence using the dog fence wire around the property to stop the dog escaping or stop the dog digging.

5. Dog Fence Wire - DESIGNS here..

Laying out the dog fence wire - our radio fence signal can be used to create a virtual Electric dog fencing system around your property. We can help design a dog fence layout with you.

6. Fm1200, Dog Fence COLLAR -  here...

The key to successful dog containment is getting the right dog fencing collar. Our Pet Barrier dog training collar has 5 programmable levels. An electric dog fence collar with up-to a 2 year battery life, lifetime warranty including dog chews.

7. Premium Dog Fence COLLAR - here...

Our Premium receiver electric dog fence collars have 8 levels and comes as part of the PT4 premium Dog fence available for big dogs and as a dog fence collar for small dogs.

8. Unique - Surge protected transmitter here...

We protect your invisible dog fence transmitter with our surge protected power transformer. The warranty on the dog training fence kit also covers surge damage.

9. Testimonial Pages here...

Meet the people who are using our Pet Barrier invisible dog fence to stop their dogs escaping or to help stop dogs digging.

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