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  • SportDog Bark Collar SDBC6 with 2 FREE BatteriesSportDog Bark Collar SDBC6 with 2 FREE Batteries
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    $130.49 //
    Product description:Sportdog bark collars SDBC6 is a suitable dog bark collar for larger dogs, offers 6 automatic levels of correction. Buy online with great prices! Ph: 1300 843 364

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    SportDog Bark Collar SDBC6 with 2 FREE BatteriesSportDog Bark Collar SDBC6 with 2 FREE BatteriesSportDog Bark Collar SDBC6 with 2 FREE Batteries
    SportDog Bark Collar SDBC6 with 2 FREE Batteries

    SportDog Bark Collar SDBC6 with 2 FREE Batteries

    AU $130.49
    RRP AU $144.99 Save $14.50
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    SportDOG NoBark 6 Standard Bark Control Collar - FREE 2 Batteries

    The SportDOG® NoBark™ 6 Standard is an easy to use Bark Control Collar with 6 correction levels that automatically increase whenever your dog barks excessively. It has an internal vibration sensor that detects only your dog’s bark that may reduce accidental activation.
    It is designed to safely and consistently reduce or stop your dog’s nuisance barking. The collar resets to the lowest level after 30 seconds of silence. The anti-bark collar is made to be completely waterproof and submersible if your dog likes water. Along with the vibration sensor, an outer coating helps prevent unwanted corrections to your dog making this bark control collar safe and very easy for you and your dog.

    Why choose the SportDOG NoBark 6?

    • • Best for dogs weighing 3.6kgs and up with neck sizes of up to 28 inches.
    • • Waterproof / Submersible & Shock Proof Coating – Durable and Safe!
    • • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
    • • 6 Automatic Correction Levels – No Programming Needed
    • • Automatic Reset – Resets to lowest level when effective.
    • • Vibration Activated
    • • Light and Compact for comfort
    • • Replaceable Lithium Battery – Lasts up to 6 months.

    What’s in my SportDOG Bark Collar Kit?

    • • SportDOG® NoBark™ 6 Standard Bark Control Collar
    • • Duropro Adjustable Collar Strap
    • • 1x PetSafe RFA67 Lithium Battery – Lasts up to 6 months
    • • 2x FREE Petsafe RFA-67 Batteries
    • • Contact Posts to suit your dog.
    • • Test Light to check if the collar works.
    • • Owner’s Manual
    • • Step by Step Training Guide

    How does the anti-bark collar work?


    In case you have playful dogs that love water, the collar is made to be completely waterproof and submersible to protect its internal circuitry as well as your dog from equipment malfunctions. You do not need to worry if your dog plays in the rain or jumps into the pool.

    The bark collar’s body is built with a high quality shock proof material that helps reduce accidental activation when your dog accidentally hits the collar on something.


    We guarantee that you are covered with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and that all appropriate actions are taken under warranty terms. Your investment in this product and your pet’s safety are top concerns.


    This collar features 6 levels of correction that automatically rise depending on how often your dog barks. Since you can fit this to almost any regular sized dog, the flexibility of 6 levels will fit any type of personality whether your dog is sensitive or a bit more determined than others. If your dog is sensitive, it is less likely to reach the higher levels which are usually only given to dogs that are harder to train and requires a harder correction.

    None of these static corrections are harmful to your dog. They are annoying but deliver the correction at a level that is enough to get the dog’s attention and remind them not to bark. As with all our collars, the levels will only stop nuisance barking but your dog will still be able to bark when it’s needed.


    A part of our mission is to help you take care of your best friend. Their safety is a high priority concern and this feature is designed for that specific reason. We do not want to stop your dog from barking completely but only want to cut down or stop the entire nuisance barking.

    The bark collar will reset to the lowest level if your dog does not bark within 30 seconds. This means training will be easy for both you and your dog as well as prevent the collar from giving high level corrections all the time and possibly affect its temperament.


    This is another feature designed for your dog’s safety. The collar has built in sensors that will only detect the vibrations from your dog’s bark and not any other dog. This helps in reducing false activation from external noises or barks from other dogs.


    The SportDOG® NoBark™ 6 is best suited for medium dogs to large dogs that weigh at least 3.6kgs. The adjustable collar strap lets you strap the collar on dogs with neck sizes of up to 28 inches. This is to ensure that the fit is snug and the collar is able to deliver optimum results.

    Measuring 160mm x 66mm x 215mm, this collar is light and compact. In very little time, your dog will be running around your yard and jumping without even noticing the bark collar.


    A completely user replaceable battery to remove the hassle of charging every now and then. Other batteries require more work from you by charging it every week or two. The replaceable battery can easily be replaced and can last up to 6 months! Training and stubborn dogs may require more power to deliver high level corrections.






    Correction Modes


    Activation Mode


    Correction Levels




    Dog Size

    3.6 kg and Up

    Strap Size


    External Controls



    PetSafe RFA67D

    Battery Status Indicator


    Bark Collar Weight


    Progressive Correction


    Collar Strap Material



    55mm x 25mm x 3mm

    SportDOG NoBark 6 Standard Bark Collar Fact Sheet

    Waterproof & Submersible!

    Progressive Levels – Automatic Increase

    Vibration Activated

    Best for Dogs 3.6kg and Up

    6 Automatically Increasing Stimulation Levels

    The SportDOG NoBark 6 Standard Bark Collar features 6 total stimulation levels that automatically increase as your dog continues to bark. The higher levels are less likely to be reached by sensitive dogs so this is perfect for any size dog as long as it fits.

    Automatic Reset to Lowest Level

    To ensure that your dog is properly trained, the level will reset back to the lowest if your dog stops barking for 30 seconds. If the collar is kept on for a good amount of time, training will be successful in no time.

    Waterproof & Submersible

    Water damage is nothing to worry about with the SportDOG SDBC6. The bark control collar is completely waterproof and submersible so your dog can safely play around in the rain or splash in puddles and wet fields.

    Vibration Activated – Vibration Sensor Monitors your Dog’s Vocal Cords

    Vibration Sensors monitors your dog’s vocal cords if fitted to your dog’s neck properly. This ensures that it only activates with your dog’s bark and not the barks of other dogs around the area.

    Shock Proof Coating to Reduce Accidental Activation

    The exterior of the bark control collar is coated with a high quality rubber coating that helps with shock proofing. This helps reduce accidental activation and ensures accurate stimulation.

    For Medium to Large Dogs – From 15kg+ with Neck Sizes of up to 71cm

    The SportDOG NoBark 6 Standard Bark Control Collar is designed for medium to extra-large sized dogs weighing 3.6kg and up with neck sizes of up to 71cm. It’s a small and compact unit that should be comfortable for extended use.

    Uses PetSafe RFA-67 Replaceable Battery – Lasts up to 6 Months

    The special PreSafe RFA-67 battery will last up to 6 months of normal use. The special battery also helps with waterproofing the bark collar.

    SportDOG NoBark 6 Bark Collar Manual

    SportDOG NoBark 6 Bark Control Collar Manual

    How It Works

    The SportDOG NoBark 6 effectively stops dog barking in a humane way. When your dog barks; the neck vibrates and this vibration triggers the Vibration Sensor Probe, once it is triggered a Static Correction is administered through the Contact Points. The NoBark 6 starts with the lowest level of Correction and increases by one level. It has 6 levels that automatically adjust each time your dog barks within 30 seconds after the previous bark. If your dog does not bark again within 30 seconds, the NoBark 6 will reset itself back to the lowest level of correction. Along with each Correction, there will be an audible beep. As an added safety feature, the NoBark 6 will automatically shut off for 3 minutes if your dog barks 15 times or more within a 50-second period.

    • DO NOT use the NoBark 6 along with any other collar, tag, leash or other items as they may cause vibration and trigger a false correction.
    • Your dog may still wear a harness for attaching a leash and/or tags while using the NoBark 6.
    • If you intend to play with your dog, remove the NoBark 6. You need to remove the collar everytime you plan on doing an activity with the dog that requires barking. We do this so the dog does not mistakenly associate the play with the Correction.
    • The collar cannot be used for more than 12 consecutive hours.

    Key Definitions

    Contact Points: deliver the correction to the dog through his skin.
    Vibration Sensor Probe: detects vibration from dog’s neck and activates the correction.
    Important: The Vibration Sensor Probe is non-adjustable.

    To Insert and Remove the Battery

    Note: Remove the collar on your dog when inserting battery.
    The NoBark 6 uses a replaceable RFA-67 battery. This battery has a unique design that makes replacement easier. Its design also protects the device from water.
    To Insert the Battery:
    To insert the battery, align the arrow symbol on the battery and the triangle. Use the Test Light Tool to turn the battery clockwise. The arrow should be aligned with the lock symbol on the housing.
    To Remove Battery:
    To remove battery, turn the battery counterclockwise using the Test Light Tool. NEVER attempt to cut or pry open the battery. Discard used battery properly.
    Note: After battery has been removed; the collar may still activate for 2 or 3 times as there may be stored battery that has not yet been fully discharged. To ensure the collar is fully deactivated, slide the Vibration Sensor Probe across a table or hard surface for a couple of times or until it stops beeping.

    Battery Life
    Average battery life is approximately 3 to 6 months. Battery life solely depends on how often your dog barks. It may be noticed that the first battery lasts shorter than the following batteries as dogs would have been used to the correction and is expected to bark lesser than before.

    Testing the Collar

    Slide the Vibration Sensor Probe across a rough surface that is at least 10 inches. It should beep while you scratch. If it doesn’t beep during this test, refer to the troubleshooting section, and follow instructions on what to do with a collar if it does not beep.
    Note: For further check if the SBC-6 is functioning, you can place the contact points on the Test Light Tool and repeat the procedure above.

    Fitting the Collar

    It is very important that the collar is properly fit and placed in the right location for the collar to be effective. Contact Points must always have direct contact with your dog’s skin on the underside of his neck.

    To ensure proper fit, please follow these steps:
    1. Make sure no battery is installed in the collar.
    2. Let your dog stand comfortably.
    3. Place the collar high on your dog’s neck close to the ears. Place the Contact Points at the center; just underneath your dog’s neck, making sure it touches the skin.
    Note: It may be necessary to trim the hair around the Contact Points to ensure consistent contact. This is applicable for hairy breeds.
    4. The tightness should just be enough; not too tight and not too loose. A good test is by inserting one finger between the end of a Contact Point and your dog’s neck. The fit should be snug but not constricting.
    5. Allow your dog to wear the collar for several minutes. Let him be comfortable then recheck the fit.
    6. Wait until you get the fit that is comfortable to your dog.
    Important: The collar should not be worn more than 12 consecutive hours.

    Important: For the product to be effective and for your dog’s comfort and safety and please ensure the following:
    • Always maintain the one finger distance between the Contact Point and your dog’s skin.
    • Examine your dog’s neck daily. Check for any sign of a rash or sore.
    • If a rash or sore is observed, discontinue use of the collar
    • If rash or sore persists beyond 48 hours, see your veterinarian.
    • Dog’s neck and the Contact Points must be washed weekly. Use a wash cloth and mild hand soap, then rinse thoroughly.
    Pressure Necrosis, a strain or stress on the skin that is caused by compression usually occurs when a collar is worn over long periods of time. Always follow the measures above to avoid complications.

    Pressure Necrosis, a strain or stress on the skin that is caused by compression usually occurs when a collar is worn over long periods of time. Always follow the measures above to avoid complications.

    • Check your dog’s neck for any sign of irritation (daily).
    • Check collar’s fit (daily).
    • Check that battery is properly installed (weekly).
    • Check tightness of Contact Points, finger tight plus 1/4 turn with pliers (weekly).
    • Wash and Clean Contact Points (weekly).

    What to Expect During Use of the collar

    Important: Never leave your dog alone with the collar during the first few days.

    When using the collar on the dog for the first time; stay close by. Close enough for you to hear when he barks and close enough for you to see his reaction to the correction. Most dogs will understand immediately that the collar is giving him correction when he barks; in return; the dog tends to relax and stop barking.

    Because the Correction from the bark collar may be surprising or startling at first, some dogs may initially bark more as they get corrections.

    Although very rare, a dog may get into a bark-correction-bark-correction cycle. If this happens, simply reassure your dog as if telling him that you are there for him. As your dog relaxes, he will understand that if he becomes quiet, he will not receive any more correction. Only very few if none will get this kind of reaction.

    A reduction in your dog’s barking should be noticeable on the first few days. However; it is important to remember that the learning process is still not completed after a few days of using the collar. Dogs will eventually “test” this new learning experience and will increase their attempts to bark. They do it because they probably want to verify the cause and effect chain. This usually occurs during the second of use. If this does occur, remain consistent and do not alter your bark training program. You must also let you dog use the collar everytime you expect him to be quiet. If your dog is not wearing the bark collar; he may resume barking and his learning and training process would be jeopardized and you might start over again.


    Part Number

    Battery - two pack


    Replacement Collar


    Accessory Pack (Extra Contact Points, washers, and battery)


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will my dog stop barking completely?

    • Yes; the bark collar effectively and humanely stops barking when it worn. It should only be worn During times when barking is not encouraged.

    My dog is extra sensitive Can I lower the Correction level?

    • You purchase a resistor to reduce the Correction level by contacting calling Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-0144.

    Will another dog’s bark set off/activate the NoBark 6?

    • No. It will only be activated by your dog’s bark.

    Is the NoBark 6 safe and humane?

    • Yes. The NoBark 6 is designed to get your dog’s attention and not to punish him. The initial Correction however may startle your dog.

    Will the NoBark 6 work for my dog?

    • The NoBark 6 is safe and effective for all breeds of dogs that are 3.6kgs up.

    Can I leave the NoBark 6 on my dog all the time?

    • No. The bark collar can not be on your dog for more than 12 consecutive hours.

    Is it possible for my dog to learn not to bark only when the NoBark 6 is on?

    • Yes. That is why it is best to place the NoBark 6 on your dog only in situations where you Do not want him to bark. This way he will learn that when he wears the collar he will not bark.

    I have more than one dog, but only one dog with a barking problem. Will it cause problems between the dogs if I keep them together?



    The BARK COLLAR does not beep.

    • Test the COLLAR (see “To Test the NoBark 6” section).
    • If your COLLAR does not beep during this test, try doing the same test on a rougher surface.
    • Make sure that the battery is properly installed.
    • Replace the battery if needed.
    • If the BARK COLLAR still does not beep, contact the Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-0144.

    My BARK COLLAR beeps, but my dog keeps barking

    • Tighten the COLLAR and/or trim your dog’s hair where the Contact Points touch his neck. THIS is to ensure good skin contact.
    • Replace the battery if needed.
    • If your dog still does not respond to the correction, contact the Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-0144.

    Colin's Review

    "If you have a larger dog and need a stronger more robust strap then the Sport Dog Bark is Ok. I would look at a more advanced collar if you had a very determined barker and the strap may not give you the best fitting adjustment."

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