What is an Electric Dog Fence Collar?

Whether you are looking for the definition of a dog boundary collar, an invisible dog fence collar, or an underground fence collar - please know that these are pretty much the same. An Electric Dog Fence Collar is one of the main components of your dog containment system - helps you safely and effectively contain your dog within the boundary that you set. Read on to learn more about this amazing tool!

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How Do Invisible Dog Fence Collars Work?

Learn how Invisible Dog Fence Collar WorksA dog fence collar emits sound and static pulse to deter your dog from going beyond the boundary that you have set inside your property.

This is one of the 3 main components of your electric dog fence system; along with the transmitter and the boundary wire.

So, the dog fence collar receives the radio signal that is running through the boundary wire which is produced by the transmitter.

As soon as your dog gets near to the boundary, some collars activate a warning (beeping) tone. As your dog gets nearer, it emits a harmless static pulse to deter your dog away from your invisible fence.

The static corrections are delivered through the two contact points that touch your dog’s skin - this is why proper fit is really important, it determines the safety of your dog and the efficiency of your training with the dog fence system.

Take note: the reason why it is called “invisible fence” is that you can bury the wire at least 3 inches beneath the ground. This can work perfectly even if you do not have an actual traditional fence.

There is also an amazing system like the Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence, which allows you to just hang the wire on your regular fence or place it on the ground since the insulated copper core boundary wire has been rated to be super tuff with a 20-year UV rating.

Dog Fence Collars Programmable Levels

Programmable Receiver Collars for Electric Dog FenceElectric Dog Fences have different types of receiver collars that you can choose from to suit your dog - breed, size, and temperament. However, one common function that these collars have is the programmable levels of static stimulation.

You can set the level of static stimulation that effectively deters your dog from escaping - we recommend you start at the lowest level during the first stage of boundary training.

This is also the best phase to determine your dog’s “recognition level” - the level that effectively deters your dog. You will know this if you notice certain reactions from your dog while being stimulated such as flicking of ears, looking around for clues about the stimulation… and eventually refusing to come near the boundary during the training.

For instance, the standard receiver collar of Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence has 5 programmable levels. While the premium receiver collar of Pet Barrier has 8 programmable levels.

This programmable function certainly allows you to perfectly adapt to your dog’s temperament - no matter how sensitive or stubborn your pooch is.

Do Electric Dog Fence “Shock” Collar Hurt a Dog?

If you’re wondering if Electric Dog Fences are safe, YES, they are.

So, no - the electric “shock” from a Dog Fence Collar does not hurt a dog. In fact, it’s nothing compared to the electric charge we feel on certain muscle-stimulating devices (like the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Machine) that we use almost every day (and have no fear of being electrocuted).

See the graph below:

See Electric Dog Fence Collars Energy Output

In case you do not know, when it comes to electrical burns, humans are more likely to be burnt than dogs, since we don’t have fur. Plus, we have oily and thin skin. While dogs are protected by their fur... and their skin is naturally thick and dry.

As you can see in the graph above, static stimulation in low to high levels of Electric Dog Fence Collars range from 0.000007 joules to 0.00053 joules - this is nothing compared to the normal muscle stimulation machines (e.g. abdominal energizer) that we use almost every day when we exercise...and they emit 0.914 joules to 2 joules.

So, the sensation your dog will feel with the static “shock” is just like when you suddenly rub your feet on the carpet or touch a cold doorknob - it’s not painful but definitely annoying. This is only enough to deter your dog from escaping beyond the fence.

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Best Dog Fence Collars: Qualities that You Should Look For

Getting a high-quality electric dog fence collar could really determine the success of your dog containment system. Look out for these specific features (listed below) to get the benefits only the best dog fence collar could give:

  1. 1. The Battery Life

    Get extra Batteries for your Standard Dog Fence Collar here.For instance, Pet Barrier Dog Fence Collars are well known in the market of Australia to have such long-lasting batteries. They contain replaceable lithium batteries. The standard-size collars can last up to 2 years of regular use while the mini collars can last up to 6 months.
    Take note, we don’t really recommend rechargeable dog fence collars. Why?
    Get extra Batteries for your Mini Dog Fence Collar here Because replaceable batteries can save you more money in the long run. The batteries of rechargeable dog fence collars usually wear out within 18 months of charging - draining - recharging.
    So, you would need to buy a whole new collar and it can cost you more than $300 to get a new electric dog fence collar. Whereas Pet Barrier replaceable batteries, that can last up to 2 years, will only cost you $18.

  2. 2. Chew Warranty

     Get dog fence collar with chew warrantyDogs love to chew! So, it is just right to protect such a valuable dog fence collar with Chew Warranty - this guarantee is first-in-the-industry, covering the collar of Pet Barrier Electric Dog Fence. The Dog Fence Collar is super tuff since the housing is made of polycarbonate (one of the strongest materials there is). But if your dog can chew the collar, it will be replaced ONCE - you WON’T have to buy a new collar that would cost you about $300.
    This guarantee certainly saves you money in the long run and grants you peace of mind.

  3. 3. Waterproof

    Get a waterproof Electric Dog Fence CollarWashing your dog with the Electric Dog Fence Collar on wouldn’t be a problem if it’s waterproof… especially if it’s time to clean the collar itself. Find a dog fence collar that can get wet - quit your worry about electrical malfunctions.
    Get the waterproof Pet Barrier Dog Fence Collar so you won’t have to worry about leaving your dog in the yard even with the sprinklers on… or around the pool area.

  4. 4. Reaction Time

    Get a dog fence collar with fast reaction timeTo prevent your dog from running through your boundary (especially if you don’t have an actual fence), you need a collar that has a super-fast reaction time.
    Pet Barrier Dog Fence Collar has the FastReact® technology - it reacts to the radio signal from the boundary wire within 1/8th of a second.
    Your dog won’t get the chance to run and hop off your invisible dog fence. We recommend that you also follow the step-by-step training guide included in the Pet Barrier Dog Fence Kit.


  5. 5. Multiple Static Stimulation Levels

    Choose premium dog fence collars with multiple programmable levelsYou should be able to program your Electric Dog Fence Collar to multiple deterrent levels - this is particularly convenient if you have dogs who have different temperaments.
    The low levels suit dogs who are quite sensitive. The high levels would definitely deter stubborn dogs.
    Pet Barrier dog fence collars feature 5 programmable levels on standard collars and the premium ones have 8 programmable levels (plus 5 year warranty).

  6. 6. Three-Aerial System

    Buy a dog fence collar that has a three-aerial systemYour Dog Fence Collar should have this advanced feature - the three-aerial system in the receiver collar guarantees better detection of the radio signal from the boundary wire.
    So, if in any case the collar will be moved upside down your dog's neck, it will still be able to detect the signal coming out of the wire... and deliver the necessary static correction to deter your dog from escaping.

How Old Does Your Dog Need To Be for a Dog Boundary Collar?

Know the right age to use a dog boundary collar on your poochDetermining the right age of your dog before you let him/her wear a dog fence collar is really important. I’m glad you asked.

Most dog trainers would say that a dog between 3 and 6 months of age is ready to wear a dog boundary collar.

This is reasonable. But!

Age is not the only factor that you should consider when letting a dog wear an electric dog fence collar.

The other thing that you should consider is mental preparedness. Dogs are physically capable to receive the static correction of any dog training and containment system collars, but not all are mentally prepared for the stimulation. That’s why some get “traumatised” or tend to get the Porch Sitting Syndrome.

So, how do you know that your dog is mentally prepared? Observe your dog.

Determine if your dog is already capable to associate a certain act to a consequence. For example, your dog felt the heat when he tried to hop on the kitchen stove when you were cooking - the next time he sees you’re cooking, he won’t try to snoop anymore as he remembers the consequence of almost getting burnt.

This is similar to electric dog fence collars, as your dog goes near the boundary (the act), he/she will get the static stimulation (the consequence). So, your dog won’t have to get anxious every time. Only when he gets near the boundary should your dog feel the necessity to immediately go back inside the play zone.

Good thing, your Electric Dog Fence Kit comes with training flags and a training guide to help you reintroduce your property’s boundary to your dog - it comes with several techniques as well. So, your dog does not have to get zapped during the training.

Are Electric Dog Fence Collars Legal in Australia?

Learn if Invisible Dog Fence Collars are legal in your stateElectric Dog Fence Collars are legal in most states in Australia.

Check your state information on e-collars and the corresponding conditions in some states.

The states of Queensland, Western Australia, and Tasmania allow the use of Electric Dog Fence Collars and impose no particular conditions or requirements.

If you are living in Victoria, your state allows the use of Invisible Dog Fence Collars under the authorisation of your council, accompanied by some general conditions and specific requirements.

This is similar to Northern Territory - you have to be authorised by your council to be able to use a Dog Fence Collar on your pet. See also - Animal Welfare Act 1999 - 2005.

New South Wales does allow the use of Dog Boundary Collars given that it is “...used inside a fence through which animals cannot pass and that is not less than 1.5m high.” - Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulation 2012.

Unfortunately, Australian Capital Territory and South Australia do not allow any use of Electric Dog Fence Collars, following the Animal Welfare Act 1992 and Animal Welfare Regulations 2012, respectively.

Dog Fence Collars: Pros and Cons

Know the pros and cons of Dog Fence CollarsEverything has its advantages and disadvantages. So, it’s just right to inform you of the benefits that you will get from an Invisible Dog Fence and its collar...

...and also let you see the not so beneficial factors that come with such a dog containment system.


  • You don’t have to put up a traditional fence

  • No changes are necessary to make in your landscapes

  • Helps you protect your garden beds

  • Safely contains your dog without taking your dog’s freedom to play inside your property

  • Safe keeps your dog from any other dangers outside your property (e.g. cars, strangers and pound rangers)

  • Easy to install and use - you won’t need an electrician

  • Cheaper than your traditional fence

  • Effectively trains your dog on reinforcing boundaries


  • You would have to regularly check the batteries

  • Installation and training takes time

  • You won’t have any protection from other animals getting inside your property (if you don’t have an actual regular fence, to begin with)

How Much Do Electric Dog Fence and Collars Cost?

Each person, property, and dog is unique. So, it is difficult to determine the exact cost of an electric dog fence and its collar. If you are thinking of getting an invisible fence for your dog, it is highly recommended that you learn the whole system first... and discover the things that you need to know before installing one.

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