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Written by Colin Seal

12/10/2021 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Electric dog collars are pretty advanced. They will not “burn” your dog’s neck. The sores, however, are commonly caused by bacterial infection through intense rubbing and other improper ways of using these “shock” collars.

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These electronic dog collars have been around to help people with dog problems such as nuisance barking (bark collars), escaping drama (dog fence collars), and unwanted behaviors (remote dog trainers). Since these correction collars have been our aid to have a pleasant relationship with our dogs, it is expected that they come with comfort and safety…

5 Improper Ways of Using Electric Dog Collars That Can Burn Your Dog’s Neck and How to Avoid Them

5 Improper Ways of Using Electric Dog Collars That Can Burn Your Dog’s Neck and How to Avoid Them

Please don’t get me wrong... but the “burn” on your dog’s neck from an electric dog collar can be your fault. Improper use of a static shock collar on a dog can lead to neck sores. Here are the ways that can cause a sore on your dog’s neck (and tips on how to avoid this horror from happening):

  1.  Fitting the Electric Dog Collar Too Tight Causes Pressure Sores

  2.  Attaching a Lead to the Electronic Dog Collar Causes Contact Sores

  3.  NO Regular Cleaning for the “Shock” Collar and Your Dog’s Neck

  4.  Keeping the Static Collar on Your Dog All Day Causes Pressure Necrosis

  5.  Using Low-Quality Dog Electric Collars

Proper use of a static “shock” collar on your dog is very important. Competent manufacturers have made sure that each product is at the best quality and has even developed safety features that make these collars trustworthy and comfortable for your dogs… but the results primarily depend on how you take extra care and how you use the electric collar for your dog.

1. Fitting the Electric Dog Collar Too Tight Causes Pressure Sores

The sore on your dog’s neck is commonly caused by fitting the electric dog collar too tight. This is the common mistake most dog owners commit. (I know you’re an awesome fur parent so please don’t do the same). You should let the skin on your dog’s neck breathe to avoid these pressure injuries...

  • Turn the collar off before fitting it to your dog - this is to avoid any accidental stimulation and you don’t want your dog to know it came from you (but from the behavior you’re trying to correct your dog).

  • DO NOT fit the collar while your dog is sitting down - your dog’s neck is a bit smaller in a sitting position.

  • Allow your dog to stand comfortably.

  • The collar should be snug but the pressure of the contact points should be similar to the pressure you put on someone’s neck or wrist to feel their pulse.

  • Check the fit by putting one finger or your thumb in between the collar strap and your dog’s neck.

  • Let your dog get comfortable with the collar by letting your dog wear it for a few minutes.

  • To ensure a perfect fit, recheck the collar.

  • Turn the collar on to test it or start with the training.

Fit the Electric Dog Collar Properly

2. Attaching a Lead to the Electronic Dog Collar Causes Contact Sores

Please DO NOT attach a lead to the Electronic Dog Collar - this will tighten the collar more which we are trying to avoid. As your dog pulls against the lead, the contact points - those tiny metal prongs in the collar - will dig a bit deeper into your dog’s neck and will cause your dog’s neck to sore. Hence, contact sores.

The best thing that you can do is to let your dog wear another non-metallic collar for the lead... or get your dog a body leash or harness which I highly recommend.

Get your dog a body leash or harness to work with the Electronic Dog Collar

3. NO Regular Cleaning for the “Shock” Collar and Your Dog’s Neck

Hygiene is very important. Cleaning your dog’s neck and the “Shock” Collar should be like taking a bath. Do it every day, mate. This gives you the chance to regularly check your dog’s skin for possible rashes caused by the collar. If this happens, it’s better to take the collar off from your dog for a day... and let your dog wear it again, the next day. If the rashes persist, seek the help of a vet.

BUT remember, the sores on your dog’s neck are usually caused by a dirty “Shock” Collar. So, clean your dog’s neck and the “Shock” Collar every day.

Always clean your dog’s neck and the “Shock” Collar

4. Keeping the Static Collar on Your Dog All Day Causes Pressure Necrosis

They say, too much of everything is bad. Right! This also applies to how long you let your dog wear the Static Collar. If you keep it on for too long, it’ll somehow suffocate your dog’s skin - causing pressure necrosis. So, I recommend that you leave the collar on your dog for NOT more than 12 hours a day. If you can also remove the collar within this 12 hour period, only for a few minutes, readjust it, check your dog’s neck - that would be great.

Don’t keep the Static Collar on your dog for too long

5. Using Low-Quality Dog Electric Collars

Buying cheap Dog Electric Collars from untested and unverified manufacturers and sellers can pose a great threat to your dog’s comfort and safety. If you will get one for your dog, check the manufacturer of the collar, the features, and the specs. Here are our trusted brands in no particular order:

Electric Dog Collars trusted brands

One of the things that you can also check is that the Electronic Dog Collar you are about to buy has been cleared and tested for the Australian Communication and Media Authority. This testifies that the collar is legally allowed to be sold in Australia.

All products shipped with Australia

Feel Free to Contact Us for Any Questions

The Verdict

Electric Dog Collars are safe - these collars are not capable of burning a dog’s neck since the static current emitted by these “shock” collars is only at 0.01amp - that’s never enough to injure a dog.

Yes, there are different “higher” static levels in an Electronic Dog Collar to better distract your dog but the electric current level remains the same... but the way it is being emitted goes to a faster rhythm which will be more annoying for your dog, distracting the dog in a more effective and faster manner. Imagine being pinched by a harmless, tiny, needle once the first time... and then twice or more the second time and so on - that’s how annoying it is.

So, if you are planning to get your best friend a Static “shock” Collar to help you in reinforcing positive behaviours - be it a dog fence collarbark collar or remote dog training collar, please make sure that you avoid these 5 improper ways of using Electric Dog Collars that can burn your dog’s neck.

Do you know other improper ways of using the Electric Dog Collars?

How about knowledge on treating the sores or "burns"?

Know these improper ways of using Electric Dog Collars

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