How does a Hidden Fence works?

Protecting Your Dog from the Neighbourhood

The Pet Barrier is a hidden dog fence system that can create a radio signal around your property to stop your dog from escaping or jumping the fence. Your neighbour's sheep and chickens should have the confidence to forage freely without the fear of a stray dog jumping the fence and coming to 'play'. 

Of course, each dog is different and so are the requirements of each property so consultation with a specialist is recommended to find the most suitable hidden fence system for you and your dog. The Dog Line Team is ready to answer all of your questions.

So what should you look for in a Pet Barrier?

The Radio Signal - All radio signals can be subject to interference, using an FM radio frequency reduces the chance of this and ensures that other radio frequencies will not activate the dog`s fence collar. If your neighbour already has a hidden dog fence then using an FM radio frequency on your system will help both fences to exist side by side.

Energy Fusion - Energy surges through the main power can cause the radio transmitter box to fuse and malfunction. Using a system with a third 'earth pin' on the power plug will protect the transmitter.

Lightning Protection - During a storm, lightning strikes can cause energy to travel back to the transmitter along the boundary wire. Having an external form of lightning protection will ensure that the radio transmitter box is protected.

Warranties - With the above 2 points in mind, check to see if the radio transmitter box is covered by a fusion warranty. If it's not, you may need to pay out for a new radio transmitter box.

The Receiver - The other most important part of these systems is the receiver collar that the dog wears. Check to see how it reacts in the radio signal. For example: how long would the receiver take to react if the dog ran at the signal? Also, does it have programmable levels for easier training and if it is chewed by a dog it will be replaced under a warranty?

The Receiver Battery - A replaceable battery in the receiver collar with a 2-year life will mean less worry for the owner. 'Anti Linger' is a feature that will correct the dog if it stays in the warning 'beeping' zone too long, this prevents the battery from being run down and the dog escaping.

Running Through - It should be understood that training the dog correctly plays a major role in preventing the dog from escaping. Dogs have a personality and they escape for different reasons. A more determined dog will certainly have different requirements. Getting the correct advice about the system and specific training is essential.

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