Sharleen's Dog Fence for no fence at the front


Written by Colin Seal

10/11/2016 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Sharleen had NO Fence - and the risk of losing Princess was just unthinkable. A busy road out the front and a young adventurous dog - after 18 months we catch up for a chat.

How did Sharleen cope with 2 children, a young dog and No Front Fence

Sharleen's Children and DogSharleen needed some sort of Dog Fence, a solution that was cheaper and more convenient than putting up traditional fencing - but she needed it to work. 

Nearly losing Princess was a major issue for Sharleen and her 2 girls - it just could NOT happen.Sharleen’s Dog Fence choices were...

1. Spend money on an unsightly front fence (then open and close the gate for the next 10 years)


2. Invest in a good quality Electric Dog Fence and put a Radio Pet Barrier Across the front yard.


Right now we are 18 months down the track... Here’s the story.

Sharleen and her 2 daughters dearly love princess, she’s a beautiful Saint Bernard. Princess has the run of a couple of acres - but there is no front fence so there is a huge risk of her crossing over the road. Saint bernards are known to be naturally adventurous: And after a few very hairy experiences -Sharleen gave us a call.

How Did Princess respond to the Electronic Dog Fence and her new Radio Collar?

The concern was that Princess was quite young and very enthusiastic about what goes on over the road. But, after a very short training session - it all started to take shape very nicely.Sharleen’s obviously had a couple of initial concerns about the Radio Pet Barrier.

Sharleen's Saint Bernard

How does it feel when Princess gets the Zap from the Dog Fence Collar?

The Pet Barrier Receiver collar uses a mild static stimulation to deter the dog from going near the Radio Pet Barrier. Of course, they get an audible tone when they enter the ‘Warning Zone’ and then you can decide the level. It feels similar to getting a ‘ping’ from a shopping trolley or touching a car door handle. It is like a TENS machine and kinda feels like ‘an annoying pins-and-needle sensation. 

Here’s the thing… following the training guide we were able to train Princess at very low levels in the collar until she made her own decision not to go near the Radio Dog Fence Signal. You can read further by clicking this link, How does the zap from the collar feel?

Is the Dog Fence Training difficult - for me - and for my dog?

Again - use the levels in the collar so your dog's first experience is “low impact’. We want to help Princess decide that she does not want to go near the boundary. We use flags to give her a visual reference about the Radio Dog Fence Boundary. There’s a step-by-step user manual that is easy to understand and follow. We usually start the training at the dog's favourite escape spot and take time over a few days to get them used to the areas they can go and those that are out of bounds. Plus we have a 7-day helpline for any questions or queries regarding dog training. On questions regarding training, you can check out the training Frequently Asked Questions page.

I like how durable it is… Particularly the Lightning Warranty and the waterproof collar.

We wanted to make sure our Dog Fence Kits would last. One of the big Killer of these systems is surge damage to the transmitter - when energy comes back through the boundary wire. So our Green earth wires protect the transmitter and give surge damage included in the warranty. 

The collar is tough… so tough that if a dog can chew it we replace it under our chew warranty.
Waterproofing was a ‘must-have’ and the Pet barrier Electronic Dog Fence comes with a wire that has an HDPe coating, so it can sit on the fence and does not have to be buried.

How much does an Electronic Dog Fence cost compared to traditional fences?

Sharleen mentioned that it cost her 3 thousand dollars for the back fence alone, imagine having her install a full fence around her property? 

The Pet Barrier Electronic Dog Fence only costs a fraction of this.- you would be surprised. No Gates to open and close each time you drive home (in the rain) and what if Princess runs out when you open the gate anyway? No unsightly fences to destroy your view - far less maintenance and upkeep.

What about batteries and the ongoing costs?

This is a bigger concern than people realise, not only is it the cost of having to replace the batteries quite often but... It is the issue that if the dog is able to run down the battery - then they can escape 
- And some dogs even learn to run the battery down on purpose. There are a lot of dogs in the pounds with Dog Fence Collars that have flat batteries 
So - the solution is 2 fold… we use a long-life Lithium-Ion replaceable battery, which means you do not have to charge it up all the time Plus… We have “anti linger’ a feature that ensures the dog's collar will activate with a quick zap if the dog sits in the warning zone too long. Saving both money and time.

Sharleen's Fenceless Front Yard

After 18 months of Electronic Dog Fence Success - Sharleen made the right decision.

18 months after the Dog Fence was installed Colin interviewed Sharleen to see how it all went… Sharleen was amazed at the results! 

‘It’s always wise to get the training done properly, it would take four to five days just to let your dog be comfortable in their new environment and Sharleen was able to help Princess understand the invisible boundary through constant practice and positive reinforcement. 

Princess has never left the property since - Sharleen and her kids have never been happier and feel comfortable in the safety of Princess when she is out the front alone. 

Those moments of greatest concern - when Princess might be tempted...

At the front of property there was a procession… horses, cats, dogs twenty or more, she sat like she was excited and really wanted to go... but there was no question, she just knows and she just would not go”-Sharleen on Princess’ Behavior.

Our Solution to Sharleen’s Fenceless Property

Dog Fence Wire LayoutWith proper education and the right Electronic Dog Fence for Sharleen’s Invisible Dog Barrier we were able to execute a right plan that would go with the unique features of her property. 

We installed The Pet Barrier Electronic Dog Fence around her estate and helped her train Princess to stay inside the INVISIBLE DOG BARRIER. 

Here’s the Electronic Dog Fence that did the trick, click here 

For inquires and advice on some Dog Fences FAQs don’t hesitate to give as a call at 1300 THE DOG (1300 843 364) for you to better explain the situation so we can provide expert advice regarding your dog.


Here for you and your dog,