What about dog training?

The training of your dog is covered in the owner’s manual and consists of gradual stages set over a number of days. Each stage should be completed before moving onto the next. Training is essential to the success of all systems as they are to be considered as a training aid. Our customer service team can advise you on the correct kit for your needs and are available on the 7 Day Help Line for training assistance or you can Contact us for more information.

Boundary Flags

These are used as a visual reference to where the radio signal is located. Your dog is trained to stay away from these flags and to recognise that they form the edge of the restricted zone.

The Warning Zone

Your dog is taught to recognise the audible tone from the receiver collar and to stay away. DogWatch receivers offer an ‘Anti Linger’ feature. Your dog will be corrected if it remains in the warning zone for 20 seconds. This prevents the battery draining prematurely allowing the dog to run the battery down and escape. Not all systems offer this feature. Most DogWatch receivers offer a 2 year replaceable battery.

The Correction Zone

Immediately after the warning zone is the correction zone. The receiver will change tone in this area and also deliver the static stimulation to your dog. This stimulation is harmless. See ‘How does it feel?’ DogWatch offer several different receivers with a number of adjustable levels. Our customer service team can advise on selecting the best one for your dog and its environment. Contact us for more information or simply on fill in the form and will be in touch with you.

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