Dog Fence for a Dog Escape Artist


Written by Colin Seal

02/24/2023 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

If you have tried everything in keeping your stubborn dog from escaping your property and you are worried that the next time it happens that your dog will end up in the dog pound or be in an accident then we will try to help you out.

Physical Dog Fences Won't Work

Escaping DogYou may have a large breed dog or just simply stubborn that no matter what you do he still finds a way to escape your property that even physical dog fences don’t work. He may have jumped or dug a hole just to escape or even chewed his way through the fence. You may have experienced receiving a phone call from your neighbour that your dog has escaped and in their front yard while you are at work. You may have experienced your dog terrorizing your precious garden and you have spent a lot of money just to fix your garden. We completely understand you and we also get those calls from our 7 Day Hotline (1300 843 364) about those cases. Well before we go into the solution we have to breakdown the causes.

Why Can't I Contain My Dog in my Property?

There are actually a lot of factors that we can look at why your dog keeps on escaping while you’re away or just by you not being visible to your dog. Let us go over the major factors why your dog keeps on escaping:

LACK OF EXERCISE    This can contribute a lot because a dog will be destructive and will want to wander around and escape if they have a lot of energy due to lack of exercise, this usually happens when they are bored.

SEPARATION ANXIETY    This is a common cause why dogs escape your property when you are not around.

UNSPAYED OR UNNEUTERED DOG    This usually happens when your dog feels the need to find a mate.

What Can I Do to Prevent My Dog from Escaping?

Traditional ways of containing your dog can be chaining them or putting them in a kennel but dogs nowadays already learned to escape them and this will not be a long term solution because we are not teaching them to stay within the property. As discussed in our previous blog about Dog Fencing: Visible VS Invisible we talked about the pros and cons of using traditional fences or dog kennels. The best and cost-effective way to train and contain your large stubborn dog will be using the SportDog In-Ground Electric Dog Fence as this product is built for stubborn escape artist dogs.

Chained Dog Dog in Kennel


The SportDog In-Ground Electric Dog Fence is actually a great product for those who have a stubborn dog or a large dog that escapes a lot. This is really a great DIY dog fence because you have everything you need in the package and also has the waterproof receiver collar that is a great feature because you don’t have to worry if your dog plays with water or plays in the rain. The high-quality wire included in the package can also cover up to 100 acres of land or you can use the wires to put around your precious garden to prevent your dog from destroying them.

How do I Train my Dog to Stay in my Property?

Stubborn Radio Dog FenceTraining is actually easy but needs consistency in order to get the best results. The great thing about the SportDog In-Ground Electric Dog Fence is that the receiver collar included has a tone and vibration only function that can be used during training and also flags that you can use as visual markers on where the invisible dog fence is. 

During the start of training you have to leash your dog and guide him to the locations of the wire and as soon as you hear the beep from the collar, call your dog and pull the dog towards you for the dog to be familiar when he is near the fence. After training you can set the collar to emit a static stimulation when your dog is getting near the fence this allows the dog to learn that crossing it will give him correction and in time he will not attempt to go near it. 

We also made a series of training videos on dog fences and also some Dog Fences FAQs for your convenience. You can also give us a call at 1300 THE DOG (1300 843 364) for you to better explain the situation and we can provide expert advice regarding your dog.


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