Dog Fencing: Visible VS Invisible


Written by Colin Seal

05/12/2014 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Some pros and cons of both Traditional Visible Fences and Electronic Dog Fences.
Why would you choose an Electronic Dog Fence over a traditional fence that seems to be working just fine since forever? Well for starters, technology has improved Electronic Dog Fences over the years and has solved the problems that you still have with traditional fences. Costs are lower and things are setting up takes less time and effort.

Traditional Visible Fencing VS Advanced Electronic Dog Fences

Traditional House FenceEver since we can remember, our traditional picket fences have been working fine. However, dogs are smart and as they get used to the presence of that fence, they start to learn how to get over or under it. If you have a big dog, they can easily start jumping over it and you’re faced with a costly problem by extending your fence upwards. You can either nail more wood right next to it which could end up looking very ugly or simply replace the whole thing with a taller fence. If you add this up, it will cost you pretty much double, if not more than what you spent on the original fence you had.

Your next problem would be dogs digging under it. To stop this, you would probably put things next to the fence like pots of plants or something else which would be an easy solution but not permanent. Dogs can even start to learn that they can just move those away and continue digging under the fence. Your best bet would probably be to dig under the fence deep enough so your dog would give up before reaching the bottom of the fence. This would take a lot of effort or money if you hire a contractor. The result of this would be shorter fences which could trigger our first problem again.

Pet Barrier Electronic Dog FenceDo you see where this is going? If you have a dog that’s persistent, they will eventually escape and get themselves in danger or endanger others which nobody would want to happen. Electronic dog fences don’t have all these problems because the dog is deterred by the system way before they get close to your boundary or fence wires. Digging wouldn’t be a problem at all and jumping can be fixed by adjusting the height of the signal being emitted by the dog fence boundary wire. By using an Electronic Dog Fence, you can give your dog all the freedom of your whole yard without the worry of escaping. And if you’re feeling a bit adventurous and daring, you can even contain your dog securely without the need for an actual fence!

Comparing Their Features

Let’s compare these two types of containment solutions and see which one would be the better choice.


Dog Kennel
Can contain your dog Yes Yes Yes
Effective Containment? Yes At Times Yes
Dog’s Freedom? None Limited Whole Yard
Cost-Effective? No No Yes
Secure from escaping? Maybe No Yes
Long term solution? Yes Yes Yes
Installation Difficulty? Hard Hard Very Easy
Removal Difficulty Hard Hard Very Easy


As you can see, all the facts lean towards the Electronic Dog Fence as the ideal containment solution for your dog. They are very safe to use with your dog, very easy to set up and move to a new property if needed. They’re cheaper compared to traditional fencing and offer your dog maximum freedom inside your property. They are even a whole lot more secure than traditional solutions which makes it the best choice. 

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