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Our Customers often comment on how much easier it was to speak to one of our team... Feel Free to Call NOW! With over 15 Years of Experience, we can help you getting the right product a lot easier for you and your dog. 
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FaceBook Reviews for our Electronic Dog Fences

 Emma Gadenne

I could not leave the house

"Until I got the Pet Barrier from The Dog Line.
Diesel would jump my 7 foot fence in minutes.
Now Diesel knows his home.
So much more settled at home."

 Sharon Maher

Chewed Receiver Collar Replaced Under Warranty

"easy to deal when my dog chewed the fence collar..
was replaced and have never had a problem.."

 Judith McCormack

10-Year Old Collar and still working

"The whole process was amazing.
I couldn't believe a dog fence collar we got from you about 10 years ago was still working!"

 Julie Lord

Replaced Battery After Few Years

"never had to replace anything on dog fence kit yet..
only the battery after few years...
our dog fence works a treat. keeping our Staffy in.."

 Sharyn Clements

Almost lost one of our dogs

"We love our Dog Line fence it so works well.. she can't get across the fence peace of mind.I sleep easily or if we go out, they home in our yard safe..

 Maxine Milburn

Not much life for Oscar Before The Dog Fence

"Oscar was restricted where he could go on our 15 acres..
after securing our fencing, Oscar able to run freely.
Wouldn't go near the fence. Life became less stressful immediately. "

 Karen Lewis

We Don't Have A Fence

"It works a treat!
we don't have a fence at all but our dog is contained..
he's safe and has space to roam around..."

 Helen Hale

Escapee On A Lead

"had our Dog Line 24hrs
done training just 3 times...
he would just SIT as soon as we got within 3m on the fence...

 Dave Blackham

Wandering and Meeting The Neighbours

"..purchased a dog line grounds keeper for our wandering Kellie
she has not been OUT OF THE BLOCK!
Well worth the money spent.."

 Lisa Jane Cornwallis

No More Escaping!

"You have saved our dog lives.
learned their boundaries so quickly.
Very HAPPY, the dog line is fantastic.."

 Sarah Masters

Been Out Visiting Neighbours

"THANK YOU greatly for the dog line fence..
Shaka hasn't been out since!!!
It's amazing to not have to worry..."

 Cherie Ward

Keeping Tanner Safe

"thank you for keeping Big gentle Tanner safe with the Dogline Boundary system.."

 Tracey Griffiths

Jumping our fence constantly

"I can tell you the dog fence works!!!
we installed the electronic dog fence and only tried once...
Such peace of mind..."

 Daniel Catalano

Our dogs learnt pretty quick

"Don't even need collar on sometimes
they know where not to go"

 Darren McNally

He is much more relaxed now

"Its working a treat
Only took our dog a couple of days to understand it.
roams our property without running ongto the road."

 David Redpath

She sticks to the garden now

"used to like to wonder"

 Eileen Glynn

Gives me confidence

"They are safety in their own yard
the collars dont bother them either"

 Jenny Ogilvie

Just leave the collar on

"turn the fence of and they
the dogs still think its working"

 Julie Elizabeth

Escapee on 5-acre yard

"Love our boundary fence! No escapee since..
Worth every cent for peace of mind..
5 acres wired so he could run but no going out.."

 Leanne Clarke

Our Dog is An Angel Now

"I bought the dog fence kit a couple of year ago..
it worked brilliantly.. "

 Lynette Compton

Now stays home

"Love it had for around 18 months

 Moira Macleod

Keeping wild life safe

"Best money spent on my dog
keeps my geese safe from my dogs "

 Samantha Lord

Safe and happy obedient

"She's been zapped in total 6 times in 3 months and she got it down pat."

 Tammy lee Foster

Stays Within The Boundary

She stays within the boundary when we aren't home.
it's great to have it on...

 Vik Cations

The best money we spent

"has not been off the property since,
has free range around 1/2 acre .
Fantastic product"

Not all Dog Fences are the same... Here are a few things that our friends on Face Book are saying about, not only our product... but our service as well.

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We have wide options of electric dog fences that surely fit to your dog types and different areas that you want to be safe such garden beds, small property, large property and even indoor property. Each type has their own distinct features that offer a great deal for both of you and dog.

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