Pet Barrier 100% Money Back Guarantee

Buying any type of Hidden Dog Fence to stop your dog escaping can be a hard decision.
Especially if you are not sure it will work for your dog.

If we can't stop your dog or cat escaping you will get 100% of your money back. 

We are that confident that we have the radio dog fence to keep your pet safe; our dog training collars have lower levels to help with dog training and higher levels to deter the most determined dogs from escaping. If not your money is refunded.

Pet barrier money back guarantee  - No Hidden restocking fees -
We WILL refund you for every item returned. Wire, batteries, straps and all consumables such as flags and batteries are refunded - and we won't deduct any fees for restocking.
- Roll up the wire, pack up the flags and equipment.
- Send it back for a full refund on the product.

Call us now to order your Pet Barrier Dog Fence DIY with the peace of mind that if it does not work for your dog you will get 100% of your money refunded.
Garden Bed Kits - 1/4 Acre kits - 1 Acre Kits available for DIY and internet purchase delivered to your door with our Seven Day Help Line for support.

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 Here is how it works...

1. Read the manual on installing your hidden dog fence.
2. Call us on our Seven Day Help Line if you have any questions.
3. Follow the step by step training programme and commence the training.
4. Call us if you have any questions on the training or need our assistance.

If you are not successful in stopping your dog jumping the fence or digging in the garden you can upgrade your dog fence collar to one of our premium receiver collars. We can offer advice on fitting and retraining. If you are not successful your money will be refunded.

Our upgrade guarantee.. If you find you require a more advanced dog receiver collar you can send back your standard collar for a full credit within 30 days and upgrade to a more advanced receiver collar.
Hidden fence dog training

Programmable training levels.

Training your pet using the programmable levels on our Dog Fence Collar is the key to our success. Low stimulation levels allow you to gradually and gently introduce your pet to the new boundaries. The higher levels ensure that even the most determined pets are deterred from crossing the boundary. Our Dog fence receiver collars start lower to make training easier on you and your pet and can easily be programmed higher for more determined pets.

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Terms and Conditions.
Our guarantee is valid for 30 days from the time of purchase following our training guide.1. Should the purchaser have opted for the standard dog fence receiver collar it is a condition of this guarantee that the Pet Barrier receiver collar is traded in to one of our Premium Dog Fence Receiver collars featuring more programmable levels. 2. The pet is then retrained according to our training guide. 3. Instructions on the fitting and repostioning of the receiver unit are followed.

Here for you and your dog,