We guarantee that we will accomplish our mission.

You don't have to hope it works.  You can change or trade-in the product or system if you need to. Here's 2 options that give you total peace of mind.
14 day full upgrade guarantee - If you find the product you purchased is not achieving the result you need you can change over to another product. 
12 Month trade-in guarantee - You have our 12 month trade-in guarantee where you can trade in and upgrade to another product if needed.
As you would expect every dog is different. Each dog has an individual personality and temperament. The environment it lives in may also change from time to time and affect the way your dog behaves. This in turn can influence the results you are getting with your product. So, you can trade up if needed.
As an example a large dog barking at the birds in the trees may need a different product to a barking dog living next to a building site. What happens if you move house in six months and the environment changes you may need another dog training product, or you now have more sensitive neighbours to your barking dog.

How can we help?
Our team will explain how our dog training products work and what the dog will experience. This will assist you in making a decision when purchasing a dog product that you feel would be best suited to the task.
Should you find that the static correction collar you purchased is working correctly, yet is not achieving the desired result, we will work with you to find a product that will solve your dog problem.

Firstly, we will work with you and offer advice on making minor adjustments and completing further training in order to help achieve the desired result.  Our owner's manuals are very thorough and will be able to assist with most issues. It is essential that the correct training is followed as our products are training aids.
This offer applies only to static correction collars owned by the original purchaser. The age and condition of the product will determine the trade-in value. Damaged products are not eligible for our Mission Accomplished Guarantee. Trade-up figures are calculated on the list price of the new product plus delivery, less the value assigned to the trade-in.