Training Flags For Electronic Dog Fences - Here’s The Benefits


Written by Colin Seal

07/25/2017 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Don’t overlook the importance of using the Electronic Dog Fence Training Flags in your Dog Fence Training programme. These flags will play a crucial role in training your dog to be familiar with the boundaries of the electronic dog fence - it’s more about letting the dog know where it CAN GO..

What are the Training Flags for your Electronic Dog Fence all about?

The Dog fence Training Flags are all about recognition and visual queues. They are a reference point for your dog to recognise the difference between the ‘SAFE AREAS’ and the “NO-GO ZONES”

I was able to catch up with our good friend Carmen and Mark who have used our electronic dog fence for the last 8 months. We talked about how successful they have been in containing their 2 dogs in their property without any incidents of escape.

Carmen and Mark and their Dog Fence Journey

Recently Carmen and Mark moved to their new 7-acre property - the sea-change and dream home. You know the one… Where wildlife runs free and the trees are green. They were worried about keeping their two dogs safe since they might chase kangaroos or come across snakes. So they called us and had a chat.

After installing the Dog Fence and following the training guide for the dog fence they have now successfully secured a couple of acres for the dogs to roam free. And some areas HAVE NO FENCE AT ALL.

They Made Sure They Followed The Training

electronic-dog-fence-training-flagThe training guide comes with the Electronic Dog Fence kit. Following the guide makes life so much easier on the dog to learn the new boundaries (EVEN WITHOUT ANY FENCES) and makes Dog Containment in their new property much easier on the owner too.

Training Flags are a very important tool that you need to use when introducing your dog in an electronic dog fence. These will be the visual queue to the dog on where the warning zones are and where they should stay away from.

These will make training them in a new property much easier because they will be familiar with the flags. So no matter where you place your electronic dog fence or move to a different location, as long as you have the dog fence training flags then your dog will know where it is safe to wander and where the warning zones are.

Side Effects Of The Training Flags - All Good.

electronic-dog-fence-training-resultOne little tip… When you finish with the flags after a couple of months, you can even move the dog fence training flags to your pot plants or garden beds.
Even Though you may not have an electronic dog fence installed in your garden just as long as your dogs are familiar with the training flags, you can use it to your advantage just by placing the flags in your garden or pot plants. This may leave an impression on the dogs that they should not come near your garden or go through your pot plants.

Which Dog Fence Did They Choose to Stop Their Dogs Escaping

electronic-dog-fence-collarCarmen and graham sent us an enquiry and told us a bit about their big move. So we sent them some info to use and pointed them towards our Dog Fence Kit Builder

The selected a kit suited to the size of their property and also to their dog’s size and temperament.

Not having fences meant they opted to go for the more advanced Premium Dog Fence Collars it is best to consider your own situation and dog to match the kit to the dog and your property - but we can surely help.

How To Place The Dog Fence Training Flags

Simple… pop out the flags as you do each little area of the fence - once the dog shows they understand that little patch of fence… Then pop a flag just inside the radio signal.

My theory is that if the dog sniffs the flag - he gets a ‘crack’ from the collar.

2 Happy Dogs Surrounded By A Ring Of Blue Dog Fence Flags

So Carmen and Mark have had great success. The worry of leaving the dog son the property when they go to work has gone. Apart from the risk of the drama an escaped dog can cause… These dogs are much-loved family members - so they need to be kept safe and the training flags make that really easy for them.

Here for you and your dog,