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Dog Fence Review

Learn about the importance and features of  Radio Dog Fences and electric dog fences in keeping your dogs and cats safe within your property. Know how you can safely prevent dogs from escaping and possibly hurting themselves and know how you can stop your dogs from digging in your garden.

Dog Fences and types of fencing

Each dog is different and an escaping dog can get in to danger. Read our Blog posts to find out more about dog containment and contact us for a chat about getting the right electric dog fence to ensure your dog stays safe.

Making Sure You Got The Right Dog Fence System

- Wednesday, July 26, 2017

There are varieties of electronic dog fence system in the market. But not all them is appropriate for your dog. So, here’s a guide on how to make sure you got the right dog fence system.

How to Choose the Right Dog Fence System?

So, you’re here because you’d like to buy a dog fence system but not sure what’s the right one. This guide will help you determine the right fence system to suit various requirements. Pet Barrier offers you a number of dog fence options to suit your dog’s temperament and your property. Whether you are looking for a dog containing system for your pet in a large property, or a small suburban garden; or simply keep it out of a garden bed or a specific room in your house, there is a Pet Barrier product to cater for every need.

Dog containing system comes in kit form, and ready to install. It has an owner’s manual, installation manual, and dog fence training guide. So let’s have a look at the systems…

• FM1200 Electronic Dog Fence

This kit is ideal for fencing large area of property of over 1 acre. It also can be used in creating a dog fence up to a hundred acres by simply adding more wire.

• PT4 Performance Series Kit

This kit is also suitable for large properties, and offer additional features in the transmitter for better results. You can match this fence system with premium receiver collars, the R9 FM receiver and the smaller R7 FM receiver.

• Grounds Keeper Dog containment DIY Kit

This kit is perfect for smaller properties up to 1 acre. It is mostly used to address dog’s jumping over the fence or dog’s digging in the garden.

Electronic Dog Fence System and Problems with Colorbond Steel

Recently, we installed a dog fence to a property with colorbond fences, colorbond roofs, and colorbond sheds. They wanted the radio transmitter to be stored inside the colorbond shed, and run the wire along the colorbond fence. Upon installing the dog fence, we usually found out that they’ve had a previous fence system that failed because radio frequency doesn’t react well with metal.

The Dog Line offers you an electronic dog fence that features a coded digital FM radio frequency that works well even with these colorbond steel. This means that there is no false zaps, no fuzzy TVs, and no interference.

Tips in Training Your Dog With A Dog Containing System

Training a dog is easy. For best results, you must have a consistent and persistent training routine. The idea here is you do the 80% training, and the 20% -- the dogs work it out themselves. Most of the training, you’ll be teaching where the dog is allowed to go.

Take the dog into the radio signal at a level just above their comfort zone. Train one command at a time or the dog will be confused. For example, do a training at the dog’s favorite escape hole, and when you feel satisfied with the results, call it a day. It is important to walk the dog around the property at the beginning and end of every training session, so the dog will know where is the safe zone. Put the little flags on the ground to indicate the no-go zone.
Use a low, cautionary tone of voice when you’re walking towards the no-go zone, and high, rewarding tones when walking away from the fence. Dogs can definitely understand human’s tone of voice.
Rushing the training will do you no good. Setting too much high level of static stimulation will just scare your dog. This is what we call the Porch Sitting Syndrome, where your dog won’t go out of the property completely. When this happened, motivate the dog to go out of the house and do a lap around the property without any static stimulation.
If you’re training the dog for the first time, that’s when you put the collar on the higher level. Again, with consistent and persistent training, your dog will no longer be an escape artist in no time.

Why Should I Choose an Electronic Dog Fence System over Traditional Fence?

First of all, we don’t want you spending a lot of money when you can just go for a much cheaper and more effective fence to keep your dog on your property. Traditional Fences will never be as effective as Electronic Dog Fences. When your dog has gotten used to these traditional fences, your dog will find a a way to either go and jump over the fence, or dig under the fence.

Electronic Dog Fences don’t have this problem because basically there is no going over or under! The dog is deterred by the system way before they get close to the boundary. With electronic dog fence, your dog can run around your property without the worry of escaping!
The electronic dog fence is the most ideal solution of keeping your dog on your property. 

Here at The Dog Line, we help you create a customised kit just for your property and needs. Read more about Electronic Dog Fences. Or let’s go for a quick chat. 1 300 THE DOG. 1 300 843 364.

Here for you and your dog, 

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