How Long Will The Dog Line Electronic Dog Fence Last - 12 Years And Counting For Carl!


Written by Colin Seal

07/07/2017 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Yes you read it right, twelve years!! All throughout 12 long years The Dog Line Electronic Dog Fence still works like it’s fresh out of the box. And now even his father is using the same for his new puppy and is not getting any problems with it.

Carl’s 12 Year Journey With The Dog Line Electronic Dog Fence

Carl sought us to get an electronic dog fence for his Great Dane. He wanted his dog to have a separate space from his livestock, so he strategically contained his dog in a 2-acre space out of his 5-acre property after following the training guide provided, the electronic dog fence worked like magic. He never had any incident of his dog escaping and chasing live stocks

How Did The Dog Line Electronic Dog Fence Last That Long?

Other electronic dog fences out in the market looks similar but can’t deliver long lasting results.

Here are some components of The Dog Line Electronic Dog Fence and why it lasts for a long time and still works like it’s brand new.

Receiver Collar

Our electronic dog fence collars housing are made of Polycarbonate materials, same as what is used on bulletproof glasses.It is made so tough that we are confident to give a Chew Warranty on the housing of the receiver collars.It’s even waterproof so you don’t have to worry if your dog plays in the rain or gets in the mud.

Electronic Dog Fence Wires

The electronic dog fence wires are made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPe) coating, combined with a 7 Strand Copper Core. The coating can withstand the scorching Australian sun, and the copper core is tough that it does not need to be buried. We even tested scenarios of accidentally shoveling the wire and it has not caused any damage at all.

Electronic Dog Fence Transmitter

Our electronic dog fence transmitter and power plug were made to last for a long time even if there are power surges or lightning strikes.

We even include a lightning strike an surge protection warranty on our power plugs and transmitters, in case unexpected damages happen.

Others may worry that the performance of the electronic dog fence may deteriorate many years of use, you don’t have to worry if you are using The Dog Line Electronic Dog Fence.

Carl was so happy with his electronic dog fence, that as soon as his father got a new cocker spaniel puppy, he lent his electronic dog fence for his father to experience how effective The Dog Line Electronic Dog Fence.

Here for you and your dog,