How Does A Dog Fence Prevent Your Dog from Escaping?


Written by Colin Seal

10/02/2013 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Dog Fences Emit Radio Signals To Receiver Collars

If you love your dogs, then it is necessary to contain them and make sure they don't leave your property and cause something bad to either himself or others. We recommend getting a safe dog fence for small properties.

But how does it actually work? In simple terms, the transmitter produces a radio signal and emits it through the boundary wires if you have an in-ground system. If the transmitter is wireless, then the signal is created on the transmitter itself and is emitted in all directions. These electronic dog fences will prevent any size of dogs from escaping your house or destroying the neighbor's garden.

Dog Fence Solution For Pet Owners

Dog Fencing SolutionThis radio dog fence may be one of the most effective solutions for homeowners who want to keep their pets from straying. It is a precious tool for dog owners who want to ensure that their pets are safe in their yards. Among all the barriers being sold in the market today, this variety undeniably provides your dog total daily protection.

How it Works

The radio signal isn't exactly what keeps your dog inside your property. The signal simply tells the receiver collar to activate when your dog walks near it.

Owners have complete control over the receiver dog collar and dog fence for small properties. Depending on which kit you install, you have a variety of correction levels to choose from. Levels range from low to a level high enough that would get the attention of the most stubborn dog. Some receiver collars also sport a tone-only mode which is best suited for training as well as different size collar receivers to fit your dog. With enough training, your dog will be able to learn which parts of your property are off-limits.

Correcting your dogs and containing them is not the only concern that we have. We have also selected products that include protection against power surges and lightning strikes. Certain receiver collars even have auto shutdown features that will stop giving corrections if your dog gets confused and stuck in the correction zone and give low-level corrections every 15 seconds until your dog moves out of it.

Cost-Effective Dog Containment System

The ultimate benefit of purchasing an invisible dog fence for your property is that it is far less expensive than traditional solutions. Unlike wooden fences, enclosures and concrete walls, these fences are very easy to install, uninstall and operate. All it requires is some patience in reading the owner's manual and planning. If for some reason you require help setting it up, our 7-day helpline is always available.

No matter what the layout of your property is, there will always be a perfect solution for your needs. If you have a dog indoors, you may only need to cover the door and that's it. If you have a farm, you can run the wire along your existing fence and be worry-free. If you have several acres of land, an extra wire is always available. If you have more than 1 dog, all you need are extra receiver collars and the dog fence will work the same for all of them. Lastly, if you're worried about your dog's personality getting affected, you can always set the receiver collar's correction level to a setting that is best suited for your dog. With all that flexibility and all those options to expand and adjust, wouldn't you also think that these are definitely the best solution to dog containment?...because I do!

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