Cheap & Nasty Electronic Dog Fences


Written by Colin Seal

10/14/2014 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

Risking your dog’s life with a cheap and low-quality electronic dog fence.
Here at The Dog Line, we’re all for saving a little money in everything we purchase and offer you. However, this should never be the case when it comes to your dog’s safety inside your property. If you cheap out on an Electronic Dog Fence, you will be risking your dog shortly after using it.

The Repercussions of Cheap Electronic Dog Fences

Electronic Dog FenceFirst of all, why would you cheap out on your dog’s safety? If you really want your dog to be safely contained within your property, you want to get the best and the most cost-effective solution out there. In this case, dog containment’s best choice would be an Electronic Dog Fence. This solution is significantly cheaper than traditional dog fences and is less likely to allow your dog to escape. These invisible dog fences have proven themselves over the years and we've been working with them for over 12 years.


Electronic Dog Fences work by surrounding your property with a radio signal that travels either through the air or through a wire that can be buried or just hung on to your existing fence. This then becomes your invisible fence that your dog must be trained to recognize. The receiver collar then delivers a static stimulation to your dog when the collar comes near the invisible barrier. With proper training, good quality equipment and the type that’s fit for your needs and your dog, escaping, digging or jumping will be a problem of the past.

All of it is sweet but it also comes at a price. It would be a bit higher than most would expect but that’s because features necessary for your dog’s safety and your investment have been included in our kits. Watch this video below and see how a cheap and low-quality Electronic Dog Fence hurt a dog instead of protecting it.


Lightning WarrantyWhat we offer is a 3-year warranty that covers lightning surges. Although we have precautions that already protect the transmitter from power surges caused by lightning, the manufacturer’s warranty will cover the replacement of the transmitter in case it gets damaged by lightning. Another warranty covers the receiver collar against dog chews. It’s made of polycarbonate material which is pretty tough and should take a lot of beating before giving in. A complete replacement will also be granted under warranty terms if the receiver collar is damaged by chewing.

What makes our kits better than others is that they use SafeLink; a coded digital FM Frequency that will not interfere with any of the signals coming from and into your home including other electronic dog fences. It also protects your TV or other electronics from getting damaged by the FM signal. Our high-quality HDPe Dog Fence Wire is also another factor because they don’t break down quickly. Its heavy-duty 7 strand copper core is covered by high-density polyethylene with a 20 year UV rating.

Lastly, we also offer special services to help you train your dog, install your dog fence as well as tips and advice such as how to properly fit the collar to your dog to avoid skin irritation. All of these are available with our 7-day helpline at 1300 THE DOG.


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