Safe and Effective Dog Fences are what Dog Owners Need


Written by Colin Seal

03/18/2014 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

A High-Quality Dog Fence an Effective Solution for Dog Containment
This fine-looking rotty named, Diesel needs to be kept inside the yard for its own safety and protection with an effective electronic dog fence. However, dog owners really need to think twice before getting an ordinary containment system. If you don't, your dog could escape and result in either hurting the neighbor's dog, hurting other people, end up in the pound, or worse, hurting itself and ending up in the vet clinic. I'm sure you don't want any of these happening, right?

Diesel in Dog fence

If you're concerned about the situations I mentioned about what could happen to your dog if it escapes your property, your first question should be what to look for in an electronic dog fence. Aside from being effective, it is important to consider safety and humanitarian concerns. 

Are you sure the fence is appropriate for a dog like Diesel considering its size and personality? If you're unsure of your judgment in picking the right dog fencing solution, you should check out the system personally to determine the features and advantages along with possible downsides of each dog fence kit.

Dog Fence for Small Properties

Dog fencing for small properties should be able to prevent big or small dogs from escaping or destroying your garden. One of your best options is the FM dog fence that guarantees you will not experience any signal interference and result in unwanted corrections to your dog. 

The owner maintains absolute control over the signal depth and the levels of corrections you want your dog to receive when it challenges your set boundary. Most kits have several levels of corrections to fit your dog's personality including tone only modes for training. 

More stubborn dogs may require a stronger static correction and your sensitive dogs may be given the lowest level of correction. The tone only mode is best suited for when you're training your dog to learn the areas where they are not supposed to go. Aren't you happy you have this much flexibility in an electronic dog fence?

Pet Barrier Dog Fences are state-of-the-art Containment Systems

Keeping the dog off your garden and preventing it from destroying your plants or digging holes around it can be a big headache. A lot of dogs love to play in the dirt so the electric dog fence can be an invaluable investment. This can be configured to stop your furry friend from straying into a certain area of your yard. 

Our Pet Barrier kits are very user-friendly and are easy to setup. The kits commonly consist of the transmitter, the receiver collar and the wire that you place around your property and act as the invisible dog fence. The wire we offer is made with high-quality materials and a high UV rating which means you do not need to bury it under the ground but you still have that option. 

Wireless dog fencing kits are basically the same but you don't need the wire to set your boundary limits. Instead, you adjust the transmitter's signal depth and you're good to go!

Flexible Electric Dog Fence

The electric dog fence is deemed as one of the most flexible, effective and safest solutions to prevent your dog from running away, jumping over the fence or digging holes all over the garden bed. There are distinct advantages in choosing Pet Barrier dog fences over traditional enclosures and fencing solutions. 

First, the flexibility of the correction levels ensures that it fits your dog's personality. Some traditional containment solutions may affect your dog's temperament and don't offer this kind of flexibility. Second, the invisible dog fence doesn't need to be opened or turned off when you pass through it like gates and doors. In fact, with proper training, your dog can learn to not go through open gates and doors. 

Lastly, moving the dog fence to your other properties wouldn't be to much of a hassle anymore and setting it back up will be a breeze. There are tons of other advantages that can be said about electronic containment systems and numerous canine owners who have had success with them. In the end, you can conclude that this dog fence is probably what is appropriate and the best choice for runaway dogs such as Diesel.


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