A Reliable Electric Dog Fence


Written by Colin Seal

11/05/2012 Dog Bark Collar, Barking Dog Collar

The electric dog fence can be one of the most reliable pet containment systems. The electric dog fence is also acknowledged as one of the most effective solutions for homeowners who want to keep their pets from straying. It is a valuable instrument for dog owners who want to ensure that their pets are safe in their yards. Among all the barriers being sold in the market today, the PetSafe Barrier - Dog Fence variety undeniably provides your dog total protection 24 hours daily. 

Electric Dog Fence: Guaranteed Pet Safety

The electric dog fence ensures the safety of your pets. Easy as it sounds, it actually still needs a very positive training for your dogs. This will make sure that the dog gains a positive experience in using the system. The training procedure is expected to last for one month depending on your dog’s capacity to assimilate the training program and individual sessions. See our main blog here.

Most dogs respond to the commands of their owners positively if these trainers are capable of managing the errant behaviour of their pets. One key element is positive reinforcement which is described as more effective than the averse mode of training. You will have to be patient with the dog and know how to use the collar effectively.

Distinct Containment System

This containment system is unique in such a way that it creates appropriate borderlines that are distinct from the original concrete or steel railings. It is more of a training tool rather than a containment system.

The electric dog fence offers a lot of benefits to the dog owners:

  • These are very affordable compared to the costs of building a physical fence. 
  • Installation is fast and uncomplicated. 
  • The majority of buried wire systems can be done within the day. 

With suitable and steady training, your dog quickly learns the limits of the yard, and that it cannot dig under or jump over an electric fence.

Dogs should be trained to become acquainted with their areas and limitations. They should understand that it is not proper for them to wander away from the yard despite the absence of a physical obstruction. By the same token, if the electric fence breaks down or even if the dog does not wear the collar, the dog can be relied on not to stray away from it's master’s home or property. This is attained through the training process.

Watch this video on How a Dog Fence Works:

Some of the Electric Dog Fences at THEDOGLINE:

Pet Barrier - FM1200 Kit

Our Hidden Dog Fence for larger properties. A DIY Kit - Full Surge Warranty. More accurate than an electric dog fence or wireless dog fence.

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